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L.L.H: Chapter 379: From all sides

Jiraiya was attacked by Masahiko Soap Technique and landed on the back of his head, slamming his eyes out of its sockets.

Before he could recover, he was attacked by a special Ninjutsu.

“Unsealing Technique: Paper Snowstorm!”

“Unsealing Technique: Rope!”

Ajisai first summoned a large number of white pieces of paper, robbing Jiraiya of his sight, and then summoned a rope to bind him…

“Is this guy really one of Konoha’s Sennin? He’s weak.” Karin whispered.

Masahiko smiled and shook his head. Jiraiya didn’t resist. He could easily eat that pretty girl if he wanted…

“Using scrolls to summon items to attack, her style is really similar to Tenten’s… is this why I felt that unique connection to time and space? And I also remember her now. It’s really hard to recognize her without the iron rod and the orange hair. So did Nagato dye her hair? No, it must be Konan. The orange would indeed be more beautiful on her….”

Masahiko was gradually distracted watching the good show.

In the distance, Jiraiya blew violently, trying to clear his sight from the white papers, and the first thing his eyes met was Ajisai’s angry expression.

“I’m Konoha’s….”

“Catch him!”

“He’s running!”



Another female came running out of the bath, which terrified Jiraiya. Struggling, he jumped on his feet and tried to run, and the girl chasing him down, in desperation, could only kick him in the butt.

Masahiko smirked and turned to Karin, “Did you see how strong the Legendary Sannin is? Just now, he concentrated Chakra on his butt.”

Karin: “…”

“Don’t run!” Ajisai shouted.

Jiraiya was tightly bound by the rope and could only hop like a rabbit. Even so, Ajisai couldn’t catch up to him…

“Have you seen the strength of the Legendary Sannin? It’s not that the girl is slow. He’s just a fast hopper. And even if she catches up to him, he won’t give her a chance. He’s protecting both his head and butt with Chakra.”

“Unsealing Technique: Shuriken!”

The technique was similar to Tenten’s. The densely packed Shuriken that were summoned by Ajisai flew toward Jiraiya.

Jiraiya titled his head back, and his body leaped, then turned 360 degrees in the air. Not only did he avoid all Shuriken, but he also used it to cut the rope on his body, making a neat and cool escape, but it’s a pity that… he stepped on a piece of soap when he landed.


“The Legendary Sannin fell twice because of a piece of soap?” Karin curled her lips.

“It only means that I’m stronger.” Masahiko smiled and moved the football in his arms, hiding his head.

“The first time is a coincidence. The second is definitely someone trying to murder this sage.” Jiraiya turned toward Masahiko’s direction, to only see an unknown person holding a black ball, plus three children…

“Unsealing Technique: Rope!”

Jiraiya didn’t have time to check who that person was and hurriedly performed a hand sign: “Body Flickering Technique!”

“Where did he go?”

“Over there!”



A group of middle-aged and elderly women chase after Jiraiya mightily, making Masahiko a bit uncomfortable, “Is this guy’s taste got worse, or are the younger girls embarrassed to chase him?”

Ajisai came back after a while with a flushed face; apparently, the pervert run away, and she was very angry, yet she still bowed and apologized to Masahiko: “Sorry, senior, I made wait. I will inform Yahiko-Sama, and we’re definitely going to catch the white-haired pervert. You can take your bath with ease. This will never happen again!”

Masahiko laughed inwardly. If this little girl knew that Jiraiya was actually Yahiko’s Sensei, her world would probably collapse.

“Forget it. I’m no longer interested. Take us to our place to rest.”

“Oh.” Ajisai lowered her head, feeling that this has embarrassed Amegakure in front of the other great countries.

No more incidents happened on the road this time. Masahiko and the four kids walked all the way to resident Yahiko prepared…

“Yahiko boy, you surely know how to treat the elderly!”

The residences were large and small, which clearly ranks the countries and their representatives. But in this world, strength comes first, and no one would dare to complain about being treated unfairly.

Among them, the seven largest residences should be prepared for the six major villages and the relatively special one, the Land of Iron.

Masahiko’s perception was opened, but he couldn’t sense Sasori or Kakuzu’s Chakras. It seems that they’re not staying with her. Yahiko probably didn’t dare to let these two cold-hearted killers stay here.

“Hey, this is a bit boring.” Masahiko sighed slightly.

Entering the residence, three ninjas appeared in front of the group. Ajisai stepped forward and whispered the three the identity of Masahiko and the others. After a short while, the three left silently.

“The inspection is quite strict.” Masahiko laughed.

“Senior, which one do you like to stay in?” Ajisai turned and said.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Of course, it’s the middle one.”

Ajisai tried to explain in a low voice: “These rooms are not sorted in any order, Senior.”

“It’s still going to be the middle one.”


In residence, Ajisai took Masahiko to his place and then hurriedly left to catch the pervert…

“This little girl is pretty persistent.” Masahiko sat down on the chair and shouted to the three kids, “All of you choose a room. We’re going to stay for ten and a half days.”

“And Pervert, come out!”

Scratching his head, Jiraiya walked from the next room: “Elder, did you enjoying throwing soap at me?”

“It’s that pervert. How did I not sense him?!”Karin was shocked.

“I told you, you’re safe. Haku, hide in your room.” Masahiko waved his hand and turned to Jiraiya, “Well, throwing soap is much more interesting than peeping at those middle-aged and elderly women.”

Jiraiya smiled and said, “I was collecting materials.”

Masahiko also smiled, “Well, and you also let that little girl tie you up. Are you going to write about that too in your book?”

“Hmm?” Jiraiya was seriously considering it.

Masahiko glared at him, “Tsunade opened a casino near Konoha. Didn’t you hear about it? What are you doing, man? Do you want to stay single for the rest of your life?”

Jiraiya chuckled and said, “I know, I will go back when this is over. I have been busy before… Senior, why are you looking at me like that? I wasn’t only collecting materials. Yahiko is my disciple. And it’s very likely that he’s the Child of the Prophecy that the Great Toad Sage told us about. He has worked so hard for peace, and I, as his Sensei, can’t just watch….”

Masahiko was startled, “You didn’t do anything stupid, right…?”