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L.L.H: Chapter 390: Surprise

Three days later, noon.

Outside of Ichiraku Ramen, Masahiko sighed relaxedly and smiled.

It was lunchtime, and people were coming in and out of the restaurant, but these people didn’t know that they were walking through countless dangerous seal formations.

The formations are sensitive for expelling, trapping, and even killing enemies. Especially the last layer of formation, after activation, even Masahiko would have turned on his Sage Mode and hit it with the Truth-Seeking Football five or six times to break it. Coupled with two spore wood clones left on Sara and Nagato’s shadow clone, Masahiko has simply turned this restaurant into a fortress.

It was the first time Masahiko needed to put much effort into setting up a seal formation since he leveled up his Fuinjutsu to LV9. This work took him three days.

“This letter caused this ancestor a lot of sleepless nights.” Masahiko kept carrying the letter with him in case he suddenly figured out something.

There are unknown people who pay too much attention to both himself and Sara; the world is a dangerous place, which made Masahiko suspicious and doubting everything that happened up until now, “A conspiracy that spans more than ten years, starting with teaching Sara how to make Ramen.”


Kimimaro and the other two met in Ichiraku Ramen with Konan, who took them a way to do the task this morning. Masahiko looked around and found that everything was in order, so he took his Truth-Seeking flying disk to Konoha to continue his investigation.

Speaking of it, since the moment he had this football, Masahiko has been reluctant to fly by himself, thinking that it’s too cheap. The spacecraft was too big, and he looked a bit sissy using it. The flying disk is the place in the middle, and keeps his low-key cover, uncovered!

Landing, low-key, in the center of Konoha, Masahiko hesitated slightly, then went to Kushina’s house. Masahiko was curious about her Sage Mode… However, she and Minato were not at home.

“Where are these two?”

A low-key personality prevents Masahiko from turning on his perceptual ability in the middle of the village. He could only go to a few shops these two often visit and fill his empty stomach on the way.

After roaming around, Masahiko couldn’t find Minato and Kushina but saw another familiar figure in front of a certain hot spring…

“It’s just a coincidence, or does that bastard Jiraiya goes out for material too frequently?”

Masahiko wanted to go up and give him a kick, but he was afraid of doing so on the roof of the female hot spring…

Jiraiya also keenly noticed Masahiko’s malicious gazed, turned his head stiffly, then smiled bitterly when he found that it was him.

Jiraiya checked the ground for any soup, then jumped down safely, and said, “Elder, what a coincidence, are you going… to the hot spring?”

“Oh, hell no, not with you peeping.”

Jiraiya was startled, “I won’t peep on you, you know me better, how about we go in together, what do you think?”

Masahiko blinked and took two steps back…

Jiraiya scratched his head, “Hey, don’t get the wrong idea? I was up there investigating the hot spring.”

Masahiko rolled his eyes and said, “Is it to investigate whether the girls who intend this hot spring hot or not? Speaking of this hot spring, I seem to be a little impressed. It should be really old.”

Jiraiya also nodded, “Yes, I knew that. I came here when I was a child, and it’s said to be about the age of the village itself, and even say that the First Hokage established the village here because they discovered this hot spring….”

“Nonsense.” Masahiko’s mouth twitched; why didn’t he know about this.

He probably decided to establish the village here because it was near a casino…

Jiraiya nodded, “I have verified this information with the First Hokage. There’s no such thing at all, so I came here to investigate.”

Masahiko glanced at him with a faint smile. The initial intention might be true, but Jiraiya also went off track after investigating…

But Masahiko doesn’t plan to go into it. It’s too difficult to get Jiraiya to get rid of his lust. It’s just like making Tsunade quit gambling. It’s impossible…

Masahiko also asked about the situation of the Legendary Suckers Casino. And learned that Hashirama and Mito didn’t lose control in that accident, everything was normal, and there was no feeling of being manipulated.

“Is that so?”

That bastard should be waiting for the right opportunity.

“By the way, do you know where Minato and Kushina are?”

Upon hearing their names, Jiraiya’s expression twisted, “Did you teach Kushina a special kind of Senjutsu?”

“Oh?” Masahiko rejoiced, “Based on your expression, it seemed that you have seen her Sage Mode?”

Jiraiya shook his head and sighed, “Minato should be being dragged by Kushina to get used to her Sage Mode. It has been three days in a row.”

“Is that so? So… in the end, Minato got tried, and you took his place, but you got beaten up?” Masahiko smirked.

Jiraiya’s face darkened, “That’s because I didn’t open my Sage Mode!”

“Oh ho? Understood.” Masahiko nodded.

Jiraiya: “…”


Konoha’s first training ground.

Masahiko found the couple fighting there.

It wasn’t so much of a battle. It’s better to say that the two couples were playing a game, a game called “Catch the Flash.”

Minato’s speed rate is just out of this world and coupled with his Flying Thunder God, even Masahiko couldn’t just follow his movements with his naked eye.

In this case, you need to use your perception, which is what Kushina did.

After opening her Sage Mode, her weak perception ability magnified countless times, and the several red chains extending from her abdomen could accurately capture his position, but they were escaped by Minato again and again.

“Are you two practicing the Sage Mode’s perception? Minato is a good training partner, much better than Nagato. And her eyes turned red? Red hair and red eyes… this is a bit scary.”

Kushina’s Sage Mode could last longer than Konan. It took eight or seven minutes after Masahiko and Jiraiya’s arrival.

“That’s a lot of Chakra, man. Jiraiya, are you sure you can beat her by turning on your Sage Mode?

Jiraiya was also widening his eyes and shook his head with a wry smile, “I’m not sure, these juniors now… Minato has already surpassed his teacher.”

Masahiko also smiled, “While my juniors… can’t even beat kids.”

Jiraiya: “…”

When the time is up for Kushina’s Sage Mode, the duel was over naturally, and Masahiko walked over to Kushina.

“Grandpa! Your Sage Mode is great!” She said excitedly.

Masahiko raised one eyebrow, thinking of replying with “Of course,” but he suddenly was stunned.

His expression instantly covered, “How is this possible” “Is this joke?” “Unbelievable” and so on…

“Grandpa, what’s the matter with you? What happened?

Masahiko blinked, slightly surprised, “It seems to be…?”