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L.L.H: Chapter 40: Don’t Do It!

Two years later.

“2322, 2323, 2324… Five thousand sidekicks, you will do 10000 squat jumps if you can’t finish it!”

Don’t get me wrong; this is Masahiko doing his training, not Kenichiro…

One year ago, Masahiko accidentally lost in a physical duel with Kenichiro. Thus to regain his honor, he begins his training regime.

Although he wasn’t used to it at first, this is didn’t prevent some people from being shocked, to them, he was a 63 years old man, and the amount of this physical training is unbearable even for younger people, but in reality, he was about 22 years old, his body didn’t take a lot of time to get used to this kind of training.

“Sensei! I’ve finally managed to do it!” Kenichiro said from a distance, with a face full of excitement.

Masahiko stopped side kicking, and with a bitter smile, he said, “That’s really fast…”

What Kenichiro is practicing is the new technique that Masahiko taught him, Chidori. Initially, he didn’t want to show him this technique so soon. But there’s no other way. After he started his physical training, Masahiko discovered… that his physical talent wasn’t as good as Kenichiro.

Regardless, Masahiko taught Kenichiro Chidori to slow down his physical training and distract him. As a Sensei, it’s really shameful to be weaker than your disciple… But without Masahiko even noticing, Kenichiro already mastered Chidori in one month.

Although he was feeling a little bit bitter in his heart, he tried to hide it and replied with a disgusted expression, “You’re happy with! Shame on you, Yuriko is younger than you and mastered the Rasengan in three days!”

“You’re right, Sensei! I will work harder!” Kenichiro shouted out loud, then he immediately started doing push-ups.

Masahiko’s face turned pale, when he thought to himself, “If you try any harder, I will be the laugh of everyone in the clan…”

He immediately said, “Physical training can be temporarily slowed down. Have you already forgotten about the advance version of the Chidori?”

Kenichiro immediately stopped his push-ups and bounced up, “I remember Sensei, the Raikiri, I will start practicing it immediately!”

Masahiko watched Kenichiro, who quickly rushed away to practice, then let out a sigh of relief, being around a genius will always make people feel stressed. Yuriko is fine, although, she’s really talented in Ninjutsu, Masahiko has lived for 60 years, and he has mastered hundreds of wind and fire releases that he can teach them to her slowly… But Masahiko has never really worked that hard on his physical strength, as an Uzumaki member his body was naturally strong enough, and after he received his system, he fully relied on it to improve it.

This year’s hard work has brought some good results as it was shown in Masahiko status bar; the physical attribute has been improved by 100 points. Now Masahiko’s physical attribute is close to 500.

“However, this is not enough… Although the current physical status of Kenichiro is only around 300 points, he’s just 13-year-old now. If this continues it will only take him 5 years to…” Masahiko muttered in his heart, “No, I can’t let this continue.”

“How many sidekicks have I done again?” Masahiko murmured.

“Forget it, 2000, let’s continue!”

“2001, 2002, 2003…”

After an hour, Masahiko has finished 5000 sidekicks and 10000 squat jumps. Just when he was about to rest, Nanako ran over.

“Sensei! The Patriarch is looking for you!” Nanako, who’s now a 16 years old girl, has caused quite an uproar amongst the boys. Because she has grown up and became really beautiful.

“What’s wrong, Nanako? Did you break one of the boy’s heart again?” Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh.

As soon as these words came out, Masahiko regretted what he has done and prepared to receive the backlash from Nanako.

However, unexpectedly, Nanako just blushed when she heard Masahiko’s joke and said: “No, the Patriarch has asked for you, the second and the third elder are already there. It seems like something big is going on…”

Masahiko blinked, he couldn’t believe what he saw. It’s been five years, but this is the first time he saw Nanako behaving in such a cute way.

“There’s something behind this kind of behavior…” Masahiko muttered but didn’t ask her. Well, Mito got married to Hashirama when she was just 15 years old, Nanako is 16 years old now, he wouldn’t be surprised if there were some action behind the scene.

Masahiko paused, and then he replied, “Okay, I understand.” He waved his hand toward Nanako and walked toward the assembly hall.

After half an hour.
At the Uzumaki’s assembly hall.

Masahiko shouted, “Founding a country? Is this a joke?”

That’s right, the Patriarch called Masahiko to discuss with him the establishment of the Uzumaki Village.

Masahiko glanced at the second and the third elders, then said: “What do you two think?”

“Uncle, we share the same idea.” This was the second elder. The current two elders are actually Masahiko’s second and third nephews.

Masahiko remembered that in the original story of Naruto, the Uzumaki Village was actually a thing. But it was destroyed by another country.

“Why do we suddenly have this idea?” Masahiko still didn’t understand.

The other three looked at each other, and then the Patriarch slowly said, “It’s because of our population. Since our war with the Kaguya, our Clan has been closed to itself for almost 14 years. By then we only had 3000 members, but now we have 10000. In addition, there’s a lot of noncombatant civilian who wants to join us because of the war. Their number is roughly estimated to be 100000 peoples.”

Masahiko nodded with a thoughtful expression, “When you mention it, this is a good chance for Nanako to find love, we have so many kids under 16 years old…”

The Patriarch’s face turned black, “Uncle, can we focus on the business here?”

Masahiko smiled, “I know. But after we declare ourselves as a country, our relation with the Senju in the Land of Fire will be hindered a little, to who we will turn if we get attacked by a foreign enemy?”

The second elder asked in confusion, “Foreign enemies? Our land is surrounded by the sea and on our west is the Senju. Even if we’re not that close to them, they will not attack us, right? I don’t think so. And our Northwest was once occupied by the Kaguya clan. I didn’t hear of any clan taking that side…”

Masahiko wondered, “How about the Land of Water across the sea and the Land of Lightning on the north?”

The three of them looked at each other, then shook their heads, “They’re still in a civil war, why should they bother adding more enemies and come to us for trouble?”

Masahiko is stunned, and then he remembers something. In a few years, the five great shinobi villages will be established, but the others don’t know yet. Masahiko still doesn’t feel very confident in his current strength, he wouldn’t be able to defend against the Cloud, or the Mist of they came for trouble. But if he can only wait until Konoha is established then… “I feel that something big is gonna happen in the Land of Fire after a few years, let’s wait for a while…”

Although the Patriarch and the other elders were left dumbfounded by Masahiko’s words, they are not that eager to rush for the founding of the Uzumaki Village. It’s okay for them to wait for a couple of years and look for more people to join them and build the Land of Whirlpool.

This way, the state-founding assembly took a temporary break, and Masahiko went back to his house with a gift.

“Witness and Change the Story of Naruto World (Side Story): The Founding of the Land of Whirlpool. Reward: 2 (*10) Witness Points.”

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