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L.L.H: Chapter 381: The Meet Up

Masahiko was stunned for a long time.

It wasn’t until the noise in the hall became louder, and everyone started to leave the room that he came back to his senses.

“Is it because of the founder?” Masahiko’s mouth twitched slightly, “If this is the case, I should have asked Nagato and Konan to form the Akatsuki in the Uzumaki a long time ago. It’s estimated that this way could work too. So many witness points were almost missed.”

“And we also have Sasuke’s Taka team. I will go back and ask him to form one with Naruto and Toneri. There shouldn’t be any problems.” Masahiko pondered, “What else can I do? If I knew this before, I would have helped Danzo founding the root….”

After thinking for a long time, Masahiko raised his head to find that everyone in the meeting was almost gone, and the only people left are Obito, Rin, and Kakashi standing beside him, Kimimaro and the other two behind him, and Yahiko looking at him with questioning eyes from a distance…

“Master, is it really you?”

Masahiko glanced at Obito with a smile, then turned to Kimimaro and the other two, “I announce that the Taka Team is officially disbanded!”

Karin let out a sigh of relief, “Great Elder, you’ve just found it, and now you’re disbanded it… well, the name was weird anyway.”

Masahiko curled his lips; she didn’t object when the handsome Sasuke suggested this name in the original… could it be that he’s not handsome enough?

“Master is it you?!”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Why don’t you guess?”

Rin covered her mouth and giggled, and Kakashi looked at Obito then whispered, “Idiot.”

Master waved his hand to Yahiko, indicating that he should mind his business, then put his right hand on Obito’s shoulder, “Let’s go out, you can taste my iron fist of love, then you can decide if I’m really your master or not.”

Obito smirked, “So it’s really you? Master, I didn’t expect you to be, Master. How could it be you? Master…”

Masahiko was speechless. He feared that once again he has chosen a stupid apprentice, “Rin, take care of him.”

Obito’s face turned serious, “No need, Master! Let’s go out, you don’t have a clone in my space this time, and you won’t be able to hit me….”

Masahiko raised the hand on Obito’s shoulder, and a red glow suddenly flashed away, “Do you think you can beat your Master? Why don’t you try opening your Mongekyou Sharingan and see what I will do to you?”

Obito was slightly startled, and his face instantly became bitter, “Master, you’re too cunning!”


“Kakashi, what did you say?!”


Talking and laughing, everyone walked out of the conference hall together. Just after taking a few steps out of the gate, Masahiko’s gaze fell on a tall, beautiful girl.

The girl was about 20 years old, and there was a conspicuous mole under her right eye. Seeing everyone walking out, she suddenly shouted in surprise, “Kakashi-Kun!”

“Huh?” Masahiko instantly grabbed Obito by the shoulder, carried the three kids in his arms, and fell back into the conference hall. Rin was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and fell back.

Kakashi: “…”

At the entrance of the conference hall, Masahiko and Obito moved right and left to observe the situation.

Kakashi and the girl began to talk.

“Master, what are they talking about?”

Masahiko made a “silence” gesture to Obito with his index finger, then a moment later he replied, “The girl said that she’s a ninja from Lock Village, named Hanare, and Kakashi has saved here once… Kakashi, the idiot, actually said he had forgotten.”

Scratching his head, Obito said, “Kakashi, I don’t remember that he has been in a place called Lock Village before.”

Masahiko shook his head and laughed, “Have you forgotten that Kakashi was a five-year-old graduated genius? I think that you hadn’t even graduated when he went to Lock Village!”

“But since the girl still remembers it, it seems that….”

Masahiko and Obito looked at each other, showing tacit expressions.

Sure enough, continuing to listen, Masahiko’s old heart couldn’t stand the moment, yet the young girl directly confessed…

“Obito, Master, stop peeking!” Rin shook her and smiled while dragging the two back, then closed the conference hall’s gate.

Masahiko didn’t struggle, he had already seen enough, and if he watches it further, his heart might not be able to handle it…

After a long time, Kakashi pushed the door in.

Everyone looked expectant. Even Rin was no exception.

He pushed his mask upwards and said casually, “Elder, Rin, let’s go.”

“Hello! Kakashi…”

Masahiko interrupted Obito with a smile, “Yeah, let’s go. The girl said that she must escort the Daimyo of the Land of Keys first, then she will come to Konoha later to find Kakashi. You don’t want to keep her waiting.”

His hearing is great, and he could even hear them talking behind the gate…

Kakashi sighed, then put up his mask again.


After this interesting episode passed, Masahiko wasn’t in a hurry to educate Obito, so he first took them back to his residence.

On the road, he met many people from various countries who had packed their bags and chose to set off for their return. There were also many Daimyo who were also preparing to set off.

“Hey, Yagura Boy, how come you’re going back alone? Where’s Mangetsu?”

“Elder, I’m not a kid anymore!” Yagura looked at him discontentedly, then took off Masahiko’s hand that was patting his head and smiled gleefully, “Mangetsu has always been unconvinced with the current Mizukage, so the resident ninja is going to be him, he won’t go back. And this trip is just for nothing….”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “Is that so? Well, goodbye, kid!”

“I’m not a kid! Goodbye, Elder!”

Masahiko shrugged then looked at Karin, “Do you see how polite that kid is, learn something!”

Karin rolled her eyes.


Inside the residence.

“Jiraiya, get up and play some football with me!”

“Master Jiraiya!” Rin looked at the sluggish Jiraiya on the bed and was slightly startled, “What are you doing here?”

Jiraiya sat up straight, then scratched his hair, “Isn’t this Rin? Oh, Kakashi and Obito too. Did the old man send you? I’m fine, but I didn’t sleep well these two days….”

He wasn’t the only one; Masahiko basically doesn’t need to sleep now. When he gets bored at night, he will hit him with the ball a couple of times. The ball was really hard and heavy…

“Speaking of it, Master, what is this black ball that can transform into a human face?”

“It’s awesome, right?” Masahiko smiled, “From now on, it won’t be a fist of love. We’re gonna call it an Iron ball of love!”


A certain vacant lot in the Land of Rain.

Watching Obito lying on the ground and panting heavily, Masahiko stepped forward and released the seal on his body.

“Huh~ This was truly relieving.”

“Master, you’re still so strong.”

“Of course, how could I let my stupid apprentice catch up to me. But are you okay? Can you stand up?”

“Of course!”

Masahiko smiled and said, “Today, I recognize you as my disciple with my original appearance, so I will give you a meeting gift.”

These words made Obito forget about his exhaustion, and he quickly jumped up.

“Um… I’m gonna teach you a special style of Taijutsu. Kakashi! You can join this fool and compete to see who can learn it faster!”

In the distance, Karin saw how Masahiko began to teach his damn dragon fist again and curled her lips.

“Little girl, is there a problem with Elder Masahiko’s set of Taijutsu techniques?”Jiraiya was also thinking about it.

Karin glanced at him, showed a look of disgust, then shrank to Kimimaro’s side.

Kimimaro turned his head and said, “It’s an honor for them to be able to learn God’s special style of Taijutsu techniques.”

Haku smiled sweetly and shook his head, “The techniques are fine.”

“These three kids brought by the Elder seem to have problems… no, maybe the problem is not the kids themselves.” Jiraiya looked at Kimimaro and the other two with a look of pity.

“Obito, you fool! Why did I accept a disciple like you! Kakashi has already learned the twelfth form. Why haven’t you figured out the fifth form yet?”

Obito squinted his eyes, “Kakashi, you bastard, you ruined this for me. How come you can learn so fast….”