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L.L.H: Chapter 407: Shaving

Masahiko originally thought that he would live his 123 years again in this dream, he never expected to collapse at his 60…

An unbearable hunger made him wake up from his dream.

There are still a lot of ingredients left in the space he prepared when he went to the moon. Masahiko’s eyes were green like a monster, and he stuffed everything in his mouth regardless of whether it was cooked or not.

He ate and ate and ate until he was full, and then took time to sort out his thoughts.

“It seems… that I haven’t been dreaming for one day or two. It should be at least one or two months, otherwise, I wouldn’t have starved to death.”

“Then what happened outside…”

Masahiko perceived intently.

After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief. None of the enchantments he left on Fat Cat or Sara has been activated, which means that everything is alright.

“Haaah~” Masahiko yawned, feeling exhausted, then frowned looking at his attribute column.

Yin Release: LV10(10000000/10000000) (In Transition)

“In transition… is it because I didn’t finish the dream? In this case, I’m going to wake up hungry one or two times more, damn…” Masahiko murmured softly, then flashed out of his space.

Now that I woke up, I’m going to see my princess and finish my dream later.


Kushina’s house, in front of a special crib.

Masahiko’s arms danced back and forth, and the two small truth-seeking balls turned into hit wheels, circling the crib. The little princess laughed and stretched out her hands.

“So… It really has been two months since the last time I saw you?”

“Yes, two months. Grandpa, where have you been?”

“I-I went to sleep… Haaah~” Masahiko yawned again, revealing his teeth which scared the little princess and made her cry.

“Oh!” Masahiko quickly comforted her, “Hey, don’t be afraid, this ancestor doesn’t eat babies…”

Kushina smiled and hugged Natsuki, “She’s very little, how could she understand anything, Grandpa.”

“It’s been four months, this ancestor could understand everything when he was two months old.” As a traverser, Masahiko could understand simple speech, and that made him very proud…

“I don’t remember anything from when I was 2 months old.” Kushina didn’t take it seriously.

“Well that’s natural, but this ancestor’s memory is very good, I remember things from the moment I was born.”

The deep memory was active, and every minute and every second of the first sixty years of his life has been imprinted in his heart.

The crying little princess slowly calmed down in her mother’s arms, and fell into a deep sleep, making Masahiko’s eyes fall and lose strength.

“Speaking of it, since I can wake up to eat, it means that I’m not dangerous to anybody.” Masahiko murmured, “Kushina, I will go to sleep, call me when dinner is ready.”


That night.

“Naruto, go call grandpa to eat!”

“Oh!” Naruto responded, walking into the bedroom and shouting, “Old Ancestor! Get up dinner is ready!”

“Ancestor?” Naruto stepped forward and pushed Masahiko, “Wake up…”

After pushing and pushing repeatedly, Masahiko didn’t wake up. Naruto hesitated for a while, then a wicked smile appeared on his face, “Old Ancestor, don’t blame me for this!”

Kushina and Minato were still waiting for the two of them to come down.

Naruto smiled wryly then pulled Masahiko’s right trouser leg up.

“So ugly, no wonder he refuses to take off his clothes when sleeping…” Naruto murmured softly, pinching the hair on his leg, then plucked it!”

“Huh? So strong!!”

Half a minute later…

Kushina opened the door with doubt on her face, and saw Naruto seemingly trying to bite Masahiko’s right leg…

“Naruto! What are you doing?!”

Naruto was startled when he heard his mother’s sound, and quickly raised his head, and stretched his finger in front of his mouth: “Shuush… Ancestor is asleep, and won’t wake up no matter how many times I shook him.”

Kushina clenched her fist slightly, “then your idea was to bite Grandpa’s right leg to wake him up?”

Naruto shook his head quickly, “How is it possible! I just wanted to pull out his Old Ancestor’s leg hair, but I couldn’t. So I tried with my teeth… Mother, come and see, it’s really strong.”

“Oh?!” Kushina was curious, she approached Masahiko, and pinched his leg’s hair with two fingers: “Huh?”

Sure enough, it cannot be unplugged.

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. He thought something was wrong with him, but the moment he saw how his mother was struggling, he felt safe again.

But Kushina wasn’t convinced, her hands grew stronger, and her face turned red, then her body was covered by the Kyuubi’s Chakra.

Ting~ the hair finally broke.

“Hmmm…” Masahiko groaned softly.

Kushina was taken aback, and with a guilty expression on her face, she pulled down Masahiko’s right trousers.

“Grandpa, it’s time to eat.”

“I only slept for half a year, it’s still too soon.” Masahiko spoke vaguely and sat up, “Why is Naruto here? Couldn’t he wake me up on his own?”

Naruto and Kushina looked at each other: “No, no he could, he could!”

Masahiko scratched his head, feeling that there was something wrong with the two of them, but he quickly put it behind him, “It’s okay, let’s eat.”


In the following days, Masahiko started the life state of eating and sleeping. Sleeping on Naruto’s bed and eating Kushina’s food. It wasn’t until November that the Yin Release finally finished its transformation.

There were many benefits of completely waking up the mind’s memory. The memories of training and fighting alone improved Masahiko’s power a lot, and other memories made him want to understand a lot of things.

But there was one thing he didn’t understand.

“Why did the Yin Release transformation make the hair on my right leg thinner, while the left leg remained the same?”

This problem bothered him for a long while, and even the newly acquired mental space was temporarily forgotten.

“Oh, space!” Masahiko shouted, “The mental space is located in the Gate of Healing, and its position is the right side of the brain, and since it was developed, the right leg was naturally shed!”

“This smartness and quick analysis ability should be also part of the benefits. That’s right, this is it. My thinking is clearer now. Sure enough, the fully leveled Yin Release makes me so smart!”

Masahiko was slightly overjoyed, pulling up the two trouser legs high, his expression turned awkward again.

“If I want my left leg to lose hair two, I must develop the left side of my brain too, but which… gate is that?” Masahiko pondered for a moment, and suddenly he said, “Or… I can share both and they will grow up simultaneously. I’m so smart!”

The wind release spun between his fingers, and easily shaved his hair, making Masahiko’s two legs looks bright as jade.

At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Kushina walked in lightly.

“What are you… doing?”

Kushina was surprised, “Ah! Grandpa, you wake up on yourself, I was going to call you for dinner!”

“Couldn’t you be more kind doing it? Why did you storm in like that?”

“No, no, I thought Naruto is here… Huh, your legs…”

“What’s wrong with them? Oh, I shaved my legs, they are a bit irregular.” Masahiko pulled down his trousers.

Kushina breathed a sigh of relief, “You shaved them…”


“Ah… I mean your legs are really white!”