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L.L.H: Chapter 386: Helping

The yellow sand rose in the sky and then quickly calmed down.

Suddenly, two Kunai were shot from unexpected angles and went straight to Gaara’s heart. Before Masahiko raises his hand, the sand gushed from the gourd and blocked the Kunai.

“Aren’t these two Anbu supposed to protect him? Is the system here crooked? You can’t even trust the Anbu.”

The two men confirmed Masahiko’s thoughts and rushed toward Gaara.

Masahiko frowned slightly, “It seems that no one likes you here, dear boy.”

Boom! Boom!

The two masked men ended up lying on the floor unconscious.

Masahiko clapped his hands and tilted his head, looking at Chiyo, “What’s the situation here? Is everyone trying to assassinate Gaara?”

Chiyo frowned, “I don’t know. I haven’t been paying much attention to everything going on inside the village recently.”

Masahiko wanted to cry; how about asking your grandson how things are going on with him from time to time.

“Blood… I’ll kill you! Your blood must be delicious….” Garaa was getting crazier.

“Of course, it’s delicious.” Masahiko smirked, “This ancestor’s blood is the best. However, will you dare try to drink it, little Tanuki?!”

Inside Gaara, the Ichibi greeted Masahiko cordially.

“Blood…” Gaara’s face turned gloomy.

“Elder, what is wrong… with him?” Karin was puzzled.

Masahiko nodded, “He’s a good little handsome boy who was made into such an appearance by his village. It’s really a crime.”

“Handsome boy?” Karin questioned his eyes.

“Let him sleep well, and he will become a handsome guy.” Masahiko’s figure flickered, and then he appeared in front of Gaara half-squatting and pressed his right hand on his abdomen, “Four Symbols Seal!”

The sealing technique was completed. Masahiko took Gaara, who had fallen asleep, on his back, then carried the other with one hand, “It’s tiring to carry this gourd on your back all the time, how about you get to be carried once.”

After doing this, Masahiko looked up at the two masked ninjas in the distance and squinted slightly, “Chiyo, takes us to the Kazekage’s place.”


Ten minutes later, the Kazekage’s office.

After hearing The Kazekage’s explanation, Masahiko didn’t know what expression to make.

Turning his head to look at Gaara, who was sleeping soundly on the gourd, Masahiko shook his head speechlessly, “This kid should be called Gaara, right?”

According to the Fourth Kazekage, in order to test whether Gaara can restrain his emotions and control the Ichibi in his body, he sent Gaara’s uncle, Yashamaru, to assassinate him; that was his only concern when it came to Gaara.

Yashamaru died in front of Gaara, causing him to lose control over the Ichibi for the first time. Gaara attacked Suna, but the Fourth Kazekage Rasa stopped him using his gold sand. After this, Rasa considered Gaara a failure as a Jinchuriki and arranged one assassination after another in order to kill Gaara.

“It’s a miracle that the kids lived to this day, and the fact he did proves that he’s worthy enough. Yet only his fool father can’t see it.” Masahiko didn’t hide this in his heart and said it directly.

The three kids behind him showed a look of approval, while Chiyo smiled bitterly and shook her head…

Looking directly at the dissatisfied Fourth Kazekage, Masahiko slowly said, “Your name is Rasa, right? Now you don’t need to think of me as the Great Elder, of the strongest country in the Shinobi World, or the Legend Shinobi who can destroy your village in a second, just think of me as a wise old man who is a hundred years old, and wants to give you a lecture, okay?”

The fourth Kazekage: “….”

The dissatisfaction on his face slowly faded away, revealing a helpless look, “Please.”

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “Someone once said that as long as everyone shares a little love, this world will become beautiful….”

“Who said that, Great Elder?” Karin said suddenly.

Masahiko was startled and frowned, “It should be… Oprah?”

“Ahem, kids shouldn’t interrupt the adults. What I mean is that the Bijuu needs to befriend and cannot be suppressed blindly by force. You all know how I helped achieve that with Konoha’s Kyuubi, right?”

“Elder, I’m gonna trouble you to help us protect the Ichibi this time,” Chiyo said.

Masahiko gave Chiyo a look of “you’re asking too much” and nodded, “Don’t worry, I will help with the Ichibi. And you take care of the Fourth Kazekage.”

Masahiko didn’t worry about taking this away in front of the Kazekage. And after that, he sat down next to Gaara and pressed his right hand on his abdomen again. His consciousness instantly appeared in a huge desert, and his eyes fell directly on the Ichibi in the cage, “Yo, big Tanuki, we last met fifty years ago. Have you missed me?”

“Roar!” Shukaku screamed harshly, “You bastard, you dare to appear here?!”

The sand swept towards Masahiko, making him frown slightly, “With my seal, he can’t mobilize so much power. Suna’s seal is just a display. That’s right, it was only used for one purpose, making the Jinchuriki a war weapon.”

This wasn’t Masahiko’s first time fighting in a place similar to the spiritual world. He didn’t need to use any Ninjutsu. Dozens of red seal chains extended from him and pierced Shukaku’s body, blocking his entire power.

“Oh! You bastard!” Shukaku cried out in pain.

When the wind and sand subsided, Masahiko sat down cross-legged with a smile, “Don’t be so noisy, haven’t seen me for so many years, don’t you want to talk to me?”

“What is there to talk about, you bastard!”

Masahiko’s face darkened, “It’s amusing to you calling me bastard, right? Tell me, have you… ever experienced true despair? Do you want to find the true meaning of a Tanuki’s life?”


After half an hour, Masahiko’s consciousness returned to the outside world.

“Four Symbols Seal-Release! Eight Trigram Seal-Kai” Masahiko clapped his hands and stood up.

“Well, I’ve talked to the Ichibi, and I have also strengthened the seal, so you don’t have to worry about it getting out of control again.” Masahiko smiled.

At the same time, Chinese characters flashed in front of him, “Witness and drastically change the side story of the Naruto World: Gaara’s childhood got 10(*8) witness points.”

“Sure enough.” Masahiko smiled. His main goal was the witness points here.

“Elder, we’ve troubled you.”

Masahiko nodded and then pondered slightly, “Well, I’ve obtained the witness points and succeeded in talking with that idiot Tanuki. The first goal was achieved. The second was to influence Gaara’s character, which… this ancestor isn’t very good at.”

After a moment of contemplation, Masahiko looked around, and his eyes fixed on Haku’s body.

“Hmm…, oh, no, no….”