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L.L.H: Chapter 380: The Establishment of The Akatsuki

In front of the central tower of Amegakure, in a huge conference hall that was newly established, various countries held meetings here.

Including the Daimyos, the officials, and their guards from various countries, there were nearly a hundred people. The atmosphere was very harmonious, but some people felt that Masahiko was uncomfortable being here.

Masahiko was wronged.

From the moment he entered this hall, he simply replied to the greetings of others and never said anything, keeping on the aura of a cool guy the entire time.

However, things started getting boring really fast.

After spending more time with his Truth-Seeking Football, Masahiko discovered some new ways to play with it.

Just now, when one of the officials was speaking, Masahiko took some effort to shape the surface of the Truth-Seeking Football into that guy’s face and then controlled its mouth to mimic the words he was saying…

The official was shocked by the ‘Great Elder’s’ behavior and even forgot what he was saying and sat down with a blank face.

Masahiko spent most of the time watching everyone seriously discussing how to solve the Dark Akatsuki while making faces and laughing out loud.

Kumagakue’s situation was the worse. The Fourth’s secretary, Mabui, is actually a smart ninja, similar to the Nara clansmen, and she also wanted to fight for more benefits for Kumagakure. But she was still 18 years old, a little girl, who couldn’t just bear watching her face being mimicked by Masahiko, so she didn’t dare to speak…

As for this time, it was the turn of the beautiful young Daimyo from before. This boy who looked a lot like a girl before has grown up a lot in the past six months after experiencing the massacre of his country. Because he spent this whole time learning Kenjutsu, his face has become more heroic, and his courage has increased a lot. In the face of everyone’s eyes, he spoke in an orderly manner, even though his voice was still immature. And he denounced the Dark Akatsuki’s actions and personally exposed their crimes.

Masahiko wasn’t embarrassed to turn the ball into his face at that time, and after he felt bored from listening, he turned around to look at Kimimaro and the other two…

Kimimaro blinked with dazzlingly bright light in his eyes. Haku hid in the rear, trying to eliminate his sense of existence, while Karin pleaded, folding her hands together, making a gesture.

Masahiko laughed; the girl really loves the drama. Seeing how she reacted, Masahiko spread her for the time being. Today, he had more than these three to relieve his boredom. Masahiko turned his intention to three specific people who were not far away.

Rin was sitting in her seat with a pen and paper in her hands and recording everything in the meeting; everyone’s speech, and even their reactions in detail. Because of Masahiko’s actions the whole time, her hands were almost sour…

Kakashi and Obito stood behind her with sharp looks in their eyes.

The three of them didn’t say a word since they came here. The Land of Fire and Konoha have not made a clear statement yet. This time they were just here to record the meeting.

Realizing Masahiko’s gazes, Obito tilted his head with a bitter smile to look at Kakashi and ask him for help, but he found the latter already looking at him sharply…

The two of them locked their eyes on each other, hummed a few words, then turned their heads away.

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, manipulating the Truth-Seeking ball to shape their faces, and came up with a new version of the “left kiss, right kiss.”

Rin stopped writing for a moment and turned to look at him, then showed a sweet smile; it seemed that she had finally figured out his identity. With a face full of “disbelief,” Masahiko looked at her, then smiled gently.

As the young Daimyo spoke loudly and affectionately, the conference room gradually became noisy.

After all, the hearsay isn’t as clear as the person’s personal narration. That country was the biggest of the small countries. Nearly a thousand people vanished instantly, leaving only one child behind. This really frightened the other Daimyos of the small countries.

Mifune suddenly stood up, bowed deeply to Masahiko, and then talked about his thoughts, “I hope that the Shinobi World will unite and jointly punish the unforgivable Dark Akatsuki.”

Masahiko didn’t try to make fun of him after all; Mifune knew how to play his cards and treated him respectfully…

By the time Mifune finished speaking, everyone else was quiet. Most of the people agree to jointly deal with the Dark Akatsuki and share information on them, but no one was willing to mention the future and what’s gonna happen after dealing with them.

In the end, Yahiko couldn’t help but stand up, refusing to be a quiet organizer: “The original intention of my proposal to establish the Akatsuki wasn’t just to deal with the Dark Akatsuki. Our goal is world peace. No more pain, no more suffering, no more orphans in the world. We hope that there will be no conflicts between you in the future. And instead of fighting each other, you can use the Akatsuki as they pedal to negotiate and resolve the conflicts.”

After Yahiko finished speaking, the meeting room fell silent again. Gradually, everyone’s eyes turned to Masahiko, who was quietly playing with his ball.

Masahiko smiled and stopped the nonsense for a moment. Since he came in person, he knew that they will not ignore the fact that their legendary ancestor is here between them, even if he was acting stupid.

After the lightly patted ball, the face on the Truth-Seeking Football quickly turned into the double man bun guy’s face. Masahiko sat in his seat after that and said directly, “This is the face of the Dark Akatsuki’s leader. Everyone must remember it. Yahiko, after this meeting, is over, I want you to find someone to paint dozens of his portraits and distribute them.”

Seeing how Yahiko nodded in answer, Masahiko continued, “I want everyone to actively look for information and search to find this guy after returning to your countries. The moment you find something, I want you to notify me, I will deal with it personally.”

Having said this, Masahiko looked at Yahiko’s pleading gazes and shook his head lightly: “I don’t know about peace. But I hope that at least one person from each country can be stationed in the Land of Rain to facilitate the transmission of information. In addition, it’s best for big countries to send one or two strong enough ninjas to fill the Amegakure’s Akatsuki and determine the authenticity of any information. I don’t sway me here and there with fake information.”

Masahiko didn’t make any excessive demands, which made everyone breathe a sigh of relief. The Daimyos of the small countries almost without thinking agreed, since they were the most eagerly hope to solve the Dark Akatsuki.

“We agreed with the predecessor’s proposal,” Chiyo said, while Sasori stood beside her expressionless…

“Takigakure also agree to join.” Kakuzu followed closely behind.

Masahiko smiled and shook his head; these two old acquaintances really respect him…

Kirigakure and Iwagakure didn’t dare to refute him in his face and agreed one after another.

Rin turned her head slightly and bowed her head, trying to say “sorry” to Masahiko since she couldn’t call the shots.

Masahiko nodded to her; he didn’t really care.

Except for the Land of Fire, all countries gradually expressed their stances, and all officially joined the Akatsuki. At this point, the meeting was about to end. After that, some people will have to report back to their countries and find some proper candidates.

Masahiko rubbed his wrist when he saw this and was about to take a walk to Obito and send him a fist of love, but he was surprised with some Chinese character flashing in front of his eyes, “Witness and completely change the main storyline of Naruto: The establishment of Akatsuki, get 20(*10) witness points.”

“Why is this happening now?” Masahiko frowned, “Is it because the system is finally recognizing it since Kakuzu and Sasori officially joined?”

Masahiko pondered then turned quickly to Kimimaro and the other two: “From today on, your team will be called Taka!”

“Taka?” The three were left dumbfounded.

Masahiko sat quietly for a while, but the system prompt didn’t appear again, “Why? Karin is clearly a part of the team, this… how does this damn thing work…?”