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L.L.H: Chapter 383: I’m Gonna Catch Them All!

The edge of the Land of Rain.

“Kid, don’t leave the Land of Rain for the time being. Wait for me. I have things to talk to you about when I come back!”

Masahiko briefly talked to Yagura, and without waiting for a reply, he opened his Sage Mode again and rose into the sky, heading straight to the southwest.

“One is in the southeast and the other in the southwest. This bastard is playing with me….”

Masahiko was flying at full speed, but he had a bad feeling in his heart. He was delayed for more than ten minutes this time, enough for that bastard to catch the Yonbi. But he was hoping to maybe… catch up to him? Since he didn’t waste time talking nonsense with that old man?

However, when he got closer, he could see the continuous flow of magma in the pitted ground. Masahiko’s perception was fully on, but he couldn’t sense the double men bun guy’s Chakra. It seems that the battle was already over.

“The Yonbi’s Jinchuriki and that dumb-weak-monkey couldn’t resist for ten minutes.” Masahiko sighed lightly, then bit his finger, “Summoning Technique!”

After a burst of smoke, the fat cat made her debut with a chicken leg in her mouth…



The chicken leg fell to the ground.

“Meow!” The fat cat cried.

“All you do is eat. It’s time for work! Hurry up, I need your nose. Find the two parties who were fighting here just now.”

“Ah!” Fat Cat wasn’t willing to give up on her chicken leg and ate it in one bite, “Meow~ The smell of sulfur is everywhere, how can Whitey smell them?”

Masahiko frowned, “That idiot monkey if you can’t beat him, don’t resist. He helped the
enemy clean up their traces….”

Looking down at the Fat Cat, who ate the chicken leg without spitting out the bones, Masahiko sighed, “Idiot cat!”

“Meow! How rude! Have you forgotten who brought you back from the sea to the Land of Whirlpools when you were seriously injured during the New Year? And Whitey hates water the most!”

Masahiko’s face darkened. He knew that this stupid cat can live a lifetime but won’t shut up about this.

“Can’t you really smell anything?”

Fat Cat crinkled her nose, “It seems to be… over there!”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched, “Why are you pointing two claws in two different directions? You might as well lie down and point with your four claws if you’re looking for a lucky guess.”

“Forget it, don’t do it, because I will have to help you up later!”
Fat Cat slowly retracted one paw and said with affirmation, “Over there!”

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Let’s go then!”

The Truth-Seeking Football drilled into his chest, then he walked with the Fat Cat, this time toward the direction she pointed out.

Two minutes later…

“Haven’t you caught it yet?”

The two ran dozens of miles in these two minutes. The double men bun guy couldn’t have been so fast, not to mention that he was carrying a person with him.

The Fat Cat shrugged, then her face wrinkled slightly, “Meow~ I lost the smell.”

“Lost it?!” Masahiko stared at her slightly and looked further ahead; it was a jungle. How will he find them? Follow the footsteps? But there isn’t any!

“Should I learn tracking skills, or something like the eagle eye, and level it up to max… I won’t be worried about my enemy escaping after this!”

“By the way, I suddenly lost it. Could it be a Summoning Technique?” Fat Cat said Masahiko didn’t notice how full of guilty he looked until now…

“Forget it…” Masahiko sighed and pulled out the map, “It’s better to save the Daimyos. I hope they’re not dead yet.”

After turning around, Masahiko stopped flying at full speed and said to Fat Cat, “The Yonbi’s Jinchuriki was captured by the enemy just now. That bastard didn’t follow the plot and started catching the Bijuu….”

“Meow~ What plot?”

Masahiko paused, “It’s okay. I’m getting older. There will always be two days at the end of each year where I start talking nonsense because I can’t use my brain. Please be considerate. What I mean is, you’re now in danger because of the Nibi in your body. Not only you but the little girl Tenten is also in danger. So you better be always by her side when you’re in Konoha and Reverse Summon me if you’re in danger.”

“Oh, by the way, don’t you try to stop the summoning or reverse it. Sarah misses you from time to time.”

“Moew~ it’s okay, Whitey won’t do it, and you don’t bother Whitey when she’s having a big meal.”

“Don’t be careless.” Masahiko squeezed the fat cat’s neck lightly, “The one who was captured isn’t much weaker than you. When Tenten gets a bit older, I will teach her some life-saving skills. Man, it’s really troublesome, you have no shame, how could you give her your blood….”


Masahiko roamed around the Land of Rain to find that he was really later, and all the battles ended.

The Daimyos were barely hurt. The double men bun guy’s attack on them was just a feint; two or three White Zetsu were dispatched in each direction, and they didn’t cause any actual threat…

Even so, the Daimyos were in shock, and a few guards ended up dead… Yahiko had a strong headache analyzing the situation.

Masahiko ignored him for the time being, holding the Fat Cat in his arm to find the resident ninja from Iwagakure.

“You said… Roshi was taken away?! Aren’t the Daimyos who were attacked?”

Masahiko shook his head, “They were just a decoy to attract my attention. His real target was Roshi. You must inform Onoki.”

The ninja hesitated for a moment, “Notify lord Tsuchikage….”

Masahiko was taken aback, “What’s the matter?”

The guy took a long deep breath, then explained, “Roshi is regarded as a half-disciple of the Tsuchikage-Sama. They even… share the same stubborn character. During the Second Shinobi World War, Roshi didn’t want to fight as the village’s ‘war weapon.’ After a quarrel with the Tsuchikage-Sama, he chose to defect. This time he only returned because of the Akatsuki and finally reconciled with the Tsuchikage-Sama….”

Masahiko was startled slightly and slapped Fat Cat’s head, “He has a good relationship with Onoki?”

The ninja nodded, “Although the Tsuchikage-Sama didn’t say anything, I could see that he was in a good mood during this period. I didn’t expect this time to happen all of a sudden….”

Masahiko shook his head and stood up, “It’s better to report to Onoki as soon as possible. He’s not that weak-minded.”

“I know, elder.”

Masahiko took Fat Cat with him and walked to Yagura’s: “Bijuu… Kushina and Naruto both are under Minato’s Flying Thunder God protection, and they’re also in Konoha. The possibility of an accident is very slim, but some protection measures must be added. And this stupid cat can handle itself….”

“For the other Bijuu. Where are the Nanabi and the Rokubi?” Masahiko frowned slightly, “These Jinchuriki have a certain combat effectiveness, plus the restrict protection of each village….”

“Forget it. This ancestor doesn’t need to worry about them. I just need to take care of the Nibi and the Kyuubi. It’s better to be able to ‘turn’ another Yagura.” Masahiko raised his eyebrows.

“By the way, there is also Gaara….”