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L.L.H: Chapter 384: What Are You Going To Do?

In Amegakure, Kirigakure party’s temporary residence.

“Yagura, do you know how dangerous your situation is now? Do you want to consider leaving Kirigakure and joining our Land of Whirlpools? I will personally guarantee your safety.”

“No.” Yagura shook his head.

“Really? Don’t you wanna think about it? You know I also have a daughter back there.” Masahiko laughed

Yagura was taken aback, “Your… daughter?”

“Yes, my daughter. Hey, respect man, don’t you dare show such a horrified expression. She’s not very old, she’s only 30 years old, and she has my genes, so she looks like a 20 years old young girl. You’re 21 years old, right? Even though you look like a 12 years old kid, you two are a good match….”

Yagura still shook his head, “Thanks for your kindness, but the Mizukage-Sama has also been very kind to me. I can’t leave the village.”

Masahiko was taken aback, then his thoughts strayed instantly: “You like Terumi Mei, don’t you?”

Yagura’s face flushed, “No, I don’t! I don’t. You have misunderstood!”

Masahiko laughed, “Mei is really charming, and yes, she can be really attractive to young boys like you. The deal is never off the table, I have something to do, so I will leave first.”

“Ha~ the nasty smell of tortoises….” Just when they stepped out of the room, the fat cat yawned in his arms.

“Last time, it was a nasty fox, this time a nasty tortoise. Is there a Bijuu you don’t hate?”

The fat cat yawned, “Meow~ It’s not me, it’s the Nibi trying to miss with Whitey’s head! Whitey obviously doesn’t hate tortoises….”

Masahiko laughed; this stupid cat actually picked up all of Masahiko’s narcissism. After a slight concentration, Masahiko’s figure flickered, then appeared next to Kimimaro and the other two.

“God! Huh, cat?”

“Meow~ It’s you again, nasty kid.”

Haku smiled sweetly, “Elder, you’re back, hello Whitey.”

“You’re finally back. I thought you forgot us!” Karin said, dissatisfied.

“How come? No one can forget sweet kids like Kimimaro and Haku.” Masahiko raised one eyebrow.

Karin: “…”

“Meow~ Can I go now? Little Tenten should be very worried about Whitey.” Fat Cat felt a bit uncomfortable staying there while being locked by Kimimaro’s offensive stares.

Masahiko patted Fat Cat’s head, “You can go, and Reverse Summon me when you encounter danger. Be careful.”

“Meow~ don’t worry.” Fat Cat performed a hand sign, then disappeared inside the smoke.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, then said, “Let’s go. We will have dinner together, then go back to rest.”

There’s no need for him to worry about the casino; Hashirama’s inability to use Chakra will make him completely useless in front of Tsunade, let alone Jiraiya, who rushed to them.

While go going to have dinner, Masahiko learned from Karin that Obito and the other two returned to Konoha.

Kakashi’s second heroic rescue operation ended in failure. When the group arrived, the battle was over, and the Key Village was unharmed. However, Kakashi still gained Hanare’s gratitude and also a hug… This is all from Obito, who made sure the gossip reaches Masahiko.

“This kid…” Masahiko laughed, “The Rain Council will be even more lively next time. I’m afraid Onoki will come in person, and there will be people from Kirigakure. Konoha should also send her high-ranked….”


The next day.

Before the arrival of the villagers, Yahiko hurriedly sent people to find Masahiko and invited him to the central tower of Amegakure.

“What’s the matter?” Masahiko frowned and looked at the staff in the tower. His eyes stopped on the little girl who had led the way for him before, “Little Ajisai, what’s wrong?”

Ajisai looked depressed, and she wanted to cry.

“Yesterday, I sent someone to draw the face of the Dark Akatsuki’s leader and distribute it to everyone. She came to me early this morning and said that she had met him before… she actually said that she had saved him.” Yahiko said.

“Huh?” Masahiko was startled, “How did this happen?”

“Master Yahiko, I really didn’t know that he was an enemy….” Ajisai whispered.

“Don’t cry, little girl, and speak louder!” Ringo’s voice came from behind Masahiko.

“Yes! Ringo-Sama!”

Masahiko tilted his head slightly, “I forgot about. Where did you go yesterday?”

“Ringo is a rogue ninja from Kirigakure. It wasn’t suitable to show up yesterday.” Yahiko explained beside him.

Masahiko nodded, then turned his gaze to Ajisai and smiled at her thinking it was the gentlest smile: “Little girl, don’t be nervous, you can tell this old man everything, don’t you leave the slightest detail.”

Ajisai shrank back.

“It’s okay, Ajisai,” Yahiko said gently.

Ajisai’s face blushed, “Yeah!”

Masahiko: “…”

“I remember it was on January 19th. I was on a mountain two kilometers southwest of the Land of Rain, and I found him in a coma with a dead wild boar beside him….”

“January 19th. He should have been really hurt to get knocked out by a wild boar.” Masahiko nodded slightly, “Then what?”

Ajisai paused and then turned her head to look at Yahiko, who gave her an encouraging smile.

“Then I saved him.” Ajisai whispered, “And give him to buns to eat.”

After saying this, Ajisai closed her eyes tightly, looking like she was waiting for her head to hit the floor.

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, but his heart gradually became solemn, “I checked that place before, and he came to the village, but no one noticed him. Did this bastard find a way to block his Chakra fluctuations? It’s really troublesome….”

“Anything else?”

Ajisai opened her eyes slightly and gritted her teeth, “Before he left, he said that in order to thank me, he’s going to give me a… summoning scroll.”

She took out a scroll from her pocket then handed it to Yahiko nervously.

“He gave you a summoning scroll, yet you didn’t doubt his identity?” Yahiko opened the scroll, “This is a rare panda summon beast, and it has never been signed before….”

“Come again?” Masahiko was taken aback.

“Panda… What’s wrong, elder? Although it’s rare, you can easily find things like this.”

Masahiko’s mouth twitched. He has lived for so many years. But he never heard of a panda in Naruto World. Should he read the newspapers more?

Yahiko checked the Summoning Scroll again and again, then finally shook his head and handed it to Masahiko, “Elder, take a look.”

Masahiko took the scroll then paused. Chakra suddenly stroked the palm of his hand, eased the double men bun guy’s mark on the scroll, then he handed it back to Ajisai, “The scroll is fine, girl, stretch out your hand to me.”

Ajisai was startled and hesitated to stretch out her hand. Masahiko held it close for a moment and then shook his head slightly, “The little girl is fine.”

The seal on the scroll has no significant effect. It’s only for perception. It’s estimated that a lot of their intelligence has been leaked out because of her. But since the little girl didn’t know, Masahiko didn’t point it out. He didn’t want to put more pressure on the little girl’s mind.

“Is that so?” Yahiko sighed, “If I could send the portrait of the leader earlier, there wouldn’t have been such a problem. Ajisai, you don’t need to worry. The Elder and I will not blame you….”

Masahiko nodded, then turned his head to the door to find that a ninja from Amegakure came rushing, “Leader, the Third Hokage is coming to our village.”

Masahiko was stunned, “Hiruzen is here in person?”

Yahiko was also taken aback for a moment and then immediately stood up, “I’ll meet him!”

“Leader!” The ninja quickly added: “There are dozens of ninjas behind the Third Hokage, and they’re coming menacingly!”

“Huh?” Masahiko and Yahiko looked at each other, all at a loss: “What is Hiruzen doing…?”