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L.L.H: Chapter 37: Scorch and Dark Releases!

Masahiko looked at his status bar.
Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 27 years old
Chakra: 304(+) Physical: 323(+) Technique: 3614(+10) (Transformable)
Three Body Technique : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Shuriken-jutsu : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Earth Attributes (Doton) : LV4 (110223/200000) (+)
Wind Attributes (Futon) : LV5 (214328/400000) (+)
Fire Attributes (Katon) : LV3 (32335/100000) (+)
Water Attributes (Suiton) : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Lightning Attributes (Raiton) : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Sealing Technique (Fuinjutsu) : LV6 (402328/600000) (+)
Special Talent : Perceptive
Mining : LV6 (10030/20000)
Blacksmithing : LV8 (40059/60000)
Rank : S- (Lower Patriarchal Level)
Witness Points : 65

Something was troubling Masahiko. When the wind attributes reach level 4, he could learn the basic Rasengan, then when it reaches level 5, he could use the Rasengan easier and also learned another variation of it, like the Rasenshuriken. When his Sealing Technique reached LV5, he managed to learn all the secrets sealing techniques of the Uzumaki Clan until there wasn’t any more to learn.

However, judging that the max level is 10, there are still 5 more levels to reach. Masahiko wonders, what kind of things will happen with each level-ups?

Masahiko looked at his wind attributes and put 19 witness points.
Wind Attributes (Futon) : LV6 (404328/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)
Can be fused ½? Masahiko noticed a new note beside the wind attribute, then took a deep breath.
“Is this the Kekkei Genkai (bloodline limit)?”

Masahiko thought for a while, then suddenly his face turned black.

“Wait! What attribute can be fused with the wind release?” he thought.

Although he has seen the anime before, he didn’t really have a clear insight on the combinations of the Kekkei Genkai. He can only remember the combination of the wood, which is the earth, and water attributes. But Masahiko thinks that it will not be easy to use since it requires the Hashirama’s genetics, and even if he obtains it, his chakra won’t be enough to use probably, which means, Yamato Captain, just another failure!

Masahiko looked at his status bar again.

“Hmmm, wind, and soil? Dusty? Nah…”

“Wind and fire? Well, wind can complement the fire attribute. Not bad.”

“Wind and thunder? Is there anything like that in the story?”

“Wind and water? Ice… Well, this is something I can consider.”

Now considering between the fire and water attribute, Masahiko took quite a while thinking which one should he invest for now. Finally, he decided to choose the fire attribute. Also, another consideration, if he could also fuse the earth and fire, attributes to create the Dust Release, the technique of Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage. That technique looked sexy since he has the opportunity to obtain that technique, he should pave that direction.

Masahiko clenched his teeth and added 37 points to the fire attribute.

Fire Attribute (Katon) : LV6 (402335/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)

Seeing now the fire attribute can be combined, Masahiko couldn’t wait to combine it with the wind attribute.

Scorch Attribute (Shakuton) : LV6 (806663/1200000) (+) (Removable)

Scorch? Masahiko laughed out loud.

“Isn’t this the technique of the famous Kunoichi Pakura of the Scorch Release… Or something?!”

It didn’t matter, he got his first Kekkei Genkai, and he was eager to use it.

Masahiko quickly walked to the first training ground. There, he concentrates, he didn’t weave any hand seal, he just imagining it, concentrating. Several small fire orbs gathered around his body.

Just by the mere thought, Masahiko could adjust the size of these fireballs.

Masahiko laughed sincerely, “Zehahaha! Go! My little fireballs!” Several fireballs quickly blasted forward, causing a cloud of smoke.

The smoke slowly faded away, Masahiko looked at the craters left on the ground and nodded slightly.

“Well, this isn’t half bad, it’s quite comparable with the Rasengan’s strength. Now with this, my skill-set has become wider.”

“I need to test it more…” Masahiko did a hand sign. “Scorch Release: Super Stream Kill!”

When Masahiko felt chills just by watching his own Ninjutsu.

“I think it’s possible to evaporate the water of the human body instantly using this technique! I should be cautious using this one.”

After half an hour, Masahiko conducted a detailed test on his new Kekkei Genkai. And surely the result made him really pleased.

This is a Ninjutsu that can both attack and defense. These fireballs float around the body, which allows the user to flexibly use it in offensive and defensive situations.

After he finished experimenting, removed the fusion, then suddenly, a bright idea flashed in his mind.

Masahiko has fused the wind attribute to the fire attribute before. What would happen if the fire was merged with the wind?

Dark Attribute (Meiton) : LV6 (806663/12000000) (+) (Removable)

“There’s another form of Kekkei Genkai? Dark attribute? What is this?”

After thinking for a while, Masahiko remembered something. The dark release (Meiton) appeared in Naruto Movie: Will of Fire, it was the Jutsu of the main villain of the movie, Hiruko. That Jutsu brought a lot of trouble to Naruto.

He remembered that this Jutsu could absorb other Ninjutsu and emit blue flames. This is actually a very powerful Bloodline Limit!

“Let’s see the method of using…” Masahiko thought about it. Fortunately, when the Kekkei Genkai is formed, some information related to the technique will also get planted in his mind. Otherwise, he would have to wait for god knows how long to ask Hiruko about it.

Masahiko weaved some hand seals. After more than fifty hand signs, a symbol appeared on Masahiko’s hand.
“Kagebunshin-no-Jutsu (Shadow Clone)!” Masahiko created a Shadow Clone and made it use the Rasengan.

“Meiton-Kyuuketsukoo (Inhaling Maw)!” Masahiko’s shadow clone then attacked him with the Rasengan, and Masahiko blocked it with the palm of his right hand. The mark on his right hand glowed, then the Rasengan was somehow sucked into Masahiko’s right hand.

Masahiko is quite pleased by the result. The clone then weaved another hand seals, “Futon-Great Fireball Technique.” Then the clone spews the fireball at Masahiko.

Masahiko stretched his hand in front of him with his palm facing the direction of the fireball.

“Meiton-Inhaling Maw!” The fireball couldn’t even reach Masahiko before it got completely absorbed.

Then Masahiko stretched out his hand, “Meiton-Jajimento (Judgement)!” The chakra from the two absorbed techniques got transformed into light blue flames and flew toward the Shadow Clone.

“Doton-Mud Wall!” The clone released a mud wall to defend of Masahiko’s attack. But the blue flame penetrated it directly and hit the Shadow clone.

Masahiko nodded, “Well… the power is good. But… ouch… the clone really took a beating.” The memories of the shadow clone return to the caster when the clone disappears.

By distributing the witness points, Masahiko got two new Kekkei Genkai. Masahiko is delighted by this outcome, whether it was the scorch or dark release, he really managed to improve his attacking ability. As for the defense, with Dark Release’s unique ability, he no longer needs the Shuriken Substitution Technique anymore.

Masahiko then looked at his status bar again. There were still 10 witness points left. Clenching his teeth, he spent 9 points on the Lightning attribute.

He originally wasn’t planning to use the Lightning Release, but that boy’s main Nature Chakra is Lightning, and he needed to learn it so he could teach him…

After distributing a lot of witness points, now Masahiko’s attributes have been greatly improved.
Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 27 years old
Chakra: 533(+) Physical: 323(+) Technique: 3614(+10) (Transformable)
Three-Body Technique : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Shuriken-Jutsu : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Earth Attributes (Doton) : LV4 (110223/200000) (+)
Wind Attributes (Futon) : LV6 (404328/600000) (+)(Fuseable ½)
Fire Attributes (Katon) : LV6 (402335/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)
Water Attributes (Suiton) : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Lightning Attributes (Raiton) : LV4 (100000/200000) (+)
Sealing Technique (Fuinjutsu) : LV6 (402328/600000) (+)
Special Talent : Perceptive
Mining : LV6 (10030/20000)
Smithing : LV8 (40059/60000)
Rank : S
Witness Points : 1
“So now I’m promoted to S rank? Neat!” Masahiko sighed emotionally:
“Unconsciously, I’ve become one of the strongest people in the Land of Fire….” Masahiko laughed out wickedly.

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