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L.L.H: Chapter 404: Natsuki

On the moon, in front of the castle.

“Grandpa, this is… the castle you were talking about?” Kushina was shocked, while Masahiko nodded in satisfaction.

Naruto immediately screamed and rushed into the castle to explore…

“This… If only you added a casino…” Tsunade murmured.

Masahiko shook his head helplessly. No matter where she goes, Tsunade will always think of gambling first. After opening the Legendary Suckers Casino, Masahiko felt that she can already be considered a lost cause.

Minato was rather calm, or that he’s now focusing all his energy on Kushina was about to give birth, “Elder, how are we going to stay in such a big castle?”

Masahiko gave him a reassuring look, “Kimimaro, Haku, are you all ready?”

“Bring it all!”

The suitcases behind them were full of seal scrolls, and they contained the necessities of everyone’s life for the next month and some necessary utensils.

“The two of you go first and tidy up the largest room on the first floor of the castle.”


After pausing for a moment, Masahiko looked helpless, “Karin, go and do your job too!”

Karin suddenly smiled: “Hmm!”

The things in the package behind her were even more remarkable, but it was for her own room…

The kids left, and Masahiko walked with the others into the castle slowly.

“Tsunade, Minato, did you bring all the medical supplies and the baby stuff? It’s too late to go get them now.”

“Don’t worry, Great Grandpa.”

Tsunade was already very experienced in delivering babies, since she did it for all of Sasuke, Itachi, and Naruto.

Minato carefully checked it again, “I have brought everything, Great Elder.”

“That’s good.” Masahiko nodded, “Everything is ready, we will just wait for Kushina to deliver our cute little girl.”

“Definitely, Grandpa!” Kushina also felt that one Naruto is enough…


The castle was very large, and the largest room on the first floor of the castle was in the deepest part. And Because Kushina couldn’t walk too fast, it took them a full 20 minutes to reach their destination.

By that time, Kimimaro and Haku had already arranged almost everything.

“A large room with more than two hundred square meters. The three of you will live here during this period.” Masahiko smiled, “I’ll live next door, and I will set it up as a kitchen later. If you have anything you want to eat, you only need to ask, Kushina. I brought every possible ingredient.”

Half of his space was filled with ingredients and the other half was filled with the spaceship. It was already crowded there…

“You’re so kind to me, Grandpa.” Kushina felt emotional.

Masahiko waved his hand and was about to say something, when a roar came from Karin’s room, “Hey, kid! This is my room!”

After being quiet for a while, Naruto shouted too, “Damn it! You violent woman!”

Kushina rubbed her stomach, “Naruto and Kushina have a good relationship.”

Masahiko felt helpless; Kushina hadn’t given up on Karin to be her daughter-in-law yet…

“God! It’s set up!”

Masahiko nodded, turned to Kimimaro, and nodded with a smile.


The four kids and the four grown-ups lived on the moon for a week. On March 8th, a new life has been born on the moon.

Even though Kushina has just given birth, her body’s state was very good. The deliverance of the babe only took 30 minutes.

“It’s a girl!” Tsunade and Minato shouted.

Masahiko outside the room heard the words and waved his fist fiercely, “Awesome, it’s not another trouble maker like Naruto. It seems that this ancestor can live for two more years!”

“Old Ancestor! You’re too much!” Naruto wanted to start a scene, “I wanted a brother,” He said dissatisfiedly.

Masahiko didn’t have time to take care of him now, “Karin, beat him! Kimimaro, join her! Our little princess got born, we must celebrate!”

“Damn it, don’t come near me, violent girl… Oh! Ah~”

Ignoring Naruto who was beaten up violently, Masahiko turned to the door and raised his voice, “Is the little princess blond or red-headed?”

No one in the room responded.

After a while, Tsunade walked out with a tightly wrapped babe girl in her arms.

“White, white, white, white, white hair?!”

Haku stepped forward two steps, then silently stepped back two steps, while shaking his head vigorously at Masahiko…

Tsunade smiled, “This is lanugo, which will naturally fall out in half a year and grow normal-colored hair.”

“Oh, yes, yes, lanugo.” Masahiko let out a sigh of relief. “You had the same hair when you were born. Mito held you like this too and came out to me…”

Naruto came back with a swollen face, full of curiosity, and wanted to reach out to touch his sister, but his hand was slapped by Masahiko, “Have you washed your hands? You can’t touch her without washing!”

Kimimaro and the other two approached but were also driven away by Masahiko, “The four of you will go to your rooms first, and come back later. The newborn baby is very fragile…”

Chasing away the four kids, Masahiko and Tsunade entered the room together, and Minato gently took the baby and placed her next to Kushina’s pillow.

“Grandpa, it’s a girl!” Kushina blushed with excitement.

“Well, little princess, should be pampered.” Masahiko smiled brightly.

Minato’s smile was always there, and it was even brighter at this time, “Great Elder, this child’s name…?”

Masahiko couldn’t help but fall into deep thought…

He has prepared names for red-haired babies and blonde ones, but he never expected it would be white… Is it possible to wait for another year to see her true hair color?

“This white hair really scares me…” Masahiko murmured softly, and suddenly had an idea: “Oh!”

“Natsuki, how about Uzumaki Natsuki?”
(T/N: Natsu: Summer. Tsuki: Moon.)


The arrival of new life in the world will always bring a lot of joy, especially for old people such as Masahiko whose relatives are declining; the birth of Natsuki was even more precious.

As a mother of two children, Kushina was also 32 years old. Although she still has her young girl face due to her vitality, how long can it last? Five, ten years?

When Masahiko faced Nanako, who was getting older and older, Kushina came to ease his sadness… and the future seemed now to be repeating itself.

There is another reason. Naruto’s future was traceable, but Natsuki’s future had unlimited possibilities. She’s one of the biggest changes that Masahiko caused in this world!

“She’s the second Sage Body after Nagato in the Uzumaki Clan! Natsuki will definitely be stronger than Kushina in the future. As for Naruto… if he dares to bully his younger sister, this ancestor will bring him instant death!”


3 grown-ups, 4 kids, one ancestor, and a little baby lived on the moon for two months.

At the beginning of April, Kushina had already taken care of her body and recovered her health, but she said that she wanted to enjoy living in the castle for a while.

Therefore, Masahiko and the other didn’t go back until it was May.

But Naruto’s face was still full of reluctance.

“We have time to go back again later, Naruto. I only said you will be off school for one month, and we ended up staying for two. Be grateful!”

Tsunade let out a sigh of relief: “I have to go to check on the casino. I can’t trust that bastard, Jiraiya!”

During this period, Jiraiya has been helping her watch the casino…

“Elder, what should the three of us do?” Karin asked.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, “I will send you back to the Land of the Uzumaki later, and let Konan take you, the ancestor will be very busy after this.”

Kushina held the sleeping baby girl, “Yes, Grandpa, you have to help me watch Natsuki grow up healthily!”

Masahiko laughed, “She’s very healthy, so she doesn’t have to be stared at every day like when she was a fetus. Grandpa really has business to do.”

“It needs to be arranged, it’s time to add something…”