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L.L.H: Chapter 42: Valley of the Wind

At dusk, in the Valley of the Wind, the wind breezed, creating a whistling sound, it blew the grass swaying, as if it was dancing. Under the crimson sky, Masahiko’s cape was fluttering by the blow of the wind…

Numerous people of the Senju were gathered on the vast plain, staring ahead, their clothes were embraced by the winds. All of them were clad in the Senju’s clan armor, which is fitted for each of them. Masahiko’s armor was distinctively different. He was wearing light clothes with a cloak on his shoulders.

Well, some people prefer coolness over protection, and this was the case for Masahiko.

Tobirama was also there, he looks at Masahiko, then he suddenly palmed his face and said, “Second Grandpa, you don’t understand, we’ve asked you to hide in the army, how you would do that with this dress?”

Masahiko glanced at him, then snorted, “Maybe you’re the one who really doesn’t understand. Your older brother is trying to hide me in this massive army. But there’s something more important than my safety alone…” As he said that Masahiko turned back, making Tobirama do the same. His disciples behind were wearing the same cloaks and light clothes, Masahiko made them wear theme so both of them can recognize each other easily on the battlefield.

Hashirama lay unseen by the unwary eyes. He stood near the tall grass; behind him, there was a dark brown land, with a similar color to his armor and dark hair.

Ten years ago, the valley if the Wind witnessed a great war. The whole land was scarred; blood soaked the earth, turning it red. Now, the grass is flourishing and covering these old scars, perhaps nature got flourished from the corpses that filled it in the last great battle.

Hashirama recalled that old battle, “Here… Is the place where father and Uchiha Tajima fell in battle…”

Masahiko saw the looks of reminiscing on Hashirama’s face, and he quickly remembered the war he heard about a decade ago. It was the most influential and known war of the warring states. It was the war that marked the end of the older generation, where the last of the four great patriarchs have perished. And also where the younger generation of the Senju and Uchiha climbed to the top.

Masahiko looked anxious; he was thinking, “I don’t know if I’m considered from the older generation or, the younger now? After all, I’m ten years younger than my second grandson…”

On the side, the new Second Elder of the Senju noticed Hashirama gazing silently to the horizon, however; he couldn’t help but interrupt, “Patriarch, the Uchiha said that the war will break out on the dawn of the third day, and we came here two days in advance, wouldn’t it be wise to let the people rest first?”

Hashirama come back to his sense quickly, then shouted, “Everyone, set up the camps and rest!”

In the previous times, the Shinobi will just end up resting in the open space, and at most, they will bring with them one or two tents for important meetings.

But now, thanks to Masahiko’s invention, the sealing scroll…

Just in half an hour, the mountain got filled with tents all over the place. Although they weren’t here for a vacation…

They were even summoning food and meat from the scrolls
Masahiko got stunned at first, then he smirked and muttered, “Hahaha… What a great man I. Inventing this sealing scroll has granted me fresh meat everywhere!”

On the side, Tobirama looked in disbelief; he looked at Hashirama and said, “Big brother, I didn’t tell them to carry these things…”

With a guilty smile on his face, he said, “Ah, I think they did on their own…”. Then shouted, “Since everyone has brought with them this fresh meat, let’s hold a banquet while the Uchiha is not here yet!”

“Oh! Long live the patriarch!” The crowds shouted happily.

Thus, right before the valley of the end event, a grand banquet got suddenly held. Fortunately, the Uchiha kept their word and didn’t show up before these three days.

On the following days, Tobirama dragged with him Masahiko and used water and earth techniques to clean the place. He was afraid that the Uchiha will know they had a banquet just before the battle.

After the cleaning, several Shinobis gathered around and prepared to build fortifications.

Of course, the significant advantage of coming to the battlefield sooner wasn’t only to have a banquet but to seize the opportunity of having a great position on the battlefield.

“The Valley of the Wind. Damn it, why are people calling it valley it a freaking plain!” Masahiko couldn’t stay quiet about this.
He was angry because Masahiko tried once again to play it cool in front of Hashirama, he wanted to set up a trap on the cliffs, surrounded by them from both sides, Masahiko planned to use a technique and make the cliffs collapse and bury all of the Uchiha armies. But it turns out the Valley of the Wind is actually a vast plain.

Hashirama then said, “Second Grandpa, it’s actually a valley before, but its landscape got changed from the previous wars.”

Masahiko then nodded, “Hmmm… I see… Then this place should be renamed then. How about the Five-Head of the Sakura…?” (T/N: Referring to Sakura’s huge forehead, get it?)

Tobirama just quietly followed his brothers on supervising the establishment of the fortifications.

In fact, there was no defensive fortification; they were just digging in some hiding places and distributing some Bomb Papers in it, so the lower-ranked shinobis can still play a more significant role in this battle. The Warring States Period has always been like this.
Masahiko felt that he doesn’t need to interfere with this. So he called his three disciples to give them some instructions before the beginning of the battle.

According to Masahiko’s judgment, between the three of them, the most powerful one is Yuriko, but here weak confidence made her unable to win against Kenichiro once. Masahiko was most worried about her. So after he thought about it, he assigned her in the trench to help there. Hoping she won’t have to face the enemies directly.

“As for both of you, follow me in battle. I will point out the appropriate enemies for you to fight and test your skills.”

Kenichiro was excited and agree with a loud roar. But Nanako seemed worried, “Sensei, let me protect Yuriko…”

Masahiko glanced at her and said, “No! You didn’t come all the way here to do that! I have taught you how to use Fuinjutsu for actual combat. This battle is the right opportunity to test your skill!”

After he finished assigning these tasks for his disciples, Masahiko then just waited idly, looking at the Senju brothers boringly, while supervising the preparations of fortification.

Time has passed, and now it’s already noon. The Senju have finished all of the preparations, and now they were resting in their tents, waiting for the arrival of the Uchiha.

At this time, Masahiko suddenly felt a slightly familiar chakra.

“This chakra… It’s not the Uchiha… This is… Senju Sora!”

Surely, in the distance, they can see a figure approaching quickly. It was the great elder Sora who should have stayed in the village.

Tobirama’s face suddenly changed, “Big brother!”

Hashirama quickly rushed toward him, Sora then promptly said, “Patriarch! I saw Madara near our village!”

Hashirama says, “Is he alone?”

Sora replies, “Yes, I only see and sense him.”

Hashirama nodded, “Madara, do you plan to fight me one-on-one? Tobirama, you take charge of preparing our people to face the Uchiha, I will go back to take care of Madara!”

Hashirama then hesitantly said, “Sora… Let’s go!”

Both of them quickly rushed back to the village.

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