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L.L.H: Chapter 377: Ninpo Soap Technique

Turn the tide so the building doesn’t get closed down. – Uzumaki God of Gambling

Inside the Gambling Suckers, loud sounds emitted.


Tsunade smashed the casino floor to pieces with a domineering expression, “Don’t you dare make a noise! Since you’re here to gamble, you should be willing to accept the rules. Get out of here if you can’t afford to lose!”

Masahiko glanced at her faintly.

Tsunade’s face darkened, and she squeezed out a smile, “If you can’t afford to lose, please go out. You’re welcome to come back any time.”

Many gamblers who lost every single coin complained again and again about tonight’s gambling experience, but looking at the cracked ground under Tsunade’s feet, they cursed inwardly and left the casino mumbling a few words.

After everyone was gone, Hashirama raised his hand and lifted the thick cloak on the guy sitting on the table: “Second Grandpa, your gambling skills are still so brilliant!”

He took two steps forward, did a hand sign, then repaired the ground that was smashed by Tsunade’s kick.

There are always people who are drunk enough to make trouble after losing. Every time this is happening, Tsunade kicks the ground, and Hashirama repairs it. The grandfather/granddaughter’s cooperation was top-notch.

After taking care of this, the two eagerly came to Masahiko’s side and simultaneously bowed slightly.

“Second (Great) Grandpa, please teach me gambling!”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly, walked a few steps to Mito, and handed her a dozen bags filled with Ryo he had just won: “Is this enough?”

Mito glanced at the two faintly, “It’s enough for now.”

Tsunade and Hashirama scratched their heads and smirked at the same time.

Watching them acting so happy, Masahiko also laughed, “You two are fine, the casino is doing great, you can gamble your heart out.”

The Gambling Suckers casino has been in business for two months, and it was so popular now. The countless tents erected around the casino prove that many gamblers have chosen to settle here.

“Yet you nearly made our beautiful dealer unemployed. You should be more careful.” Masahiko turned his head and took the little pink pig from Shizune’s arms.

Shizune: “…”

“Speaking of it, I haven’t seen you in two months. This pig seems to be a little fatter. I think he’s ready to be eaten now. If you want a pet, you can raise a cat instead. Uh, forget it, cats are too stupid and might even get fatter than this pig….”

“Oink Oink?”

Mito took the little pink pig over and said, “Well, it’s useless to raise anything around these two. They might end up gambling it. But you should come here once in a while. Kushina told me that you’ve been….”

“Yes, I have been playing football for the past two months,” Masahiko smirked, and the Truth-Seeking Football squeezed out of his chest and appeared in front of everyone.

“What is this?” Tsunade and Mito reacted, then leaned forward to see it.

Hashirama stopped acting stupid, “Second Grandpa, congratulations on your progress.”

He could tell that this thing is dangerous.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows and put the pale white Natural Energy cloak on him again, “Isn’t this cool?”


“And here I thought I was going to teach you gambling after this.”

“Second (Great) Grandpa, you’re so cool!” Tsunade and Hashirama shouted in unison.


The next day, early in the morning, Masahiko returned to Konoha.

He hasn’t slept all night, yet he’s full of energy.

“Because of the LV10 Yang Attribute, my physical strength isn’t human anymore.” Masahiko sighed and came to Kushina’s house again.

After asking about the sleepy-eyed Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki Sage cultivation situation and how there’s no problem at all, he left without worry, knowing that it won’t take Kushina a month before she masters it.

He needs to go back to the Uzumaki.

After not showing up for more than two months, Kimimaro’s disease should be on the verge of an outbreak without treatment.

“These juniors are unreliable. If this ancestor doesn’t show up every two months, everything will fall apart….”

On the way, Masahiko changed his way of flying.

The Truth-Seeking Football deformed under his control and stretched into a pit-black broom. Masahiko rode on it, making it his new ride.

The speed was great, but halfway there, Masahiko stopped and turned the broom into a pitch-black flying carpet.

“I understand now why it’s only female witches that ride the brooms….”

Riding the flying carpet, Masahiko also tried a variety of flying flicks and moves and had a great time.

It’s a pity that The Truth-Seeking Football can’t be split; otherwise, he would have immediately made two hot wheels.


The Land of Whirlpools.

Masahiko met the three kids again.

Unexpectedly, Kimimaro’s condition didn’t worsen, and Masahiko almost laughed out loud when he asked why.

It turned out that it will be the Chunin Exam in the Land of Whirlpools in another half a month. Last year, the three kids missed it due to the trip; thus, they were still Genin, and they plan to get their promotion in this exam.

But the first test of the Chunin Exam has always been a written one. Haku could learn by himself. But Kimimaro could only rely on the beautiful Sensei girl (Karin) to help him, and he learned a lot during this period.

Looking at the expectant expression on Kimimaro’s face, Masahiko laughed and said, “You still need to master the basics. You don’t need to learn the deeper things. I’ll help you with your studying!”

“Yes, God!”

Masahiko put on his intellectual glasses, brought out a thick book, and said softly, “Kimimaro, today we’re going to learn Interpretation of Codes.”

Kimimaro took the book, glanced at it, then his face collapsed.

Masahiko smiled. These kid’s books have been reprogrammed for so many years. It’s not the same as it was when he was a kid. It’s countless times more complicated now.

“The kids in school now have heavy learning tasks, and it’s no wonder that Naruto always fails these exams. His little head doesn’t have the IQ of his ancestors.”

With Masahiko by his side, Kimimaro was working harder, but the effect was worse because he’s always “distracted.” Masahiko had no choice but to leave and went to Konoha’s place on the way. After passing the “Masahiko Sage Mode Technique” to her, he turned to the Patriarch Hall.

“Yo! Sensei, you’re back!”

“Well, I heard that the Akatsuki is going to gather for the first time, so I came here. What is the specific situation?”

With a slightly serious expression on his face, Nagato picked up a few documents and handed them to Masahiko. At the same time, he explained, “There are too many countries that are interested in joining the Akatsuki. Because of the former country’s extermination tragedy, many small countries have even taken the initiative to participate. And most of these countries are in business with us….”

“Oh, interesting.” Masahiko chuckled lightly.

He originally thought that Yahiko was planning to build a military organization to achieve peace. He didn’t expect it to be a United Nations… It’s estimated that he’s also having a headache now, with so many countries even though they’re willing to set the meeting place in Amegakure, but that’s only for safety reasons. He, the initiator, probably isn’t taken seriously by these countries.

“Sensei, shall we join?”

Masahiko finished looking through the documents in his hand, pondered for a moment, then smiled.

“On May 20, more than 30 countries representatives will be there? It’s really lively, then I’ll go there in person.”

“I just invented football. Let’s see if I can found the World Cup there.”