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L.L.H: Chapter 375: Teaching Sage Mode!

Masahiko was sick.

He got a disease where a black sphere is coming in and out of his body unwillingly.

Kushina’s house.

“Grandpa, what the hell is this?” Kushina looked curious, “Are you… okay?”

Masahiko was expressionless, looking at the black sphere quietly floating in front of his chest: “No… Uh!”

The ball swooped into his chest, making it tight for a moment.

“Well, I don’t know.”

He hasn’t figured out the situation yet. After he leveled up the Yang Attribute to LVMAX, a small ball appeared inexplicably and started coming in and out of his body every half a minute, and he couldn’t stop it even when he wanted to intercept it.

Looking at the pitch-black ball, he first thought that Black Zetsu has run out. But after he carefully inspected the seal, he found out that he was still sealed there.

The second thing he thought about was naturally the Truth-Seeking Balls, but after he inspected this black ball, he felt that this was also wrong.

The other sages had several black balls arranged in a circle behind them, but he only has one. Moreover, he couldn’t even control it, and it kept attacking him constantly by going in and out of his body. Not only was it attacking him, but why is this one smaller than the others? Masahiko felt extremely dissatisfied looking at it.

The third thing he did was looking at his status bar, the system was still there, but as always, it was extremely unreliable in such situations.

The same thing that happened to the Gentle Fist attribute happened to the Yang Attribute. When it reached LV10, it automatically disappeared from the attribute column. And although it didn’t get him a second space, it brought him this ball. More importantly, the original stats of his “Body” and “Technique” disappeared, and it showing now “???.”

“Is it constantly changing? But why do I feel… Uh!” Masahiko thought when the ball went out of his chest again.

Naruto tentatively stretched out his hand next to him and was about to touch it, but Kushina slapped his hands: “Don’t you try touching this thing!”

Masahiko was a little relieved that Kushina wasn’t trying to touch this ball too. He didn’t know if it was dangerous or not…

“Grandpa, can I touch it?” Kushina looked expectant.

Masahiko: “…”

Masahiko sighed helplessly, then frowned and said: “Did the Kyuubi say that this thing is dangerous?”

Kushina shook her head, then Masahiko hesitated and said, “Then you touch it with the Kyuubi’s Chakra.”

Kushina nodded, and a flaming red tail slowly drilled out behind her, touching the black ball, but nothing changed.

“So it’s not a Truth-Seeking Ball?” Masahiko was slightly stunned. After he came back to his senses, he found that Kushina had already grabbed the ball with both hands examining it, then the ball suddenly moved, and she was pulled toward him.

“Hey, watch out… Uh!” Masahiko was taken aback and hurriedly titled his head back. After a bang, he gently patted Kushina’s hands on his chest, “Hey, not right now. Minato is still here.”

Minato shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Kushina ignored it, “Grandpa, I just want to try if I can catch it.”

“Even if you catch it, you won’t be able to stop it.” Masahiko shook his head.

After half a minute, the ball got out, and Masahiko groaned. After another half minute, the ball went in, and Masahiko groaned again.

After half an hour.

“Uh… I won’t get through this day if this keeps going.”

Kushina looked sympathetic and felt sorry for Masahiko, while Naruto, the little troublemaker, smiled gleefully.

“Who are you laughing at?! Go back and brush the Hokage Rock! This ancestor is unwell, and you will also brush Hashirama and Tobirama’s faces too. I’ll give you three days to finish… Uh!”

Naruto looked innocent.

Minato tentatively said, “Elder, have you noticed that this Black Ball is a bit bigger than before?”

Masahiko was taken aback, “Is it?”


Two days later.

Masahiko confirmed that what Masahiko said was right, and the black ball was indeed getting bigger.

But God knows what kind of suffering he had been through during these two days. Whether he was hiding in the space or setting up layers of defensive Ninjutsu in front of his chest, nothing could stop that small ball from coming in and out. The ball was getting bigger and bigger, and the feeling of chest tightness brought to him when entering and leaving his body was getting more and more strong.

“Nothing is working. Is this really a Truth-Seeking ball? It’s starting to feel more like a tumor!”


After half a month, feeling numb while looking at the black ball of a size of a fist in front of him, Masahiko hid in his space.

“Coming in, coming out.” Masahiko curled his lips, “Nothing will stop the love from… Uh!”


One and a half months later.

“Please stop it, don’t go in. You’re going to kill me.” Masahiko looked miserable.

The thing in front of him was no longer considered a small ball. It was a pitch-black ball of the size of a head.


After half a minute, Masahiko gritted his teeth, vowing that he will never yell again.

“Wait a minute! It didn’t come out!”

“Is it finally over?”

Masahiko hurriedly opened his status bar and looked at the body, and technique number, then breathed a sigh of relief.

Body: 30000 Technique: 100000 (Switchable)

“My physique has increased by six times, and the amount of Chakra has increased by more than three times.” Masahiko took a long sigh of relief and looked at the strength rating: “still SSS-?”

He was a little bit disappointed. He originally thought that when his Yang attribute reaches the full level, his strength will be able to enter another class.

“My strength has indeed improved a lot, but is there no qualitative change? And what will happen to that damn ball?”

Masahiko concentrated, and the black ball drilled out of his body, but this time without feeling any pain.

“It’s truly integrated now. So the process of merging is finally over now?” Masahiko frowned, and blackball floated freely under his control, but when he tried to divide it into multiple balls, he failed.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable for me to have one Truth-Seeking Ball, even though it’s a huge one.”

Masahiko sighed long, then carefully went through his attribute column again.

“It didn’t make any difference. Except for the disappearance of the Yang Attribute, I still have one space, there’s no attribute for the Truth-Seeking Ball, and nothing else has changed… huh?”

Technique: 100000 (Switchable)

“Switchable? I remember… it was transformable, right?”

After he attentively switched, he entered a sage mode completely different from before. Masahiko felt stunned at first, then the corner of his mouth quickly rose.

In this mode, the surging Natural Energy in Masahiko’s body was bursting to the outside. The most important thing is that the Natural Energy flowing outside of his body condensed into a cool pale white cloak behind him.

“I finally have a cloak!”

Masahiko sighed slightly.

The tenth level of the Yang Release did not only bring him a big ball but also enhanced his physique and gave him a stronger sage mode.

This sage mode is similar to the Sage Paths Mode that Naruto has opened at the end of the original, and both can perfectly control the Natural Energy.

“This isn’t a Six Paths Mode because my strength doesn’t come from the six-old-man. The Sage of the Six Paths, The Slug Sage, the Snake Sage, the Toad Sage… From today onwards, I can finally call myself Sage Masahiko.”

“But I don’t know if anyone would be able to practice… my Sage Mode!”