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L.L.H: Chapter 389: Blue Eyes And Red Eyes

Kushina was the one, who used Masahiko’s Sage Mode earlier, but Konan was the first to practice it successfully.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Konan’s Sage Mode is better than Kushina’s. The ability to master it faster only means that she could sense the Natural Energy easier, while Kushina had Naruto, the trouble maker, to look after.

Under his surveillance, it took Konan only three minutes to absorb the Natural Energy and enter the Sage Mode. Because she couldn’t completely control it, her eyes were covered with a light blue stain, which was the only change in her appearance.

Speaking of which, Konan was really blue now…

The hair color is light blue, the pupils color is light blue, the paper flower worn on the right side of her head is light blue, and now the blue-purple eye shadow that appears when she opens her Sage Mode.

Konan herself was very satisfied with how she looked when she opened the Sage Mode since she really loves that color.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “Kushina should be able to learn the Sage Mode soon. However, due to the Kyuubi’s Chakra, I assume her eye shadow color would probably be… red?”

After thinking about it, Masahiko fixed his gaze on Konan again, “Well, you’ve only started practicing your Sage Mode, based on how much you can absorb. I’m afraid that you can keep this mode for two or three minutes.

Konan nodded, “I tested it earlier. I can only last for three minutes.”

“And what about the power?” Masahiko was expectant.

Konan smiled, “It’s very stronger. The power of my techniques has been increased by at least ten times, even though I couldn’t test everything yet.”

Masahiko nodded with satisfaction, “This Sensei’s Sage Mode must be strong. How about it, do you have the confidence to beat our silly boy Nagato?”

“Yo! Sensei, I’m still here!”

Kona turned to Nagato and shook, he heard with a chuckle, then her Sage Mode was automatically canceled due to the time up.

“The duration is too short, but that can be gradually improved through practice. First, we need to go to the training ground and see how powerful your Sage Mode is.”


At the Uzumaki Stadium, Nagato was left dumbfounded facing Konan’s monstrous power.

Konan’s attack method was very simple. Create a pair of wings by using her paper, and then used the technique called “Paper Rain” to quickly shoot out countless pieces of paper from the two wings. The paper pieces can also turn into a tornado by quickly closing the wings and rotating.

After entering the Sage Mode, the surface of the papers Konan use was covered with a layer of light blue Natural Chakra, and the speed was ten times faster. The lethality isn’t too high, but it could traverse fast, and the number was large.

To describe it vividly, Konan upgraded her gear, from a simple pistol to a machinegun!

Nagato couldn’t use his Water Release simply because he was too busy trying to escape her papers. He was too careless before when he asked her to attack first, but now he doesn’t even have time to shoot a Kunai at her.

Fortunately, Konan’s attack method was flawed. Her pieces of paper were burning out, and she had no way to make new ones. After half a minute, her wings were consumed, and she had to suspend the attack to “reload,” giving Nagato a chance to breathe.

Nagato finally had the opportunity to release a defensive Ninjutsu, while Konan tried to change her offensive strategies.

The machine gun was replaced with a sniper rifle, the pieces of paper overlapped into a paper spear that instantly explodes on impact.

The three-minute Sage Mode duration passed, and Nagato was beaten to dismay…

Masahiko was very satisfied with Sage Mode’s power, and unexpectedly it was well suited to Konan. Nagato, who cannot use the Sage Mode or the Dust Release, I’m afraid, can only be beaten by Konan.

“According to this, the moment Kushina successfully learns Sage Mode, Minato wouldn’t have a chance… Well, it won’t make a difference. Originally, Minato doesn’t dare to fight back.” Masahiko laughed.

The two disciples stood in front of him while Konan’s face was shining with a bright smile. After being accepted as a disciple by Masahiko for more than ten years, it was the first time that she had the upper hand against Nagato.

Well, this is also one of the reasons Nagato is still single.

“Yo! Sensei, your Hermit Mode is so strong, I want to learn it too!”

Masahiko was taken aback, then his face darkened, this stupid apprentice, “It’s not Hermit Mode, it’s Sage Mode. You idiot!”

Nagato scratched his head, “Is that so?”

Konan smiled, “Sensei, your Sage Mode is really strong.”

Masahiko nodded with a smug look on his face, “Of course, I’m the real hermit.”

Nagato: “???”

He didn’t understand, but according to Masahiko’s words, he was right: “What does that have to do with Sensei being the real hermit? It’s Konan that became stronger.”

Masahiko’s face twitched, and a smile appeared on Konan’s face, “Sensei, Nagato, I’m going back to continue my practice.”

“Yeah.” Masahiko nodded, “The Sage Mode practice isn’t a one-day effort. You will get better with time. Don’t forget to take Kimimaro and the others on A-Class mission in a few days.”
“Understood, Sensei.”

Watching Konan leave, Masahiko turned to Nagato again, and his face was already slightly solemn, “You need to leave a shadow clone near Ichiraku Ramen and protect Sara for me.”

Nagato also became serious, “Sensei, is it because of the previous letter…?”

Masahiko sighed,” It’s not clear whether it’s an enemy or a friend, and there’s no way to confirm. I will put something on Sarah, which can guarantee her safety in most situations. Later, I will go to Ichiraku Ramen to put some seals nearby, plus your Shadow Clone. It should be enough.”

Nagato was taken aback for a moment, “Why… don’t you leave your shadow clone?”

Masahiko stared, “Stop talking nonsense. I said you put one there!”

“Yo!” Nagato nodded.

His shadow clones never follow his orders, and most of the time it ends up doing the opposite. Although Nagato’s shadow clones always say “Yo-yo-yo” like complete morons, they’re still reliable at critical moments.

Thinking of this, his Chakra felt strange again, “Konan shouldn’t be home yet, so this time its Kushina? It’s a coincidence that she also successfully entered the Sage Mode today.”

“How strong her Sage Mode will be…?”


At the same time.

Konoha, Kushina’s home.

Kushina happily walked out of her inner room and stopped in front of Minato, “I’ve finally learned Grandpa’s Sage Mode! Minato, find a place for me to test my power.”

Minato was taken aback for a moment. Looking at evil Kushina’s blood-red eyes, he began to panic…