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L.L.H: Chapter 376: Cool Cloak

Masahiko carefully studied his perfect sage mode.

In this mode, his control over Natural Energy has become more fluent. In the past, when his sage mode was turned on, even when he didn’t use any Ninjutsu, the Natural Energy will flow out of his body and slowly lose his sage mode. Now, he can open his sage mode infinitely, but he wasn’t gonna do that because…

“With this cloak, I’m so handsome that I don’t fit into this world.”

Of course, this isn’t the only reason. It’s more because of the “Truth-Seeking Football” floating around him.

When the Sage mode is not opened, the only attack method of the truth-seeking football is ‘smash,’ which is very powerful but not overpowered.

The maximum range is about 70 meters, and the ultimate strength is equivalent to Masahiko’s Bijuudama. The advantage is that it hardly costs Chakra, and it can be more flexible and move freely.

But when the sage mode is opened, it’s a completely different case. In addition to its attack power that increases dozens of times, it also gains the skill “untouchability,” A ninja who doesn’t have the powers of the Six Paths will turn into aches if he touches it.

“The power of various techniques has increased a lot too. In this state, I should be able to fight with Eight Gates Kenichiro head-on and even defeat him without getting any injuries….”

Masahiko leaned over and hugged the Truth-Seeking Football, rubbing his cheek on it back and forth, “This is even warmer than Fat Cat’s fur. Who would think that this kind of thing would turn into a killing machine once I turn on my sage mode?”

Feeling a bit emotional, Masahiko jumped out of his space and appeared at the door of Kushina’s house.

He added the points on the evening of March 1st, and it was now the evening of May 1st. The process of improving his strength took him two months.

“I’m now relying on the system to forcefully break the limits of my body. Therefore, it takes much time each time.” Masahiko murmured as he turned around.

Under the setting sun, Kushina and Minato each were holding one of Naruto’s hands and slowly walking toward the house. This scene made Masahiko slightly startled.

Seeing Masahiko, the three were also taken aback.

Kushina reacted first, and after taking a close look at Masahiko, her eyes were fixed on the Truth-Seeking Football he was holding in his arms with a sad expression on her face.

Naruto, the trouble maker, quickly came back to his senses, grinning while thinking, “This is what you deserve for making me brush the Hokage Rock!”

Minato said softly, “Elder, did you finally manage to control the black ball?”

Masahiko nodded and tossed the black ball up, then controlled it on his foot. He can easily now perform the various fancy ball flicks and moves of the previous football stars. Rolling around the ball, crossing it in the opposite direction, hitting it with back heel, and even score with a fancy overhead kick, all while staring and smirking at Naruto.

“Naruto, do you want to learn?”

Naruto’s gazes confirmed his affirmation. Masahiko smiled then lightly passed the Truth-Seeking Football toward him, “Now pass it back!”

Naruto nodded, fixed his eyes on the ball, and stretched his right leg back to aim, while Minato smiled bitterly and turned his head away.


“Ah!” Naruto screamed with his feet in his arms while tears pouring out of his eyes.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, then controlled the rock-hard Truth-Seeking Football to fly back, “It seems that your talent not talented for the game.”

“Old Ancestor… damn, it’s so hard.” Naruto sat on the ground and rubbed his right foot.

Kushina didn’t care that Naruto was hurt and stepped forward and touched the back ball.

“How did it grow so much? It does feel the same, though….”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, controlling the Truth-Seeking Football to blend into his body, “Stop touch in it. Also, I’m here to talk to you about some serious business.”

Minato carried Naruto into his arms and quickly stepped forward to open the door, “Great Elder, come in and talk.”

After they went into the house, Masahiko’s expression gradually became serious.

“Fall back a little bit.”

Seeing his serious expression, Minato and Kushina immediately stepped back without asking any further questions.

Instantly, a translucent pale white Natural Energy Chakra cloak was put on Masahiko.

“Isn’t it cool?” Masahiko smirked.

Kushina and Minato looked at each other.

“So cool, old ancestor!” Only Naruto responded.

Masahiko was silent for a moment and blinked, “Well, that’s about right. Can you see what this cloak is made of?”

Minato had already practiced the Sage Mode and could quickly recognize it, “This is… Natural Energy?”

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “This is a cloak that you can only have after you have perfect control over the sage mode. You call me Sage Masahiko in the future.”

Minato and Kushina looked at each other again.

“So? I don’t understand Grandpa?”

Masahiko frowned slightly, he didn’t get the unbelievable expressions he was expecting, and this made him a bit unsatisfied.

“After I achieved this level, I can teach you guys Sage Mode. Whoever wants to practice the sage mode in the future doesn’t need to go to the three great sages. You just need to find me!”

Kushina finally got excited because she never had the chance to practice it yet.

“Hahaha!” Masahiko laughed proudly, “Kushina, after entering this mode, the first thing I thought of is you!”

In fact, among the people left who are currently close to Masahiko, Konan and Kushina are the most suitable to learn the Sage Mode.

Kushina rejoiced: “Grandpa, what I need to do?”

“Extend your right hand….”

“Wait.” Minato interrupted, “Great Elder, there is a risk in practicing the sage mode, right?”

Masahiko waved his hand, “With me standing at the side, it would be okay.”

Kushina was relieved and stretched out her right hand directly but heard Minato saying again, “If you fail in Mount Myoboku, you will turn into a toad stone statue.”

Kushina hurriedly took back her hand…

Masahiko’s expression twisted, glanced at Minato, then turned and smiled at Kushina.

Kushina hesitated for a moment, then finally plucked up the courage to stretch out her right hand again, “Grandpa, I believe in you!”

Minato wanted to warn her again but stopped…

Masahiko nodded in satisfaction and stroked the back of Kushina’s hand with his right hand. After raising his hand, a pale white circular mark was printed on the back of Kushina’s hand.

“Don’t worry. This is Natural Energy that is perfectly controlled by me. Unlike the half-proficient toads in Mount Myoboku, there’s no possibility of getting out of control. Kushina, you only need to absorb the Natural Energy, draw it into your body, and blend it with your Chakra so you can create Senjutsu Chakra.”

“As for how to absorb Natural Energy, you can ask Minato to teach you.” Masahiko has been able to enter the perfect sage mode thanks to the system, but the embarrassing thing is that he still doesn’t know how to absorb the natural energy…

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes to perceive the Sage Chakra mark that Masahiko has stored on the back of her hand. Minato also breathed a sigh of relief since it seemed that there’s no danger.

“I don’t know if Kushina’s appearance would change when she enters the sage mode….” Masahiko lifted his sage mode.

After a long time, Kushina opened her eyes and nodded slightly to Masahiko, indicating that there was nothing wrong with her.

“I almost forgot, Grandpa, there are two things you need to pay attention to in the next few days.”

“Amegakure’s Akatsuki will conduct its first assembly in half a month. Konoha is still observing and is going to send two people to investigate the situation. And Nagato wanted to ask you about what we should do.”

Masahiko nodded, “What about the others?”

Kushina smiled, “Sister Tsunade’s casino is about to be closed down, and Grandma Mito couldn’t control the situation….”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched and disappeared instantly.