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L.L.H: Chapter 52: 3 Instead of 2!

“Second Grandpa!” Seeing how Madara was rushing toward Masahiko, the Senju brothers got frightened, and at the same time took their stances, and prepared to block him, but Madara suddenly stopped and looked up.

Masahiko was flying over their heads, he laughed, and said, “Madara, why do you need to be this angry?”

Madara was so furious, while the Sharingan’s marks began to rotate.

“Stop! Madara!” Hashirama shouted and stopped in front of Madara.

Madara glanced at him furiously and said, “Don’t you want to stop the war? Yes? Then it’s either you let me kill your brother, or kill this old fart.”

Masahiko was shocked, somehow the situation got so awkward and made him almost fall off.

“What a joke!” Tobirama got angry, “Big Brother, there’s no hope for him, let’s kill him together!”

Masahiko suddenly got a flash, “If Madara uses the Kyuubi and fight against Hashirama now, the outcome will be really unexpected… I need…”

Thinking about this, Masahiko said, “Madara! Do you think you can kill me whenever you want? Didn’t you learn something from our two previous fights?”

When Masahiko mentioned the previous fights, Madara snapped, “Now, I have the power that was left for me from my brother, his hatred, everything that he inherited for me, this time is different, old man…”

“Come on, let’s dance again… After this battle, you will have to let go of everything!” Masahiko smiled and said.

“Second Grandpa…” Hashirama was about to say something, but Masahiko waved his hand at him to stop.

“Hashirama, I’m also not the same guy from before, don’t worry, I won’t use that technique…” Masahiko said.

Still feeling unsure, Hashirama didn’t have any choice but to believe in Masahiko. However, he was ready to interfere if the situation went sideways.

Uchiha Madara raised his hand, and said, “Get back!” to the people behind him, they followed his orders with an evident vigilance.

Hashirama also glanced at the Senju’s Clansmen behind him, and said, “Tobirama! Take them away!”

Now only three of them are left in the field, Madara looked at Hashirama and said, “Hashirama… You won’t save this old man from my hands!”

“Let’s start!” Before waiting for Hashirama’s answer, Madara launched his Susanoo.

The Tengu’s form of the Susanoo appeared in front of Masahiko’s eyes, the Susanoo draw its long Katana from its waist, then he waved it down on Masahiko.

“Ohoo… So this is the perfect form of the Susanoo, I finally had the chance to see it.” Masahiko dodge the attack sideways, looking at the big mountain behind him that got split into two halves, then he sighed softly.

“Well, too bad it’s so big… it leaves a lot of opening…”

“Doton-Opening Earth Rising Excavation!” Masahiko used some hand signs, then a wall under Susanoo right foot suddenly raised, the giant lost his balance, leaving Madara forced to use the sword to support the Susanoo’s big body.

“Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!” A white crystal cube emerged out of Masahiko’s palms, but he didn’t aim at the Susanoo’s body but at his Katana, which made the Susanoo lose his balance!!

“Old Man!” Madara shouted furiously mid-fall, and Masahiko could see clearly the hatred in his eyes. Fortunately, he flew in the air before reaching the ground. Otherwise, that fall would have caused an earthquake.

“Madara! You always embarrass yourself at the beginning of each fight, do we really need to go through all of that every time. Do you have to feel ashamed before you could show you’re true power?” Masahiko smiled.

Hearing this, Madara removed the Susanoo, then looked at Masahiko, and nodded slightly, “Old man, you are right, every time I look down on you. You always come up with a new strange Jutsu that caught me off guard. Thus, I declare you my second rival after Hashirama!”

“This time, I won’t show you any mercy! Kuchiyose-no-Jutsu!”

“Is this the Kyuubi? This is the first time I saw it…” Masahiko looked at the massive fox in front of him, and muttered: “Sage Mode, on!”

The Susanno’s armor gradually covered the Kyuubi, and the two merged into one.

“This is the legendary tailed beast encased in Susanoo…” Masahiko sighed; he took a deep breath while watching the Bijuudama gradually getting formed in the Kyuubi’s mouth, then used a hand sign, “Sage Art-Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!”

The two energy attacks collide, causing an enormous explosion. Masahiko had to fly higher to avoid the damage from that impact.

After the explosion disappeared, Masahiko’s vision got clear and saw a large pit below.

“Crap, the Senju tribes are nearby!” Masahiko looked to the south, and saw giant trees over there, “Oh right, Hashirama.” Masahiko breathed a sigh of relief.

“Old man! That was a nice move just now, how many times you can use it?” Madara whispered.

Masahiko smiled, “Hehehe, It’s not all about Chakra! I’ll teach you, boy! Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder! KAI!”

“That is… Taijutsu? Old man! Are you planning to fight me with Taijutsu?”

“It’s called Hachimon Tonkou. Let’s stay, it enhances the Chakra… I just planned to open the fifth gate, after all the seventh gate hurts like hell. But suddenly, I got a bold idea!” Masahiko said slowly, then pulled out four Special Shurikens, and threw it around Madara.

“Kagebunshin-no-Jutsu!” Masahiko summoned four shadow clones, and at the same time, used the Shuriken Substitution technique.
“Four Red Yang Formation!” A red square-shaped barrier enveloped Madara and the Kyuubi.

“Surely my chakra is quite massive, I can even do this after opening the Seventh Gate…”

“Old man! Are you trying to trap me with… This?” Madara tried to attack the barrier with Susanoo blade, but alas, it failed. Thus, controlling the Kyuubi, he started to create another Bijuudama.

“So what? Sage Art-Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!” Masahiko launched this technique inside the barrier.

“Shuriken Substitute!” Masahiko half-knelt on the ground after he swapped himself with the shuriken outside the barrier immediately before his technique explodes, then looked at the smoke inside, while the ground was trembling.

“I can still feel his Chakra…” Masahiko twitched his mouth slightly.

The smoke cleared out, and Masahiko’s clones disappeared along with it, one after another.

“I… Still lost to him… It’s worthy of the name Madara… Although I can open the eight gate, and beat the hell out of you, I’m afraid I can’t do it. And you will still be able to use Izanagi after that!” Looking at Madara unscathed, Masahiko smiled helplessly, “Did he manage to block my attack with the Kyuubi’s Bijuudama? AUGH, I feel so helpless…”

“Hahaha, I almost died, you bastard! Now it’s your turn to die!” Madara laughed, then rushed toward Masahiko.
(T/N: Madara’s famous quote from the anime.)

“Madara! Enough!” Hashirama appeared in the nick of time, which made Masahiko feel so relieved.

“Can you only be satisfied by death?”

“Hashirama! My demand stands still! It’s either this old man or your little brother!”

“Madara, can’t you go back to what you were before?”

“No, I’m different now!” Madara shouted, then went silent.

“Even if you kill him, this won’t stop…”

“Our two clans are walking the path of doom at this rate.”

“Someone will always seek revenge! The hatred won’t be eliminated! Thus, I will take all of the hatred, I will pay for it all with my life!”

Masahiko widened his eyes and looked at Hashirama, who was about to commit suicide; fortunately, Madara rushed toward him, and stopped him in the nick of time!

“Finally! Konoha is back on the rack! We don’t need to fight against each other anymore…”

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