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L.L.H: Chapter 44: The Fight Against Madara

An hour has passed, and the sun was half set, between the mountains.

“Patriarch! There’s no sign for the arrival of the Uzumaki’s troops.” An Uchiha Scout reported to Madara.

Madara, who was sitting on a big stone, showed impatience, and said, “Izuna! It’s getting dark in a few hours we need to attack.”

Izuna looked confused, “But dark is good for us, brother.”

Madara shook his head in pain, then cover his face.

When Izuna saw this, he was surprised, “Big brother! Your eyes…!”

Noticing that something is happening with Madara, Izuna immediately issued the order, “Everyone, gather up and prepare to attack!”

On the other side of the battlefield, Masahiko sensed the movement of the Uchiha thanks to his perceptive ability, then turned helplessly at three pupils still crying beside him.

“Well, don’t cry, this teacher of yours is not dead yet… I want all of you to go back to the rear, the battle is about to begin!”

After seeing his disciples go back, Masahiko himself felt like crying, “What the hell?!! I won’t be able to explain this unless I really die…”

Tobirama saw the Uchiha is advancing toward them, and shouted, “Everyone, into your position, gets ready to engage!”

Masahiko looked at the Uchiha army in the distance, they were still quite far, he nodded slightly and planned his move. Several small fire orbs appeared in front of him. The balls seemed very dense, then gradually changed its shape and turned into small shurikens.
“Scorch Release: Rasenshuriken!”

Several blazing spinning Shurikens penetrated the Uchiha’s rank.

Madara opened his eyes, and without saying a word, the pattern on his Mongekyou Sharingan rotated, “Susanoo!” Suddenly, the light blue giant fisted all the Shurikens apart.

“Old man! You said I am your opponent! Then fight me!” Madara shouted inside of the Susanoo, then rushed toward Masahiko.

Masahiko looked at him, then gave him his usual mocking face, while rushing toward him.

Tobirama ran in front of him, then shouted, “People of the Senju! Attack!” Then he quickly rushed to Izuna, his old rival.

While Masahiko rushing to Madara, he says, “Madara! I hope you won’t embarrass yourself again, the same way you did fourteen years ago!”

Madara gave him a stern look, but didn’t answer him, as they were getting closer, he started doing hand signs, “Katon-GokkaMekkyaku (Great Fire Annihilation)!” A bigger blazing flame then the previous got spewed from Madara’s mouth. “This time, I will burn you to crisp!”

Masahiko looked at the incoming flames but didn’t prepare any defensive Jutsu. He threw a Shuriken, which pierced its way through the fire, then when it appeared in front of the Susanoo, it launched the Shuriken Substitution Technique.

Masahiko Suddenly appeared from nowhere in front of Madara’s eyes, then he smirked and shouted, “Meiton-Judgement!” A blue flame appears from Masahiko palm, targeting the Susanoo’s chest directly, and leaving a hole behind exposing Madara. Then without any hesitation, Masahiko kicked Madara. He got thrown back by Masahiko kick, which made his control over the Susanoo is weaker, and the blue giant gradually dissipated.

“Madara, Ironically, the history repeats itself! Even after 14 years, I keep kicking your butt!” Masahiko watched Madara barely holding his nerves and couldn’t help but laugh.

Madara felt ashamed, “Damn old fart! You’re always using so many strange Ninjutsu…”

Madara then took a stance, “I didn’t really want to use it, but I can’t let this old geezer mercy anymore…”

“Susanoo!” Both of Madara’s eyes shed blood tears. His Susanoo then stood up and grew out two pairs of arms, with two of them holding huge lightsabers.

Masahiko jumped back, with visible cold sweat on his forehead, “Shit! Fight against the previous Susanoo was already hard… Now this?! Damn! You really want me dead, don’t you?”

Madara got tired of Masahiko’s nonsense and attacked him with two swords from above.

“Doton-Earth Shore Return!” Massive slabs of rock appeared between the two of them. But surprisingly for Masahiko, this didn’t stop the Susanoo’s sword and cut through them like butter. Fortunately, Masahiko used a substitution technique before he has to share the same fate as his Rock Walls.

Masahiko wiped his forehead, “Phew… this is intense… I’m afraid that I’m really screwed if I don’t take him seriously…”

Suddenly, Masahiko used the Sage Mode!

The feeling that Masahiko gave him now is totally different, and he could surely feel it, he got stunned for a moment, then said: “Isn’t this the same technique as Hashirama!” Obviously, it brought some bad memories to Madara.

“Sage Art: Futon: Rasenshuriken!” Masahiko shouted that Rasenshuriken is clearly in a different league than the previous one.

Madara looked at the Rasenshuriken getting bigger, then sneered, “Acting so mighty old man, you know that you’re far worse than Hashirama, right?”

Madara blocked it with one sword; however, at the moment of the impact, the expression on his face suddenly changed. Without hesitating, he crossed the second sword and tried to block it, but still, he got pushed for a hundred meters before he could entirely block its power.

“I might be far worse than Hashirama, but you’re far worse than him too!” Masahiko poured fuel on the fire.

Sure enough, Madara can’t withstand hearing someone saying that Hashirama is better than him. As soon as he stood still, Madara put the Susanoo blades in a defensive position, then he started doing hand signs, “Katon-Great Fire Ball!”

“You’re really worthy of being Hashirama’s rival, you managed to figure out how my Shuriken Substitution works… But I still have three special kunai.” Masahiko smiled, then he threw the unique three shurikens in three different directions.

Madara quickly used his bloody Mongekyou Sharingan. The marks on his eyes were spinning at high speed. He was trying to figure out where Masahiko will appear next. But then suddenly he felt something, “Underground!”

Masahiko appeared from the ground beneath Madara’s Susanoo. “Sage Art-Chidori Sharp Spear!” Madara countered it with his blade. But Masahiko deflects it, then he seized this opportunity to leap closer to Madara.

“Meiton-Inhaling Maw!” Masahiko touch Madara Susanoo. Not to be fooled for the second time, Madara used Genjutsu. The sudden mental attack stun Masahiko for a second. Masahiko is now in a difficult position, so he didn’t have any choice but to use the Shuriken Substitution again.

After he has set a distance with Madara, Masahiko gasped slightly.

“Damn this Susanoo! There’s no way to break through its armor besides using the Inhaling Maw! Now Madara knows how to counter it, things went bad to worse! It’s no longer possible to defeat him…” Masahiko looked around; Tobirama was doing fine, and the Senju were winning, while his disciples were cooperating nicely to protect each other.

“Then… I can only wait for Hashirama to come back… I got to stall him as long as I can…”

Masahiko disabled the Sage Mode. The chakra consumption is high; it’s not suitable for a prolonged battle.

Madara noticed how anxious Masahiko is, and said: “Old man! Things aren’t going your way anymore? You shouldn’t provoke me in the first place!” Then he rushed toward Masahiko.

“Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder!” Masahiko didn’t want to use this dangerous technique, but except for the Rasenshuriken that consumes a lot of Chakra, he only had this technique to give Madara some trouble.

Sure enough, It couldn’t penetrate through the Susanoo, but through the layers, the heat reached Madara and burned him a little bit… Which made him angry!

“Old Fart! You’re so dead!”

Masahiko, “…”

Whoops, it turned against him, doesn’t anyone know how to logout of this world? This is a very urgent matter!

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