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L.L.H: Chapter 49: The Hachimon Tonkou

Three years later…

Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 21 years old (-)
Ninjutsu: 632(+) Physical: 824(+) Chakra: 4543(+10) (transformable)
Three Body Technique : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Shuriken-jutsu : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)
Earth Attributes (Doton) : LV6 (436598/600000) (+)(Fuseable ½)
Wind Attributes (Futon) : LV6 (497738/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)
Fire Attributes (Katon) : LV6 (462243/600000) (+) (Fuseable ½)
Water Attributes (Suiton) : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Lightning Attributes (Raiton) : LV5 (200007/400000) (+)
Sealing Technique (Fuinjutsu) : LV6 (413228/600000) (+)
Yang Attribute : LV5 (400000/600000) (+)
Yin Attribute : LV6 (510000/600000) (+)
Special Talent : Mind Eye of Kagura
Mining : LV6 (10030/20000)
Smithing : LV8 (40059/60000)
Rank : S
Witness Points : 32 points

Masahiko looked at his status bar and sighed slightly.

So to say, during these past three years, Masahiko has been working hard to improve himself, and the result is indeed quite significant. And he also saved 30 witness points.

However, his rank is still S. Which means that there’s no qualitative breakthrough happening. Thus his skill is still limited like before.

In terms of age, when he reaches 20 years old, it can only be increased, and even with aging, it doesn’t decrease like before. It seems that Masahiko’s dream to be 18 years old forever will just stay as a dream.

“32 witness points… Hmm, too few, even if I use all of it, there won’t be many breakthroughs happening.” He muttered to himself, he didn’t even get the point out of any events in these three years, it seems that there isn’t a lot of events happening in Warring States Period after all.

Hashirama basically has persuaded all of the clans, except the Uchiha clan. The Senju and Uchiha had several skirmishes. Madara didn’t make a move yet, it’s estimated that he’s still adapting to his new Eternals.

As a result, the Uchiha, who once we’re on the same level as the Senju, start to losing ground, and the once-proud Uchiha tribes surrounded the Senju one after another.

“It seems the final battle is coming near, but my strength…”

“Arghh, I’m the failure of the Uzumaki!” Masahiko sighed and shook his head.

“Sensei, we are here.” Far away, Kenichiro shouted, followed by Yuriko.

Masahiko only has two disciples now… Nanako… of course, she got married last year. Now she’s about to become a mother. Her husband is none other than the guy who scored the most pushups on Masahiko’s apprentice test, Uzumaki Gensuke.

“Sensei, we just come from sister Nanako’s house, she asked me to give you her greeting,” Yuriko said.

Masahiko nodded, then said, “Is there anything else?”

Yuriko glanced at Kenichiro, and latter shouted, “Sensei, let’s have another spar! I’ve developed a new technique!”

Masahiko felt helpless. In these past three years, each time Kenichiro makes a little progress, he would come to Masahiko to ‘learn.’

Okay, come on, let’s see your new technique…” Masahiko replied.

“Ohhh… Here I go, Sensei!” Kenichiro shouted, “Eight Gate Release-First Gate Open, The Gate of Birth!”


The violent energy rushed into Kenichiro’s body, and the air burst out!

“Shit!” Masahiko got caught by surprise, Kenichiro managed to land a punch right in the center of Masahiko body, he tried to block, but still, he was sent flying.

“Sensei!” Yuriko quickly run to Masahiko aid.

“Are you ok?”

Kenichiro wiped his forehead from sweat, “Fuhh… I didn’t expect my new trick to be this good?” He closed the gate, then rushed toward his Sensei.

“It’s good, of course, it can’t get any better.” Masahiko laughed while replying.

At the same time a sentence appeared in front of Masahiko, “Witness and Change the Side Story of Naruto World: Hachimon Tonkou, Eight Gates., Witness Points Obtained 10(*2)”

“Small changes, huh? It seems the Hachimon Tonkou was invented by Kenichiro after all, but now it got developed earlier. His physical talent sure is outrageous.”

“I should have known it, the Senju had the Hachimon Tonkou in their scrolls technique in the original not because they were the ones who developed it, but instead because they were close to the clan that did it…”

“With his talent and perseverance I believe in his twenties he will reach the patriarchal level strength, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he becomes the patriarch himself. He’s the grandson of the former Second Elder Masao after all.”

Masahiko kept thinking, and suddenly he heard Yuriko’s voice next to him.
“Kenichiro, look to what you have done! Sensei is an old man. You shouldn’t punch him hard, you Baka… You’re really a BAKA!”

Masahiko felt embarrassed while Yuriko was scolding Kenichiro, “Sensei, Sensei! Are you okay?”
“I’m okay, Kenichiro you will become my Sensei in the future!” Masahiko stood up and said hurriedly.

“It’s over, Yuriko, I think Sensei has hit his head…” Kenichiro said.

After half an hour of explaining, his disciples finally understood, after a lot of explanations that made Masahiko wipe the sweat on his forehead in the end.

“Kenichiro, How many gates you can open?” Masahiko asked.

“Six Gates!” Kenichiro replied happily.

Masahiko thought for a moment, “Considering the physical comparison, I should be able to open the seventh gate, the last gate, hmmm… Might be possible, but I don’t want to die!”

“This technique can hurt the body of the user and must be categorized as a forbidden technique. You can’t teach it to other people carelessly. Well, even the two of us will need to train more to use it. But you cannot open the eighth gate, it will burn your entire life force, and you will certainly die, unless you have a Naruto on your side, but still it’s not worth it.”

“A what?!” Kenichiro thought for a moment, then said, “Well, I know about the pain, I tried to open the five gate, and I felt unbearable pain.”

Masahiko suddenly felt scared, and thought, “Geez it’s just the fifth gate, what if I opened the seventh gate. Maybe I should only open the fifth…”

“Teacher, you and Kenichiro will practice this, then what should I do?” Yuriko asked.

“Oh…” Masahiko hesitated, the 14 years old Yuriko already learned all of Masahiko wind and fire Ninjutsu, there’s nothing else that Masahiko can teach her.

“Yuriko, you are not suitable to learn physical techniques… And I already teach all of my fire and wind Jutsu to you… I can try to teach you to combine it…” Masahiko said this, he somehow felt unconfident. It’s impossible to teach someone a Kekkei Genkai without the right bloodline.

“Teacher, did you forgot? I already learned how to use Earth Release, not long ago!” Yuriko said angrily.

Masahiko’s face became stiff, “Huh, is it? I don’t remember?”

Yuriko’s face is getting more cutely angry; Masahiko hurriedly tried comforted her, saying, “Well, I’m sorry, It’s my bad! I’ll teach you the Earth Release, I’ll teach you! Man, you’re getting more like Nanako!”

In the following sixth months, Masahiko immersed himself with his disciples in training.

Half a year later.

Then, “Hachimon Tonkou: Seventh Gate: KAI!” A shout from Masahiko echoed on the training ground.

“Ouch… Off!”

“Oh god, it’s very painful!”


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