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L.L.H: Chapter 50: School Knowledge Shouldn’t be Forgotten!

After Masahiko managed to open the seven of the eight gates, he stopped practicing.

“I manage to open the seventh gate, now I should be able to stand a chance against Madara and Hashirama. The mighty Uzumaki hero is back!” Masahiko muttered to himself.

“Sh… But it’s still too painful.” Masahiko clenched his teeth, he’s not as strong as the thick eyebrow duo yet.

“Hachimon can be used without any attribute. But before that, I got 20 additional witness points to distribute. It’s surely enough to develop the dust release.”

Earth Attribute (Doton) : LV7 (606598/1000000) (+)(Fuseable1/3)
Wind Attribute (Futon) : LV6 (607738/1000000) (+) (Fuseable1/3)
Fire Attribute (Katon) : LV6 (602243/1000000) (+) (Fuseable 1/3)

42 witness points were used; Masahiko looked at his earth, wind, and fire attributes, and nodded with satisfaction.

“Level 7 can really combine three attributes, hahaha… Here I come!”

Masahiko couldn’t wait to combine the three attributes together.

“Fuuuu…..Sion! HAAA!?” The three attributes started to connect to each other, forming a triangle; three lines appeared, combining the three Releases together. The Wind connected to the Fire, Fire to the Earth, and Earth to Wind.
(T/N: A reference from Dragon Ball.)

Dust Attribute (Jinton) : LV7 (1816579/3000000) (+)

“This is it…” Masahiko let out a sigh of relief, he finally got the dust Jutsu, but it seems that something is still missing…

Masahiko didn’t overthink; he quickly went to the forest outside the village to test his new Ninjutsu.

As for why not go to the training ground… This is the Uzumaki’s training ground, not the Senju’s.

First, he sensed the surrounding with his Mind’s Eye of Kagura but didn’t feel any people nearby; thus, he immediately used a hand sign, “Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!”

A conically shaped light appears from Masahiko’s hands, then it swept like an arc in front of him, destroying all of the trees in front of him, and created a vast crater in the distance.

“This power…” Masahiko was speechless. “It’s not that strong… In terms of destructive power, it’s the same as my Rasenshuriken.” Masahiko felt confused and scratched his head.

But upon clearly inspecting the damage, he saw that while Rasenshuriken is more explosive, the dust release will disintegrate anything it touches.

Masahiko nodded and finally felt satisfied.

“So, let’s try another trick… If I’m not wrong, I should be able to…”

Masahiko looked around and felt that he could manipulate the dust particles in the air, which he could only achieve when the Earth Release reached LV7.

Masahiko manipulated the dust freely, then he moved it under his feet. Slowly his body got lifted until he finally was floating.

“Nice! Now I can fly!”

Masahiko smiled and floated in the air.

“Let’s try another trick!” Masahiko shouted, “Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!”

A light white emitted in his palms, but it quickly dissipated.

Masahiko has almost lost his balance and fell from the air.

“I can’t use the enhanced version? Well, I’m not gonna lose to that imp… then… Sage Mode, Start!”

Masahiko transformed to Sage Mode, and shouted again, “Sage Art: Jinton-Detachment of the Primitive World!”

This time the white light object in Masahiko’s hands finally fired out. Before Masahiko’s eyes, there was nothing but white light, he didn’t even hear an explosion sound.

After a moment, the white light got dissipated entirely. Now there was only one colossal pit left in front of Masahiko. No trees, no grass, only a vast pit.

“The forest… It’s disappeared? Amazing!” Masahiko didn’t even think about the power of this technique, all that concerned him at that moment is how he was gonna beg Hashirama later to rebuild this forest for the Uzumaki Clan.

After thinking about it, Masahiko finally reacted to what his technique has actually done.

“Almost half of my chakra is consumed, which is three times more expensive than using one Rasenshuriken… But the destructive power is probably 30 times more powerful.”

Masahiko feels ecstatic, after 66 years of living in this world, now he finally has his own final killing technique. Even Madara’s complete Susanoo will be seriously damaged by this technique.

“This technique is even stronger than the Hashirama’s during the Mine War…”

Masahiko thought for a moment, then he suddenly sensed a group Chakras approaching the place, led by the Uzumaki patriarch.

Masahiko looked at the forest destroyed by him, “Carrying forward Lei Feng’s spirit, one shouldn’t keep good deeds in his name…” Masahiko floated in space, then flew away.
(T/N: Lei Feng was a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army and is a communist legend in China. After his death, Lei was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party, Mao Zedong, and the people of China.)

Back to the training ground, Masahiko wanted the fun to continue, but half of his Chakra was consumed.

“Let’s lift the Dust Release first, then restore my chakra…” Masahiko muttered.

“Remove, separate, disassemble…”

“Why is there no separate symbol behind the dust release?”

Masahiko examined it for a while, the three attributes are still firmly connected, and there’s no method to separate them.

“Doton-Earth Pillar!” Masahiko weaved a hand sign, then a sharp pillar from the ground emerged, at that moment, he felt a little bit relieved.

“Hmmm… How about this…”

“Come out, my little fireball!”

“Little Fireball?

“Lava Release: Chakra Mode?”


After repeated trials, Masahiko found that the Kekkei Genkai from these three elements were unusable. After all, the lines were connecting the attributes from end to end, and there was no way to fuse them.

“Oh, No! My little fireballs, my Shakuton, and Lava technique! They can never be used again! Why does this damned dust release doesn’t want to be removed?” Masahiko shouted in his heart.

A tall, middle-aged man with glasses suddenly appeared in Masahiko’s mind, “The triangle is the most stable structure!” He said while lifting one of his fingers.

That was Masahiko’s high school math teacher, and this memory was from more than 70 years ago.

“Triangle is the most stable structure?” Masahiko muttered to himself, then he grinned bitterly, “This system is trying to teach me that my high school knowledge shouldn’t be forgotten.”

“Ahh… Forget it, I can still use the dust release, and those Kekkei Genkai are also not that strong.” Masahiko tried to be optimistic.

But soon, his face got pale again, because someone came to inform him that the Uzumaki patriarch is looking for him. Is it because of the forest? Oh man, did he saw me flying from there?

When he came to the patriarch’s hall, he saw that his nephew’s face looked normal, so he felt relieved.

“Uncle… What kind of Ninjutsu is that? What a powerful Ninjutsu!” The patriarch said.

Masahiko froze, “Ah? Ninjutsu? What Ninjutsu?”

“Uncle, don’t try to deny it… If you weren’t the one who has caused it, you would have been the first person to go there, but you didn’t, which means it’s you.” Some of the Clansmen laughed.

The expression on Masahiko’s face changed. He didn’t expect that there was such a flaw in his plan. Masahiko was about to explain, but the patriarch then said, “it’s okay, I’m not mad, you have developed a powerful Ninjutsu! I’m so happy for you! Were in troubled times, if the forest is gone, then it’s gone. We can’t do anything about it.”

“Troubles times?” Masahiko forgot about explaining, and asked in confusion.

“Recently Madara appeared again, whenever he and Hashirama fight, their battle destroyed the surrounding for miles away, they are evenly matched. I sent people to investigate it, and it didn’t seem like it could be done by humans. Now everyone calls them the Gods of Shinobis!” The patriarch explained.

Masahiko felt ecstasy at that moment.

“Madara has finally appeared again? The final battle is drawing near! Konoha is finally coming!”

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