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L.L.H: Chapter 51: Truce Agreement

Knowing that the Senju and Uchiha were gonna start their final showdown, Masahiko felt excited.

He packed up his clothes early and waited for Tobirama to come and try to cheat him into joining them as usual.

He didn’t expect a whole week to pass, but it did, and none came to ask for Masahiko…

“Tobirama doesn’t know how strong his Grandpa currently is, yes, yes, it’s normal that he didn’t come to me…” Masahiko could only comfort his narcissist’s heart.

After waiting for more three days, Masahiko decided to give up on waiting and go by himself.

“I’ll take the initiative then…”

Masahiko bid farewell to the patriarch and his three disciples, then he went to the Senju.

This time, Masahiko has forbidden his disciples to follow him. In the last battle, they didn’t get any chance to practice. In the face of Madara and Hashirama’s full might, he wouldn’t have time to look out for them.

Arriving in the Senju village, the gatekeeper was already familiar with Masahiko and let him pass through. Masahiko went straight to the assembly hall, and he saw Hashirama inside the hall.

After entering the hall, Masahiko quickly asked, “I heard that you will fight the Uchiha? Why didn’t you tell this second grandpa of yours?”

Tobirama didn’t say anything. Hashirama then said, “Second Grandpa? Who told you that we will fight the Uchiha? I just sent them an armistice agreement.

Tobirama just looked at both of them exchanging words. The situation suddenly became awkward. Masahiko felt stunned by this, his face let a pained expression. Tobirama just kept looking at Masahiko. Then Masahiko continued by saying…

“Hashirama boy… I mean… Madara will never accept such a truce agreement unless you send your brother’s head with it.”


Hashirama laughed out loud, then he stopped for a moment, and seemed like he fell into thoughts.

“Oy oy brother, don’t tell me that you’re actually thinking about this…” When he saw this, Tobirama turned and glared at Masahiko.

Hashirama shook his head, then let out a sigh, and said, “Second Grandpa, do you mean that Madara won’t agree with this truce?”

“Of course not! Would you agree if Tobirama was killed?” Masahiko asked back.

Hashirama thought for a while, then he nodded.

“Hashirama, you idiot!” Masahiko said helplessly.

“Ah… I didn’t mean that I nodded to say that I understand that Madara won’t stop.” Hashirama quickly explained.

“Big brother, you two can keep talking, I’ll go to visit the injured clansmen.” Tobirama couldn’t stand the situation, these two them made him extremely uncomfortable…

After Tobirama left, Masahiko asked, “Do you have anyone injured? Well, I can help you with that.”

“No, Second Grandpa, they got injured ten days ago, they’re almost recovered. I don’t know why Tobirama remembered to visit them now.” Hashirama scratched his head in confusion.

Masahiko felt like laughing out loud, Hahsirama is really an idiot!

After things got calmer, Masahiko finally asked about what he really wanted to know, “How did you felt when you fought against Madara the other day? He should be really strong now…”

“Ah… Yes, I almost lost.” There were traces of fear in Hashirama’s eyes.

Masahiko suddenly became serious, “What happened there?”

“I don’t know how did Madara get his hand on the Kyuubi … He has become powerful…” Hashirama slowly told Masahiko about the battle.

Masahiko’s face quickly changed, he felt shocked and remembered what the Uzumaki patriarch told him.

“The battle between those two was massive, it completely changes the shape of the earth for miles away from their battleground. I thought he was just exaggerating… I didn’t expect that Madara could get his hand on the Kyubi this fast!”

“If this is true, then will the Valley of the End battle also happen earlier?”

Masahiko was anxious, but he turned to Hashiram and smiled, then said, “Don’t worry, next time, your Grandpa will be there to help.”

But Hashirama shook his head, Second Grandpa, I have learned something from that battle and improved myself. I will defeat him the next time we meet. You shouldn’t use that technique!”

“My technique?” Masahiko wondered, “How did you know that I’ve learned the Jinton?”

“What Jinton?” Hashirama puzzled.

“I mean your youth technique, the one where you drain your life force to get younger.”

“Oh…” Masahiko felt like face-palming himself, and shouted in his heart, “Being younger is your special skill, remember, remember God Damn It!”

He kept reminding himself, then Masahiko looked up and saw a bamboo slip in front of Hashirama.

“Ohh, a bamboo slip!” Masahiko whispered.

Hashirama was already used by Masahiko spacing out from time to time, and he got easily destructed from the main subject; it was a part of Masahiko’s charm. He threw the bamboo slip to Masahiko, and the latter opened it and smiled happily.

What was written,
“To build a harmonious and ideal world, to realize our dream of a country we can call our own, to eliminate the hatred, the Senju is willing to set an example, be the pioneer, and stop the blood-shedding.
Hashirama Senju”

Hashirama saw how Masahiko was smiling, and asked in wonder, “Second Grandpa, this is the draft for the armistice agreement. Is there any problem?”

“Not really a problem, it’s just… ah, nothing.” Masahiko couldn’t find the right words to express what he felt.

The armistice agreement is more like a letter between the mother in law and son in law when they have a problem rather than a formal letter between leaders.

“When did you issue this agreement?” Masahiko asked.

“Uh, this morning,” Hashirama replied awkwardly.

“Well, the Senju better be prepared tomorrow, the Uchiha should be here by tomorrow’s morning…”

Hashirama,”…” Although Hashirama wanted to explain that it’s supposed to be a truce agreement more than a war agreement, Hashirama felt that Masahiko was right, they should be prepared for everything.

“Well, I… will tell the people to be ready…” Hashirama reveals a classical look of depression, and Masahiko couldn’t help but smile helplessly.

Masahiko bid his farewell to Hashirama and then went to his room.

Alone, Masahiko showed a burdened expression.

“Madara actually got the Kyuubi this early, is it because of black Zetsu interference? Even by using my Mind’s Eye of Kagura, I don’t know if I can find him or not…”

“What should I do this time? If the valley of the End battle is done earlier, then I’m afraid that the whole Naruto story is changed, and my witness points will be gone…”

Masahiko had a hard time thinking about it, and eventually, he didn’t find a solution.

“Ahh… Forget it, gotta do it step by step. Maybe Madara has just caught Hashirama out of surprise with his new tricks? It should be fine, Hashirama assured to me that he won’t lose to him next time…”

The following day, as Masahiko expected, the Uchiha troop really came to the Senju! But to call it an army might not be the right word; they were less than 100 persons. It seems that Hashirama’s words have really hit the spot.

When Hashirama saw this scene, he felt happy and wanted to walk forward toward Madara and remind him of their childhood dreams…

However, Madara’s face changed upon seeing Masahiko and gritted his teeth.

“Old man! Why are you still alive?!”

He shouted, then rushed toward Masahiko.

Masahiko was shocked, he never imagined that Madara would lose his temper like this.

Madara! What are you doing!

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