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L.L.H: Chapter 373: Legendary Suckers Casino

Hashirama said that he felt the caster’s control, but it seemed later that it was just a false alarm.

He turned in a false police report, and officer Uzumaki’s hunch told him that something wasn’t right, so he put him under enchantment detentions for three days.

After serving his sentence and after three days, he was released, and officer Uzumaki put him under surveillance for another half month before he was free again.

“Hashirama, was it really your imagination before?”

Hashirama hesitated for a moment, then squeezed out the words, “I’m not sure, Second Grandpa.”

Masahiko nodded thoughtfully, “Mito, how about you?”

“I didn’t notice anything unusual, but Hashirama wouldn’t have imagined things for no reason.”

“You think so?” Masahiko sighed.

He had been looking forward to the double men bun guy’s death, and it seems that this hope was going to fail him.

“He didn’t try to control Mito nor Hashirama, and he even cut off the connection. He’s mostly trying to hide, to make me think he was dead. It’s just that he didn’t expect that Hashirama’s awareness to be so sharp.”

“So Hashirama…” Masahiko looked up.

Hashirama nodded in understanding, opened his arms, and let Masahiko do things on him… mostly some Chakra seals.

“Okay, you’re good now. I don’t need to watch you all the time. But even if you can’t use Chakra, you’re still a killing machine, and you must always have a strong person by your side….”

“Great Grandpa, I’m coming in.” Tsunade pushed the door in.

Masahiko smiled, “I thought you will be gambling your heart’s out in one of the casinos, Legendary Sucker?”
(T/N: The Legendary Sucker: Densetsu no Kamo: A nickname she earned for being really bad at gambling.)

Tsunade waved her hand helplessly, “These damn casinos have a problem with me. They made me think that I can’t win. Next time I go there, I will tear them all down! You see, I was gambling with my grandfather these days, and I’ve won a few times, didn’t I?”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows: “Oh?”

Tsunade became more confident as she spoke and felt that it must be the casino’s fault that she had been losing before.

“Grandfather, why don’t we just open a casino here? A fair one too. If we keep gambling against each other, it will become boring eventually.”

Hashirama’s eyes lit up, while Masahiko and Mito smiled bitterly at each other.

The sacrifices used to perform the Edo Tensei for both Mito and Hashirama should have the strength of a Jonin; thus, their current bodies can last for two or three years. But because the caster isn’t dead, they could lose control at all times. Therefore, they can’t live in the village or go to other places.

Tsunade decided to take care of Hashirama and Mito and stay here until their gone. In order to make this less boring, she discussed with Hashirama the idea of establishing “Justice Casino….”

However, no matter what name they were going to chose, Masahiko felt that it would definitely be “The Legendary Suckers.”

“It’s going to be popular, especially if you call it the Suckers of Gambling.” Masahiko laughed, interrupting the discussion between the two, “You two can open a casino, but as owner, you must set a rule for yourselves. For example, you can only gamble three times a day….”

“Why, Great Grandpa?”

“Hmm…it will give the place a sense of mystery. Two mysterious owners, who only makes three shots a day, it will attract more experts.”

Tsunade nodded thoughtfully and started discussing with Hashirama again.

Mito smiled and said, “Second Grandpa, why are you giving them ideas?”

Masahiko smiled, “Well, if they gamble without restrictions, the casino will go bankrupt in two days. But if we make it only three times a day, there will be countless gamblers rushing to compete for these opportunities. What I’m trying to say… if they’re going to open a casino, at least make it profitable, right?”

Mito smiled, “You’re right. I’ll watch them.”

Masahiko smiled proudly, “Even after all these years, I still got it. I didn’t expect this! I’m truly a mind master!”

“Me neither, Second Grandpa.”

Masahiko nodded again and again, then noticed the smiled on Mito’s face. “You… well, that’s fair.”

“No, I mean it.”

“Yes, yes.” Masahiko sighed.


Masahiko doesn’t need to worry about the specific operation and preparation of the casino. Hashirama and Tsunade know more about it than him, and the Senju will also provide the “start-up capital.”

However, he still gave them one last idea: “Tsunade, after the casino is built, ask Nawaki or Michiyama to look after Hashirama, then go to the nearby casino to promote yours, wearing a cloak with the word gambling on the back. The news about your casino will soon spread throughout the Land of Fire… no, the Shinobi Realm!”

After giving her this “bad idea,” Masahiko didn’t pay them any more attention since he had many serious things to do.

After saying several times that he needs a plan to get more witness points, he finally took action.

Masahiko remembered many events where he could swipe witness points, most of which was delayed due to some changes, such as making Itachi join the Anbu.

Itachi was 13 years old, his Wood Release didn’t develop well, but after being trained by Hashirama himself for nearly a month, his strength blossomed. He only lacks experience now, and with more training, he will be an S-Ranked Shinobi.

Hiruzen was a little reluctant. He had been working hard to balance the Anbu ranks and settle the dispute between the Senju and the Uchiha. If he chose a Senju over one of the Uchiha now, things would get complicated.

“Then take Uchiha Shisui in too. Both of them are very good children and may produce some unexpected gains.”

In this way, Masahiko happily yielded 20 witness points.

Afterward, Masahiko discovered that maybe because of the sudden break of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Asuma hadn’t joined the Twelve Guardian Ninjas… Eighteen Guardian Ninjas, so he suggested that Asuma must be sent there.

Hiruzen was still reluctant; he preferred to have his son by his side…. But Masahiko didn’t care about that. In the original, Asuma joined the team and benefited from it. And even though he didn’t know why Masahiko suggested this, Hiruzen agreed.

Therefore, he contacted the Daimyo and asked him to take his son as one of the guards, and just when he was about to send Asuma away, Masahiko came to find him again.

“I thought about it, you’re pretty old now, so it’s better to have your son by your side. Asuma, don’t go. You don’t need this kind of experience. I will teach you for five days instead.”

Hiruzen was left dumbfounded.

Masahiko smiled upon seeing how he completely witnessed and changed this plot, and it yielded him 50 witness points.

During this period, Masahiko kept doing similar things. Of course, these things he did were beneficial to the people involved, and even when that wasn’t the case, he would compensate them like he did with Asuma.

Masahiko still disdains to do selfish things that can hurt others… For example, sending 16-year-old Anko to the Ninja Academy to be a teacher and turn her into a “sweet potato.”

Until the end of February, Konoha 55th, Masahiko finally did everything he could remember and gained 130 witness points in total.

“I’m 5 points short. I must level up the Yang Attribute to max level. Now, where can I gain it?” Masahiko was a little worried.

Before Masahiko could think of a way, he heard this, “The Legendary Suckers” will open on March 1, and gamblers from all over the country will be welcomed there.