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L.L.H: Chapter 418: Konoha’s Technician

Naruto was embarrassed when he returned, with some bruises on his face.

This couldn’t be done by Sakura; Naruto has been taught well by Masahiko in the past few years, not to mention his strength, but his endurance is extremely high too. While protecting his vital points, even if Sakura is the one punching and kicking, he won’t get hurt.

With how swollen his face was, he must have had a duel with Sasuke again. Masahiko’s kick was very strong, which caused not only a hard kiss but a choking one too…

“Old Ancestor, you did that right?” Naruto looked sad.

Masahiko was stunned, having a younger sister has really improved his IQ in the past few years, “What are you talking about?”

“I mean… Hey, why is one of your eyes opened!”

Naruto’s attention shifted instantly.

“This child’s IQ didn’t improve at all…”

At lunch, Natsuki didn’t say anything; even though Masahiko didn’t let her see that scene, she could guess what happened from Naruto’s appearance.

This is all thanks to Masahiko’s education.

After lunch, Naruto was eager to know his team leader and hurried back to the Ninja Academy. This event was over, and with Naruto’s way of thinking, it was impossible that he would think of this anymore.

“It seems that he doesn’t care much about giving Sasuke his first kiss…”

“Old Ancestor, who is my brother’s team leader? Are we going to see him in the afternoon?”

Masahiko blinked with one eye, “It’s Kakashi, and no, we won’t go.”

He didn’t say he won’t go, he just can’t bring her with him. Afternoon, Masahiko flashed to the Ninja Academy again and stopped at the gate to verify one of his theories.

“Success and failure depend on the next move!”

In the past years, Masahiko didn’t waste time, he made a series of preparations to earn witness points from Naruto.

Masahiko was deeply impressed by the plot from the Ninja Academy to the Chunin exam and could remember everything that happened during that period.

Because of his influence on this world, some events are difficult to occur, but Masahiko thought of some tricks…

After acquiring witness points twice in the morning, Masahiko has made 500 points and can fill up another skill. However, it will take him some time to evolve after adding the points, and he didn’t want to miss this harvest season.

“I think I can earn another 500 points before the end of the Chunin Exam, and then I will open two spaces directly!”

Masahiko had also a clear idea about his future strength improvement. After he opened his left eye, he was an SSS+ Ninja, and the only one who was above him is Kaguya, and the only people who resembled him were the living Hagoromo and Hamura.

But if he wants to go one step further and reach Kaguya’s strength, he estimates that he will need to open all of the other eight spaces… now he only has six!

Masahiko doesn’t have much desire to improve his strength, but he always feels uneasy when he looks at his skills that aren’t fully upgraded yet. It feels like something is missing… Obsessive-compulsive disorder can’t hurt anyone.

In the distance, Kakashi walked slowly with a small yellow book in his hand, and when he saw Masahiko he was stunned, “Elder, you’re here…”

Masahiko raised one eyebrow, “Very punctual. You’re the first team leader to arrive!”

“Ah, of course, I’m not like that idiot fifth Hokage.” Kakashi scratched his head, “Are you waiting for me?”

“Well, there’s something I want you to do, come here.” Masahiko waved and walked with him to the corner of the Ninja Academy.

Kakashi took off the mast lightly, put the book away, and walked toward Masahiko with some confusion.

When he approached, Masahiko put his hand on Kakashi’s shoulder with a smile, “Next, it’s my turn to perform. Could you step aside for a while?”

Kakashi was taken aback, and was shocked to notice a great attraction force coming out of Masahiko’s palm, then instantly he was sucked into Masahiko’s Eight Trigram Space.

“Elder! What are you doing?!”

Masahiko scratched his head, “I’m just doing a little experiment, don’t panic, just watch the play in the space… Transformation!”

In the Eight Trigram Space, Kakashi looked watched silently the scenes before him, where “Hatake Kakashi, who was blocking his left eyes with his forehead protector,” walking slowly to the classroom, with some very bad premonitions in his heart…


At dusk, all students from every class were taken away by their team leaders, leaving there only the members of the seventh class behind.

‘Hatake Kakashi’ arrived late, opened the door of the classroom, and walked in, and after the blackboard eraser fell on the top of his head, his eyes turned to the three kids in the classroom.

“Huh? Brother Kakashi, it’s you? You’re so slow!” Naruto shouted.

‘Kakashi’ ignored him, then locked the three of them with his right eyes, “My first impression of you… I really like the three of you!”

“Huh?” The three little kids looked at each other, even Sasuke was shocked.

Kakashi rolled his eyes in the space, “I don’t like where this is going at all…”

This is Masahiko’s experiment. Since you need to change everything to get most of the witness points, then he decided to make everything opposite of the original. Kakashi said ‘hate’ in the original, so he changed it to ‘like’…

More importantly, Masahiko wants to know whether his actions can be recognized by the system. If it can, then the plan to earn points can be executed smoothly.

As for why he was late… the assembly of Asuma and Kurenai brought him 20 witness points.


On the rooftop.

Masahiko said lightly, “The three of you will work under my leadership from now on, but only Naruto is familiar with me so let me introduce myself first.”

Naruto felt really awkward. Kakashi was Minato’s disciple, so he visits their house once in a while. He’s really familiar with him. However, this doesn’t sound like him at all…

“Brother Kakashi, what’s wrong with your left eye, why are you hiding it?”

“Naruto, you need to call me Kakashi-sensei from now on.” Masahiko turned his head and said, then raised the forehead protector on his left eye, revealing the scarlet Mongekyou Sharingan.

Sasuke was taken aback, “How do you… why do you have a Sharingan?! Or is it a Mongekyou Sharingan?!”

Masahiko glanced at him, “I will introduce myself. My name is Hatake Kakashi, 26 this year, and I’m unmarried, even though, there is a girl who’s pursuing me, hehe…”

“Because I’ve copied thousands of Ninjutsu with my Sharingan, I earned a resounding title, Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi!”

The rooftop fell silent, and the three kids looked at each other with widened eyes…

When Masahiko saw how stunned the kids looked, he quickly coughed, “I know all three of you very well, so you don’t need to introduce yourselves!”

As soon as his voice fell, Chinese characters flashed before his eyes, “Witness and change the main story of Naruto World: the seventh class gathering, and gets 10(*5) witness points.”

Masahiko was overjoyed and murmured, ”It’s really possible, the system is so stupid!”

His right eye was hidden again, then he pointed his thumb to his chest, “Remember! I’m Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi! And you can also call me Konoha’s Technician!”