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L.L.H: Chapter 41: Rising Storm

In the past month, after the founding of the Uzumaki Village event, Masahiko decided not to do anything at all, train, eat, sleep, and repeat. Everything seems so calm, relaxed. But he didn’t know a storm was brewing from the north, ready to be unleashed.

After five years, Tobirama visited the Uzumaki residence, and Masahiko finally got a chance to see him again.

“Tobirama, didn’t you said that you will come to me when you develop a new Ninjutsu? Or do you think this Grandpa is no good for you anymore…”

Masahiko launched such rhetoric, putting Tobirama under pressure.
“Second Grandpa, recently, I had a lot of good ideas, such as illusions that can fool your opponent, a technique to multiply explosive tags, a water technique that helps you move faster…”

Masahiko’s face became gloomy and said: “Infinite Darkness Jutsu, Tandem Paper Bombs, Instant Water Transmission… Have been all developed.”

Masahiko then looked at Tobirama’s face, to find that the former’s face was more ominous.

“Did my older brother betrayed me and leaked this information to you, Second Grandpa? I’m still developing these techniques, but you already know the name!”

Masahiko’s face was stiff; he didn’t realize that he said this out loud. He quickly nodded, “Yes, your older brother is my inside man…”

Hashirama, sorry for the trouble…

Far in the Senju residence, Hashirama was thinking about the development and construction of the village. Suddenly he sneezed. Then with a smile, he looked to the sky and said: “Madara, are you thinking of me too?”

Back in the Uzumaki clan, Tobirama is trying to “trick” Masahiko to go to the Senju.

“Second grandpa, in addition to these few techniques, I’m working on a new one.”

Masahiko thought to himself, “I feel like he’s hiding something… He already developed all of the techniques he had in the anime, the only one left is… The Edo Tensei, however, he couldn’t even complete it before his death. Thus, he will start working on it at least 10 years from now…”

Thinking about this, Masahiko suddenly remembered when Tobirama was chased by the Kinkaku forces, he put his hand on the ground, and he could detect all of the Shinobis around him and their strength level. Masahiko forgot the name, but he could remember the use of it. This must be some kind of perceptual class Shinobi technique.

“Hey, what kind of Ninjutsu you are developing now? A Perceptual Ninjutsu?” Masahiko asked decisively.

“Detection type? Not really.” He replied Tobirama got puzzled by Masahiko’s assumption. “Is it essential to develop such a skill? Moreover, I already have the best perceptual shinobi by my side, so why wouldn’t you go back with me, and help me with my new Ninjutsu?” (Implying to Masahiko).

Masahiko shook his head, “You’re still trying to trick me into going with you to the Senju. We can do it here. Why do we have to go back to the Senju? Just tell me, what is the matter?”

Tobirama smiled awkwardly, he took a deep breath then sighed, “I still can’t fool you, Grandpa… It’s the Uchiha, we’ve been preparing for war recently.”

“What! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? We have to go quickly. I’ll pack my stuff.” Masahiko turned and go, leaving Tobirama more confused than ever.

Masahiko rushed to his house while he looked very excited. “It’s finally time to war against the Uchiha! Konohagakure, here I come!”

Masahiko thought about it, but he decided to bring his three disciples along. No one else from the Uzumaki is going, so his three disciples will have the most combat experience after this.

“Hashirama will be there. I might end up facing the people from the Uchiha I hope the Ninja God and the Genius Shinobi Inventor would help me protect them… They should be enough.”

After an hour, Tobirama saw four peoples coming his way, carrying luggage.

After a brief explanation, Tobirama accepted, then they informed the Uzumaki Patriarch about this. Thus their journey to the Senju began.

On the way, Tobirama explained the situation to Masahiko.

Nine years ago, after Hashirama paid that visit to Madara, the two clans stopped fighting. However, the Uchiha has never stopped invading other small clans territories.

“However, it seems they stopped dealing with small clans and decided to go bigger. I’m afraid that Madara is going after my brother’s head.”

Masahiko heard Tobirama’s explanation, but he didn’t seem very worried about it. He wondered to himself, “I’m afraid that’s not the case. This fight will leave Madara blind, and this will be the last battles between them…”

“But…” Masahiko kept thinking. “It’s not like Madara to be reckless, he always been a man with a plan. He will move only if he has a plan. So if what Tobirama said is true then… Hashirama will be in deep trouble.”

“Sensei, Uncle Tobirama is talking to you!” Nanako said to Masahiko because she saw that Masahiko is lost in his thought.

Masahiko snapped, he regained his awareness, then smirked, “What uncle? Tobirama? From my point of view, you should call him Tobirama-Senpai.”

Upon hearing this, the three students reacted differently; Nanako just sighed and shook her head. Yuriko felt a little embarrassed, but she wanted to do it. And Kenichiro showed his excitement, then shouted: “OOH! I understand, Sensei!”

Masahiko felt embarrassed by his disciple behavior. It’s different when you have a Lee Disciple, but you’re not a Gai!

The quarrel between the teacher and disciple didn’t really bother Tobirama, he even ignored it. He kept thinking about the Uchiha’s next step.

After reaching the Senju, he simply left his three disciples then got dragged by Tobirama to see Hashirama.

When he saw them, he looked delighted: “Ah, little brother, you’re finally back! A while ago, the Uchiha sent us a written challenge to war.”

“A written challenge to war?” Masahiko looked puzzled. In the warring states period, albeit the constant battles between clan and families, he never heard even once a war invitation letter.

“Show me the letter…”

“Ah! Second Grandpa! You’re here too!”

Masahiko didn’t pay any attention to Hashirama, and he immediately took the letter from the top of the desk.

“After three days, you will have a final showdown at the Valley of the Wind?”

Masahiko’s looked pale as if he has seen a ghost. It’s the decisive battle already? But it’s happening too fast. There was never anything mentioned in the story about a written challenge to war. Is this a new development? Masahiko’s head got filled with questions.

When Tobirama saw the content of the letter, he looked worried.

“Big brother, is this a trick? What if they backstab us and attack the village after we go to the Valley of the Wind?”
Hashirama shook his head and said, “No! Madara is not that kind of person! Now go prepare our people to depart tomorrow morning to the Valley of the Wind!”

“Big brother…” Tobirama is obviously didn’t agree with this, but when he saw the long-lost serious expression on Hashirama’s face, he couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

“So who will stay to protect the village?”

Hashirama took a moment to think, then he answered, “Let Sora stay…”

Sora Senju, after the Battle of Sarutobi Mine 9 years ago, has successfully reached the lower patriarchal level strength. Now, he’s the new elder of the Senju.

“Elder Sora…” Tobirama paused for a moment, then said, “I understand, I’ll inform the people.”

After he walked out, Hashirama looked at Masahiko and said, “Second Grandpa, this battle will not be like the ones we have faced before, if it’s too dangerous for you, you can just stay here…”

Masahiko nodded, “I’m here to protect my disciples. So don’t worry, I wouldn’t act rashly…”


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