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L.L.H: Chapter 405: Dreaming About The Warring State Period

Adding points into the Yin Release is different than helping Kushina give birth.

Although Masahiko was on the moon when she gave birth, if something happens, Fat Cat can reverse summon him at any time.

But the Yin Release.…

“In case a new truth-seeking ball regenerates, I think I would I have to stay in my space for two months. Besides, the Yin Release is related to the soul (brain) after all, and I might lose consciousness when I finally level it up…”

Out of these considerations, Masahiko spent half a month in Konoha applying various protective measures to ensure that he escape into the space without fail.

“There is enough food, this ancestor will quickly give birth to the second ball, then go back to see his little princess!”

Masahiko said to himself, called out the status bar, then instantly added 500 to the Yin Release.

The familiar feeling of suffocation in the chest reappeared, and then the truth-seeking ball slowly squeezed out of his chest.

Masahiko rolled his eyes and waited quietly for the second ball to be ‘delivered’ by him, only to find that the feeling in his chest was gone, and the truth-seeking football in front of him slowly melted into a pool of black liquid.

“Is this the legendary… it’s dark, right?” Masahiko raised his eyebrow.

The change hasn’t stopped.

The liquid solidified again into two black balls, and now the diameter of the two new balls was about three centimeters smaller than before.

“Sure enough, I can’t have only one ball! Now I got two hot wheels!” Masahiko rejoiced, then suddenly his eyes went black and fell down.

“I couldn’t avoid passing out…”


It took him only a moment to open his eyes again, but Masahiko didn’t know for how long he has been in a coma, yet he could tell that something was wrong with the world in front of him.

This is a black and white world.

“Is this… the spiritual space?”

“Born! Born!”

“It’s a boy!

“It’s the younger brother!”

The familiar voice mixed with the baby’s cry made Masahiko startle: “A boy was born? Is the ancestor having a nightmare? Those two voices just now… don’t sound like Tsunade and Minto, who are they?”

“Patriarch-Sama, congratulations! It’s another boy!”

“Patriarch?” Masahiko frowned.

A gentle and weak female voice emitted, “Husband, give your child a name.”

Masahiko’s eyes widened, husband?!

“His name is going to be, Masahiko, Uzumaki Masahiko!”

The world in front of him gradually regained its colors.


As time passed, Masahiko gradually understood the current situation.

His consciousness was attached to his early days when he was born. Because he leveled up the Yin Release to LV10, the deepest memory in his brain was awakened.

As for why there is no memory of past life… Masahiko estimated that it should be because he only obtained the system in this life.

But no matter what, he’s still willing to appreciate his childhood life as a bystander, and also his genius immature self.

Three-year-old Masahiko learned to read, four-year-old Masahiko began practicing, five-year-old Masahiko learned how to extract Chakra, and succeeded in half a day, and was regarded as the strongest and most talented child of the Uzumaki Clan in recent decades.

On the same day, little Masahiko learned about the existence of the system and discovered his golden finger.

At that time, there was nothing to witness, and the system could only help him see his levels and make his exercises more targeted, which lead to his long loss.

However, the praise of his father and elder brother and the praises of the clansmen made him adjust quickly, and he felt even fluttered, after all, he was the most ordinary otaku in his previous life.

“Passing through the Warring States Period, I won’t be as strong as those two. But it should be no problem to be strongest after them, right? In the future, Konoha will be established and I will make sure that the Uzumaki clan is part of that. Once Hashirama and Madara are gone, I’m going to be the boss!” These were the goals and the ideas of little Masahiko at the age of six years old.

After that, he most of his time practicing.

When he was seven years old, because of his playful character, he developed the sexy-no-Jutsu technique, and used it in front of his eldest brother, and was beaten by him…

At the age of eight, stood in the Uzumaki’s training field with his hand on his hips and shouted, “You guys, just wait for me, I will definitely defeat you all!”

When he was nine years old, little Masahiko found that the rating in his status bar had changed from a low-level Shinobi to a middle-level, and happily found his eldest brother, “Uzumaki Masachi! The day you die is today!”

Since being beaten two years ago, little Masahiko always held grudges, but his eldest brother was nine years older than him… Masahiko thought he could do it, but he was wrong.

“What an idiot.” Masahiko covered his forehead.

When he was ten years old, little Masahiko once again shouted in the training field, “You bastards! I will definitely defeat you!”

“Uzumaki Masahiko, we’re in a different league, we have survived on the battlefield!” Uzumaki Masahiro (Kenichiro’s Grandpa) shouted.

Little Masahiko curled his lips: “If it weren’t for my stupid brother, I would have been there too!”


In a one-on-seven duel, he got completely crushed. And the hatred filled his little heart.

When he was eleven years old, little Masahiko kept shouting in the training ground, “No one can defeat Masahiko-Sama!”

No one took him seriously, including his father, until one day he called out for him.

“Masahiko, prepare for war!”

Little Masahiko was overjoyed: “I can finally go to the battlefield?”

“We’re going to need everyone in this war, our opponent is the Uchiha Clan. But you don’t need to be nervous. With your strength, as long as you take things seriously, and with the help of your eldest brother, you should be fine.” His father comforted.

“I’m going to have my debut match against the Uchiha? This is exciting!” Little Masahiko wasn’t nervous at all.

“Don’t be careless. Although the Uchiha clan has been busy dealing with the Kaguya Clan, we should underestimate them!”

“The Kaguya Clan?” Masahiko was taken aback.

He has never left the clan in recent years, he was addicted to the “pleasure of becoming stronger,” and doesn’t know much about the outside world.

“Father, this time… will Uchiha Madara be there?”

“Uchiha Madara?” His father frowned slightly, “Who is that?”

Little Masahiko’s heartbeat slowed down, “The eldest son of the Uchiha Patriarch…?”

The eldest son of the Uchiha Patriarch is called Uchiha Kihiro. Where did you hear about Uchiha Madara? This time Uchiha Kihiro won’t be there. It will be the second daughter of the Patriarch, Uchiha Naori, who’s the same age as you, and a well-known genius too. Masahiko, I hope you… will be able to defeat her this time!”

“Uchiha Naori, who is that?” Little Masahiko murmured softly. Watching his father’s full of expectation face, Masahiko raised his fist slightly and promised, “Don’t worry, father! It will be easy!”


Masahiko watched quietly until now, and when he reached this part, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“It’s this war that turned me from a genius to a laughing stock… I really don’t want to live those scenes again, but I won’t be able to get out until I finish watching all of it.”

Masahiko tried to fly his way out, but it was all in vain.

“Huh… Sure enough, I really can’t get out…”