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L.L.H: Chapter 43: Young Again!

After Hashirama left, the Valley of the Wind fell into silence.

Throughout the war for this past century, Hashirama has been the undisputed strongest Shinobi in the Warring States. In the heart of the Senju, as long as their patriarch is with them, no enemy cannot be defeated.

Now that Hashirama has left, the fire in Senju Clansmen’s heart got withered.

Looking around, Tobirama said, “What happened with all of you?! The patriarch has left, but so does the Uchiha’s patriarch! Do you want to lose to the Uchiha?”

Upon hearing Tobirama saying that, the Senju got quickly fired up again. Just the thought of them going to the Uchiha made their blood boil. How could they live with themselves after that?

Masahiko thought for a while. He couldn’t help but feel that something is wrong. Neither of Hashirama or Madara is here. Is this the one where Izuna dies?

However, after half an hour, Masahiko’s face is changed dramatically. He felt something ominous. His perceptive ability sensed a group of shinobis coming from a distance, it was definitely the Uchiha. But the most important thing is, they were led by Madara!

“Oh, crap! Hashirama got played, there’s no such event in the original story. Did I change the plot? Is it because Hashirama learned Senjutsu earlier?” Masahiko looked around and felt that the whole Senju army is not enough to stop Madara.

“Hey!” Masahiko turned around and look at Nanako and Kenichiro, “Change of plan, both of you go back and protect Yuriko, I’m afraid I can’t take care of you in this battle.”

“Sensei…” Kenichiro tried to find out the reason, but Nanako quickly dragged him. This was the first time for Nanako to see Masahiko’s serious face.

“Shit! Things went south really quickly!” Masahiko was anxious.

“Second grandpa, why did you order them to fall back?”

Masahiko smiled, “The next battle, we will need all of our strength in this battle.”

Tobirama didn’t quite understand at first, but after a few moments, he finally did.

On the horizon, a black dot suddenly appeared then another one, later these dots became a black line, then in a moment, the darkness filled the vast plain in the distance.

“ALL OF YOU COME TO ME!!” Masahiko shouted. His battle cry made the Senju Shinobis by his side terrified as the wind burst out around. At that moment, Masahiko thought: “if it’s really Madara, then I will need to deactivate the body transformation technique.”

To maintain his 48 years old appearance, Masahiko used the body transformation technique all the time. His level 10 body transformation technique didn’t really use a lot of energy; it usually doesn’t produce any notable side effects. But against Madara, he will need every drop of Chakra.

At the Sarutobi mine battle, Masahiko didn’t break his body transformation technique, even when the Hatake patriarch is fighting against him. But this time… facing Madara.

Tobirama didn’t ask again, just by looking at the horizon, now he understood the situation, why Masahiko has sent his disciples into the backline, and why he seemed so serious. He now understands who they are up against.

He turned his head to Masahiko quickly, “Second Grandpa, I will stop Madara, you just need to quickly deal with Izuna, only by that we will have a chance!”

After Tobirama said this, he saw something unusual with Masahiko.

Masahiko smiled, then took off his hat, and his cool cloak.

“What is it? Are you surprised by my handsome young face? I will handle Madara and show you how strong I am now.”

“Second Grandpa… You…” Tobirama was speechless; he widened his eyes and opened his mouth with an evident touch of shock on his face. At that moment, Masahiko thought that Tobirama got surprised by Masahiko’s handsome face.

Immediately, Tobirama turned around, facing the Senju’s army, who seems to be panicked, “Brace yourselves! In order to defeat Madara, the Second Grandfather Masahiko has drained all of his vitality! He’s willing to sacrifice himself for all of you. We just need to defeat the others, then the victory will be ours!”

The moment they saw Masahiko’s young face, many people were touched by his sacrifice, then they shout, “Destroy the Uchiha!”

“Wow, I didn’t know that I’m this handsome…!” Masahiko is proud of himself.

Madara was now getting closer; the army was only 200 meters away from the Senju entrenchment. When he finally reached the attacking range of the Senju, he quickly looked around, but seemed disappointed, “Hashirama is not here…” Madara said this, then stared at Izuna.

Masahiko knew it, even if he had a great grudge against Hashirama, Madara wouldn’t use such a dirty trick to win against him.

“Big brother…” Izuna looked at Madara. “This is a rare opportunity…”

“I know!” Madara interrupted Izuna, and without any more words, Madara used a hand sign, “Katon-Great Fireball!”

Seeing the enormous fireball coming their way, Tobirama prepared to counter it, but before he could finish his hand signs, Masahiko suddenly stopped him. He stepped forward and said, “Watch this, Meiton-Dark Vacuum!” Masahiko then straightened his arm, then faced his palm to the fireball. Suddenly a diamonds shaped mark appeared on his palm. When the fireball was about to hit him, the mark on his hand observed the fireball in.

“Madara! Your opponent is me!” Masahiko proclaimed this while he looked at Madara.

“This technique…” Madara got slightly surprised, then he looked at Masahiko. “An Uzumaki?”

Next to him, Izuna whispered, “This Uzumaki guy, Big brother… Doesn’t he look familiar?”

Madara thought for a moment, suddenly a forgotten memory flashed in his hand, “You were that old man fourteen years ago!”

Masahiko smirked, “Madara, I didn’t expect that you would recognize me…”

Madara got really angry, “You old far! Still acting so mighty in front of me! Come on, I should have killed you 14 years ago!”

Upon saying that, Madara was about to rush forward, but Izuna stopped him.

“Big brother, the old guy somehow draining his vitality, he won’t be able to keep this form for a long time. The Senju has already prepared their fortifications, and now there’s him, if somehow you were dragged by him, our people will suffer heavy losses.”

“Our people have just arrived in this plain, we need to take a rest. We are not in a good position. And Hashirama won’t be here for at least 8 hours.”

“Big brother focus on the big picture!”

Izuna managed to convince Madara; thus, he shouted: “All of you fall back one kilometer, we will rest for a while!”

When he saw the Uchiha temporarily retreating, Tobirama sighed with relieve, but he still was worried, he turned to Masahiko and said: “Second Grandpa, how long can you keep this form, if you can’t hold on, we will just take the initiative to attack!”

Mashiko’s face turned black, Tobirama was talking to him as if he was gonna die at any moment.

Looking at Tobirama, Masahiko said, “No… We just need to stall. The best choice we have it to waiting for Hashirama to return… We need to stall as long as we can.”

Tobirama nodded, indicating his understanding.

Suddenly, Masahiko’s three disciples rushed to him, Yoriko, who here eyes were in tears, shouted, “Sensei…” The girls cry and hug Masahiko.

Seeing how she was gonna start crying, Masahiko quickly comforted them, “Don’t worry, I am fine, this Sensei of yours still has a long life to live…”

Despite Masahiko’s attempt to comfort them, all of the three disciples looked sad and sorrowful, while Yoriko could no longer hold her tears that flowed down on her cheeks.

Masahiko felt helpless.

“Sigh… How did I end up in this situation? Why are they acting as if I’m gonna die…?”

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