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L.L.H: Chapter 387: Unlearned Forbidden Technique

Of course, the most suitable one in Masahiko’s party would be Haku.

But… Haku has some shortcomings that he didn’t if it would cause problems.

“Grand Elder?” Haku said in doubt softly.

“It’s okay.” Masahiko waved his hand decisively and turned his gaze to Gaara’s sand gourd.

He could still vaguely remember that the original explanation of Gaara’s sand body protection ability was “his mother’s remaining power protecting him,” but Masahiko didn’t believe it.

Because even he wouldn’t be able to use such a method on Kimimaro if somehow he died… let’s say by Truck-Kun.

“Buhahaahahaha! Your efforts are in vain! This is ancestor won’t die because there aren’t trucks in this world!” Masahiko said proudly.

“Elder, what should we do next?” Chiyo asked from the side.

Masahiko glanced at her and muttered, “Shikaku is tamed by me now. He won’t try to run anymore. What we need to do now is to reverse Gaara’s abnormal personality.”

Chiyo nodded, “You don’t need to worry about this. We can handle it. The most important question now is how to prevent the Dark Akatsuki from coming after him.”

The Fourth Kazekage sighed, “I didn’t expect this to happen… Well, I will tell the truth to Gaara.”

When things got to this point, and after hearing the news about the Dark Akatsuki from Chiyo, the Fourth Kazekage finally decided to give up the ‘War Weapon Gaara’ plan.

Masahiko nodded, “You need to make it up for him. You were a terrible father… When you reverse his character, and he learns how to communicate with people normally, I will protect him.”


Masahiko didn’t need to intervene in the rest of this matter. Instead, he chose to watch the whole process because Gaara’s discovering of his inner peace might bring him some witness points.

“His mother’s power protecting him….” After persuading, again and again, Masahiko had no choice but to believe… because there was indeed no other explanation.

“Probably it was the explosion of maternal love, the use of soul-type forbidden techniques, and then by coincidence, it was contaminated with some of Shikaku’s power, which achieved this effect?” Masahiko guessed.

The Fourth Kazekage and Chiyo cooperated very well. Perhaps they felt like they needed to make up for Gaara after all those years. So they did not only clarify the truth, but they also proclaimed that Gaara has been controlled by some outside powers, which caused the villagers to stop being hostile to him, and reunited Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara again…

After having a high-quality sleep, Gaara started to communicate again.

But ideas that are already ingrained are difficult to change. Until now, Masahiko really felt that Naruto was still a crying babe… but that mouth of his is really powerful.

After working hard for five days, Masahiko received a message from the system, “Witness and change the side story of Naruto World: Gaara, get 2(*5) Witness Points.”

“My efforts weren’t in vain. Although it’s only 10 points, it’s still worth it.” Masahiko looked at the two sides fighting in front of him and smiled, “Sure enough, forming a team and fighting the enemy together is the best way to create relationships in this world.”

Among the three siblings, Gaara was the younger. He was seven years old, Kankuro was eight, and Temari was ten years old. Gaara, the strongest among them, was only as strong as eight-year-old Karin. Haku can beat the three of them at the same time, while Kimimaro can hang all three of them from their pants at the same time…

Therefore, Masahiko has asked Haku to fight with them from time to time. The three siblings fighting a common enemy quickly eliminated Kankuro’s fear of Gaara and awakened Temari’s love for her little brother…

“Speaking of which, when I watched the anime in my previous life, I really didn’t pay attention. Temari is actually three years older than Kankuro, which is interesting.”

“Elder, when can we leave?” Karin looked bored beside him.

“Why the hurry? Didn’t you say that you like the desert?” Masahiko tilted his head.

“I… now like watching the snow.”

Masahiko laughed, “Hobbies changes fast. Don’t worry, go and practice with Kimimaro. We have to delay our trip for two or three more days. I have something to do.”

After saying that, Masahiko flickered and appeared in front of the children, interrupting their battle.

“Haku, go and rest for a while. You did well.”

“Yes,” Haku responded softly.

When Haku left, Masahiko turned his eyes to Gaara, who was much more normal now, “Oh young boy, come to this ancestor, and one shall reward you with a gourd.”

Gaara: “???”

Crack… Crack!!

Kankuro moved his puppet, which made that sound, and Masahiko tilted his head slightly, “Two puppets user, you must work harder to become a five puppets master as soon as possible!”

Kankuro: “???”

Seeing that the two boys were left dumbfounded, Temari carefully carried the fan back without making a sound, which made Masahiko curl his lips.

No more fooling around, Masahiko walked up to Gaara and put on his Sage coat, “Don’t move. This ancestor is really going to give you a gourd this time.”

Masahiko stretched his hand, directly breaking the sand wall that formed automatically, the pressed his right hand against Gaara’s hand: “Sage Art: Wood Release: The Art of Spores!”

Using the Wood Release spores, Masahiko planted a wood clone containing one percent of his Chakra on the back of Gaara’s hand and deliberately the spore to appear as a white gourd mark.

“This gourd I’ve given to you will protect you when you’re in danger. You just need to say: Oh mighty gourd, oh mighty gourd, hurry up can protect me.”

“Oh… mighty gourd… oh mighty gourd… hurry up… and protect me?” Gaara murmured.

Kankuro and Temari looked at each other, feeling like they wanted to say a thousand words.

Masahiko smiled, and turned his head, and said, “Chiyo, you came in time, Gaara’s protection has been laid, and it will protect him when needed, don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Chiyo nodded in thanks and took out a letter from her sleeve: “This was just brought here by a summoned bird. It should be for you.”

Masahiko took it with a frown. There was no signature on the letter, and the Uzumaki clan emblem was drawn crookedly: “This painting style is very ancestral.”

As he opened the letter, Masahiko said, “So, you’re not going to reward me for helping you this much?”

Chiyo was startled, “Do you want….”

Masahiko raised his head and smiled, “I want your forbidden technique. One’s Own Life Reincarnation.”

Chiyo sighed, then said calmly, “No problem, I will teach you later. However, this technique is way too risky, so you shouldn’t try to use it….”

“Huh?” Masahiko shook his hands and crumpled the letter in his hands: “You said this was brought here by a summoned bird?”

Chiyo nodded, “Yes! What happened, Elder?”

Masahiko frowned, “Chiyo, it seems that there is no time to learn the forbidden technique. I need to go back to the Land of Whirlpools immediately!”

“Remember the words, Gourd Boy. This ancestor needs to go. See you later.”

“Kimimaro, Haku, Karin! Gather!”