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L.L.H: Chapter 378: Jiraiya

May 17th, Konoha’s 55th year, noon.

Masahiko brought Kimimaro and the other two to Amegakure.

In fact, the Chunin exam in the Uzumaki isn’t over yet, but seeing how the three have passed the written test, Masahiko directly awarded them the title of Chunin. Because whether it’s a group battle or head-to-head battles, their participation will only cause harm to the other kids.

In the air, Masahiko controlled the flying broom to slowly land, and the three children jumped down as if it was an amnesty, moving forward while rubbing their butts.

Masahiko smiled, floating down, then turned the broom back into a football and held it in his arms.

“Elder! Why did you make us ride this thing?!” Karin rushed toward him.

“Didn’t you say you want to improve your Chakra control? As long as you concentrate your Chakra into your butt, you won’t feel pain at all.”

Karin: “…”

She has heard of concentrating Chakra in the hand or foot, but she never heard of concentrating it in the butt.

What’s next? Performing medical Ninjutsu using your butt?

“Okay, don’t make that expression.” Masahiko whispered, “I saw you hugging Kimimaro tightly in the air.”

“I couldn’t sit still!” Karin blushed.

Masahiko didn’t believe her, but two Chakra fluctuations in the distance caught his attention, “Two perceptual ninjas? There are a lot of talented ninjas in Amegakure….”

Upon noticing them, Masahiko hid his Chakra; otherwise, Amegakure would have that they were under attack… it’s estimated that they will think that the Kyuubi is attacking them once they sense his Chakra reserve.

“Great Elder (God), someone is watching us.” Haku and Kimimaro said at the same time. Only Karin, the perceptual ninja, didn’t notice that since she was still immersed in the aftertaste of hugging Kimimaro…

Masahiko nodded and looked at the three girls rushing from the entrance of Amegakure.

“Three girls forming a team, Amegakure is really unique.”

But three girls’ pace was getting slower and slower, and they hesitated one they saw Masahiko from a distance.

“Suiren, Fuyo, you said you’d sensed three people, right?” One of the girls asked.

The other two stopped for a moment, then pressed one hand on the ground, sensing their Chakra again.

After a while, the two turned their heads and said, “There is no Chakra fluctuation on that Red-headed uncle. But we can’t drop our guard. We didn’t perceive Chakra on that man named Sasori before.”

Masahiko heard the three talking for a distance and smiled, “Smart, well-behaved, and clever perceptual ninjas.”

Mashiko waved his hand and stepped forward with the three kids following behind while the three girls hurriedly rushed to greet him.

As the distance got closer, Masahiko’s eyes gradually shifted away from the two perceptual girls and were locked on the other girl.

Not only did she look familiar, but more importantly, Masahiko has sensed the time and space talent in her.


The three girls looked at the pitch-black ball in Masahiko’s arms curiously, then bowed respectfully, “Hello, Senior, where are you from?”

Masahiko smiled, “The Land of Whirlpools.”

The three girls became more respectful, “Senior of the Uzumaki, please come with us.”

The girl named Suiren quickened her pace and left the team to inform Yahiko.

On the way forward, Masahiko wasn’t idle, he kept asking questions about Amegakure, and because they were all superficial questions, the two didn’t mind answering.

There were still three days before the Akatsuki’s first assembly. The representatives of the small countries kept showing up, while other Daimyo who came here personally stayed in a guesthouse that was specially prepared by Yahiko. As for the big villages, if you don’t count Sasori, who was here, the Land of the Whirlpools was the first to arrive.

Originally, the three girls were only responsible for sensing and reporting, but just before Masahiko arrive, another Daimyo arrived with his daughter, and the ninjas who were responsible for welcoming the guests went to greet them. Therefore, these three girls were the ones who welcomed Masahiko.

“That fat man is here too, with his daughter,” Masahiko muttered softly, tilting his head to look around. The streets were filled with people, but there were no ninjas, and Masahiko could guess why.

There is no harmony between the Daimyos, and most ninjas were dispatched to prevent any unnecessary incidents.

After pondering for a moment, Masahiko turned his head, smiling gently, “Little girl, I didn’t catch up with your name.”

The girl smiled and said, “Ajisai.”

Masahiko nodded, “Ow, so you’re named after the Hydrangea flower? You have such a beautiful name.”

Behind him, Karin curled her lips, her name was special too, but he never complimented it.
(T/N: Karin: Perfume.)

Ajisai smiled, “Thank you, Senior. We’re almost there. We will leave you in front of the residence prepared by Yahiko-Sama for the guests. Please rest for a while. Suiren has already gone to inform Yahiko-Sama, and he will be here soon.”

“Ow, we’re here already?” Masahiko perceived slightly to see if there’s anyone he knows, but suddenly he was startled and looked west.

“Little girl, is there a bath near here?”

Ajisai was taken aback for a moment, “Senior, do you want to take a bath? There is a public bath over there. Do you want me to take you there? But the residence arranged by Yahiko-Sama for the guests has bathing facilities….”

“Let’s go to the public bath. I can’t wait anymore; I feel so tired from all the running.” Masahiko smiled.

The two girls looked at each other, both feeling confused, but didn’t dare to object.

“Hey, elder, the hell are you doing?” Karin leaned over and whispered.

“It’s okay; I sensed an acquaintance over there,” Masahiko responded.

The girl named Fuyo also left the team hurriedly, and the others turned around; naturally, she was going to inform Yahiko again.

Only Ajisai escorted Masahiko and the three kids to the public baths, “Senior, this is it.”

Masahiko smiled, then glanced at the roof of the path, where a familiar white figure was lying there, “I’ve changed my mind, little girl. The public baths seem to be unsafe. Someone is peeping on people.”

Ajisai was taken aback. Following Masahiko’s gaze, she saw that man, and her face flushed instantly.

“Damn it! Who are you?! How dare you peep on the female bath?!” She rushed directly.

Masahiko stood next to the three kids and watched the show, “You know? That’s Jiraiya, one of Konoha’s Three Legendary Sannin. He’s a big pervert. Stay away from him. Especially you, Haku. Hmm… Karin, you don’t have to be afraid.”

Karin: “…”

On the roof of the public bath, various things were thrown at Jiraiya, who was caught peeping. However, he vigorously dodged left and right, yet ended up slipping by a piece of soar and fell down…

In mid-air, Jiraiya easily adjusted his body, flipped in the air several times, and just when he was about land steadily, two pieces of soap suddenly appeared at his footholds.


Masahiko tried not to laugh, “It’s really soapy here….”