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L.L.H: Chapter 388: Anonymous Sender

The Land of Whirlpools, outside of Ichiraku Ramen.

Masahiko’s face stretched long, looking at the people coming in and out of the restaurant.

“Are they making fun of this ancestor?”

The letter he received in Sunagakure only had four words written: Sara is ill.

Therefore, Masahiko took the three kids with him and flew back hurriedly. When he came there… he found the restaurant opened as usual, and after perceiving, Sara’s Chakra fluctuations were also normal.

When Masahiko received the letter at the time, he actually had some traces of suspicion in his heart because if Sara was really sick, it wouldn’t just be a summoned bird; Nagato himself would have flown over… Moreover, he didn’t expect that someone would dare to make such a joke.

“You better hide from this ancestor!”

“Elder, we were in such a hurry… just to eat sister Sara’s ramen for lunch?” Karin said next to him.

Masahiko paused: “Uh… yes yes yes.”

What can he say? He can’t just say he was tricked… Karin would laugh at him for years.

“Who did it? There aren’t many people who know that I’m in Sunagakure….” Masahiko muttered “asshole” ten thousand times in silence, turned to look at the kids, then smiled, “Let’s go. We’re eating Ramen!”


There were many customers in Ichiraku Ramen, and Sara was busy in the kitchen. Finally, Masahiko checked that she was indeed healthy, cleared out the last trace of worry from his heart, and ordered four bowls of Ramen, and had lunch with the kids.

“God, what are you doing this afternoon?”

Masahiko hesitated for a moment and then said, “The three of you will go home and rest, then prepare to take up your first mission after the Chunin promotion… I will let Konan take you to your first A-Class mission in two days. Your current overall strength as a team is enough to take such a high-level mission.”

“Sister Konan will take us?”

Masahiko nodded, “This ancestor is very busy and can’t stay with you all the time. I have to go back to Konoha to form the Taka Team.”

He hasn’t forgotten this. His goal was to gain as many points as possible. He piled up his witness points up to 295, and he needs almost 205 points to level up the Yin Release to the LVMax. He has been waiting for that moment for a long time. And he was wondering if he would be able to release a full-scaled Bijuudama if both the Yin and Yang releases are LVMax.

“Taka Team? This is weird….”

“Yet it didn’t sound weird to you when he said it, Karin? “


After sending off the kids, Masahiro sat in the restaurant and finished eating his Ramen, completely ignoring the reason behind that message.

“Was it sent by the enemy, so he can attack Sunagakure after I leave? What a futile attempt; my spores have already been planted. Although that thing has only one percent of my Chakra, it should be enough to protect that kid from any sudden danger.” Masahiko frowned.

“But if it’s one of the Uzumaki clansmen… he better not show his face to me. This ancestor will kill him!” Masahiko gritted his teeth.

“Father, what are you thinking about?” Sara’s voice rang in his ears.

Masahiko up in a daze, “Sara, how have you been? Are you… doing fine these days?”

Sara smiled and sat down opposite Masahiko, “Father, what’s the matter with you? I’m fine?”

“Cough, nothing.” Masahiko scratched his head, feeling slightly distressed, took the letter out of his sleeves and handed it to Sara, “I don’t know which bastard made this joke.”

“How? Who sent you this letter?” Sara paused, “I did feel a little uncomfortable two days ago. But Nagato specially called for medical treatment. They found nothing. It’s all right now.”

Masahiko blinked: “So you were sick? So it wasn’t a prank….”

Masahiko looked at Sara carefully, checking if she was really all right now.

“It’s really okay, father.” Sara smiled, “Who sent you this letter? They made a big fuss out of nothing.”

Masahiko scratched his head and smiled, “It’s anonymous. I don’t know who cares about you so much. But he did the right thing by informing me. If you’re sick, you should contact me immediately.
Also, you should start taking care of yourself. A vacation won’t kill you.”

“I had a break, father.”

“It’s not enough. When we were in Konoha, I fought for you so you can rest on the weekend. Now that you opened your own store, you work every single day of the month….”

Sara smiled bitterly, then shook her head, “I will pay more attention to my health, father.”

Sara agreed to Masahiko’s proposal, but as soon as a customer entered the restaurant, she immediately smiled at him and went to the kitchen.

Masahiko shook his head helplessly. His daughter really loved making Ramen.

“Ichiraku Ramen is really amazing.”

Masahiko could only feel a bit emotional, read the letter again, then shook his head, and went straight to Nagato.

Although this letter isn’t a prank, Masahiko felt like he must find the sender.

“How dare he care about my Sara so much!”


Half an hour later, in the hall of the patriarch, Masahiko held the piece of information in his hand, giving to him by Nagato, and muttered, “There are so many clansmen who have this bird as their summon?”

Nagato nodded, “Yo! Sensei, do you have anything you want them to send?”

“Sara was ill before. Someone sent me a letter using that bird. An anonymous sender. Didn’t you order to send it?”

Nagato was taken aback for a moment, “A letter? But Sara has just caught a cold. I ordered a Shinobi to dispense some medicine for her. She should be all right now….”

“Sure enough, so it wasn’t you? Who else knew about this? Also, next time Sara gets sick, remember to contact me.” Masahiko looked up.

“Yo…” Nagato pondered for a moment, “There are also two Chunin who are responsible for protecting Sara. It might be one of them.”

“Then how did they know that I was in Sunagakure?”

Nagato was startled, “Did you go to Sunagakure?”

Masahiko’s expression suddenly changed. Nagato didn’t even know that he was in Sunagakure, which means that the Uzumaki clan didn’t receive any information about him, but the sender knew that Sara was ill, and at the same time, knew that he was in Sunagakure…

“Is it that bastard? Is he using Sara to threaten me?” Masahiko squinted his eyes and then shook his head, “No, if it were really him, he would have used such a card in a better situation. Like for swapping her life for the Nibi… then who the hell is it?”

“Now that I think about it, it means that more people now know that she’s my daughter. Two Chunin isn’t enough. The people that I offended in my life are uncountable.”

“Yeah! Sensei, do you need me to do anything else?”

Masahiko shook his head, “No need… huh?”

Suddenly he felt a strange feeling coming from his body. His Chakra seemed to echo something: “This is… my Sage Mode? I didn’t expect that I would feel it when people used my Sage Mode. Is it Kushina or Konan?”