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L.L.H: Chapter 382: I Never Liked You Anyway

A certain vacant lot in the Land of Rain.

Kakashi and Obito are using the still not proficient “Masahiko God Fist” while the latter is holding the ball and watching quietly.

Jiraiya frowned in the distance. This technique seemed to be very strong, but he still felt that something was wrong. Turning to look at the three “troubled kids,” there was no way he could ask them. As for Masahiko… years of painful experience taught him not to try.

After a while, Obito and Kakashi pulled apart, the two kept the same distance, and neither of them managed to hit the other…

Masahiko clapped in satisfaction, “You’ve basically mastered the essence of my Taijutsu Style. Go back and practice more!”

“Thank you, Master (Elder)!”

“Master, it’s time for the three of us to go.” Rin took a few steps closer, “It’s late. We have to rush back to Konoha before dark.”

Masahiko nodded, and the black ball suddenly stretched and turned into a broom, “I’ll see you off.”

“On… this?”

“Don’t worry, it’s very stable.” Masahiko nodded with a smile and controlled the broom to hover in the air in front of Rin, “Let’s go… Huh?”

Just when he was about to say, Masahiko turned around to look at a ninja from Amegakure rushing toward him.

“Elder! Many Daimyos were attacked on their way home!”

“The Daimyos… were attacked?” Masahiko was stunned for a moment, “Who was the attacker? What about the casualties? Forget it. I will ask Yahiko!”

Masahiko turned around and nodded to Jiraiya, then his figure disappeared in place.

“The Daimyos were attacked. Are we going to help?” Obito said while scratching his head.

Kakashi hesitated for a moment, shook his head, and said, “It’s a long way back, and we won’t reach the village before dark. The Hokage is waiting for our report in the village.”

Kakashi, where is the Lock Village?” Rin said softly.

Obito’s widened his eyes, “That’s right! That female ninja named Hanare… Kakashi, you lucky bastard, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

Kakashi sighed, “Idiot, over here.”


The central tower of Amegakure.

Masahiko got the specific information he wanted from Yahiko.

“White monster… White Zetsu? So three out of the ten Daimyos who have set off lost a few of their guards but managed to flee? How about the others?”

Yahiko’s expression looked anxious, “I’ve sent most of our Shinobi for the rescue, and I have also sent a few to the various close countries to send help, but the situation of the others is still unknown. The closest of them is 10,000 meters away from the Land of Rain. You’re fast. Could you please take the trip personally?”

Masahiko nodded, “Mark the map with the location of each one of them.”

“Thank you!”

“This matter… something seems off.” Yahiko turned to mark the map, but Masahiko frowned slightly.

He knew that the double man bun guy could be the one controlling White Zetsu. So he could be the one behind this attack, but this is somewhat unreasonable. The Akatsuki has been established. What is the use of attacking the Daimyos of the small countries? This attack should have been executed before the assembly.

Even if a few Daimyos are really dead, it will only make those countries share the same hatred. It’s true that some people may withdraw because of fear, but that kind of person is useless anyway. The Akatsuki will just kick them out.

What’s more, the double man bun guy didn’t use the Edo Tensei to attack them. He only sent White Zetsu, who can be defeated or even escaped. Is it just to intimidate them?

“Elder, the map!” Yahiko marked the map and handed it to Masahiko, interrupting his thoughts.

Masahiko raised his hand to take it, and his figure flickered again, appearing next to Jiraiya.

“Oh, they left?”

Jiraiya smirked, “It seems that he’s going to meet that female ninja of the Lock Village….”

“Oh?” Masahiko also smirked and then immediately became serious, “You go to Tsunade’s casino. I’m worried that Hashirama and Mito went out of control.”

Hearing that Tsunade might be in danger, Jiraiya also stood up with a serious face and left instantly.

Masahiko turned to Kimimaro and the other two, “You’re waiting for me here. I will be back soon!”

“Yes, God (Elder)!”

Masahiko nodded. His figure rose into the sky, standing on the black back, which was reshaped to serve as a platform, then opened the map, “I’ll go here first, the Land of Claws, I remember they’re one of our trading partners… huh?”

There was a sudden erupt of flames in the southeast direction, which made Masahiko turn around all of a sudden.

“Fire?” Masahiko murmured lightly, then his expression changed, “Bijuudama! Yagura boy, the Sanbi!”

Finally, a series of thoughts were connected, “He’s after the Bijuu?”

The Sage cloak was put on instantly, and an arc was drawn in the sky as he speeded up to the southeast.

The distance of tens of miles was crossed by Masahiko in less than two minutes, and a thick mist appeared in front of him.

In the center of the mist, he could vaguely see the huge figure of the Sanbi.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t late. However, the person who’s fighting Yagura seems to be… Wind Release: Breakthrough!”

Masahiko shouted his technique, then took a deep breath, mixed it with the Wind Release Chakra, and then blew it out. The violent storm instantly dispersed the mist created by the Sanbi.

The fog was cleared; Masahiko frowned, and looked at the person who was fighting with Yagura, “Sure enough, he dag the ancestral graves, what a bastard.”

The one who appeared in front of Masahiko was a thin-middle-aged man, yet the look in his eyes was full of domineering even though he was manipulated by the Edo Tensei. The patriarch of the Senju Clan, Hashirama’s father, Butsuma Senju!

“So he’s completely controlled by the Edo Tensei?” Masahiko murmured softly, then lunched the Truth-Seeking Football!

“Earth Release: Wall!”

Butsuma instantly performed a hand sign, and a huge wall suddenly rose in front of the Truth-Seeking Football, but it couldn’t stop it.

Facing the Truth-Seeking Football, which has slammed the rock wall and was rushing toward him quickly, Butsuma unnaturally twisted his back and evaded the sudden blow.

Masahiko got irritated and was about to control the Football back, but Butsuma suddenly said, “Where am I…?”

Masahiko was taken aback, “He regained his consciousness?”

“This is… the Sanbi? Why am I here? I remember…” Butsuma’s memory was still vague, “You’re… Uzumaki Masahiko? Are you doing some kind of a trick?!”

“Elder, do you know him?” Yagura slowly returned to his original appearance and walked to Masahiko.

Masahiko nodded and raised his eyebrows slightly: “That guy isn’t here, so… is he after the Yonbi’s Jinchuriki, Roshi? Is he trying to slow me down by giving Butsuma his consciousness back? That bastard thinks I’m a fool!”

“Uzumaki Masahiko! Why am I here?” Butsuma yelled, “Where’s Hashirama and Tobirama?!”

Masahiko turned his head, “They… You know what? I never liked you.”

“He can’t distract me with this!” Masahiko walked over, and a second later, Butsuma’s body was torn into pieces!!