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L.L.H: Chapter 47: The Mind’s Eye of Kagura

“Second Grandpa!” Kenji’s sound was the first Masahiko heard after he woke up from the darkness.

Masahiko smiled, “Ahh, little Kenji, I’ve almost mistaken you for Mito, I haven’t seen you for five years, you grew up to look a lot like your mother…”

“Second Grandpa, Hashirama was so worried…” Mito said.

“Oh, is that so?” Masahiko laughed, “Well, I’m happy you two are still in a good relationship.”

Masahiko looked around the rooms; it brought him back some memories.

“Is this… The same room I lived in before? Fourteen years ago, I came here with you, and you married Hashirama.”

Mito chuckled, “Yes, and it’s the same room where you practiced your Yin Seal…”

Masahiko smiled helplessly and seemed like he finally understood why Mito was waiting for him here.

Masahiko’s pupils, Hashirama, and Tobirama all thought that Masahiko has drained all of his vitality, and this was caused him this coma, but Mito knew that he’s supposed to look like this; thus, she was so worried.

Masahiko felt embarrassed for troubling her, he then smiled and said: “I’m okay now, there’s no need to worry…”

Mito nodded, “I will take Kenji to the training ground, he hasn’t practice today.”

Masahiko nodded, “Go.”

He waited from Mito and Kenji to go out, then Masahiko shook his head a little in doubt. After he opened his eyes, he found out that the world has undergone a subtle change.

“Is it because of the new Yin Attribute?” Masahiko whispered as he watched his status bar.

“The Mind’s Eye of Kagura?”

Masahiko noticed that his perceptive ability is now gone and replaced with another skill called the Mind’s Eye of Kagura.

Masahiko, he clenched his fist and launched it to the air, then shouted, “Mind’s Eye of Kagura Start!”

For a brief time, Masahiko could see the chakra flow of the entire Senju clan. And he could even extend his detection range to a few miles.

“Mind’s Eye of Kagura, is this Karin’s ability?” Masahiko always thought that his perceptive ability is similar to Karin’s, only the previous one before had lower detection area because his talent was not good…

“Is this the advanced version of my perception ability? Is it because my soul power has become stronger?” Masahiko muttered, “It seems that Karin talents of the later generation are very great. If it wasn’t for Orochimaru, she would have become as good as Kushina.”

Masahiko uses his newfound ability to observe the entire residence.

“There is the Patriarch’s Hall, where Hashirama is there… Wait, he’s not… Maybe he went to see the Kurama Clan.”

Masahiko was eager to study his new ability carefully, but he suddenly felt three people with three familiar Chakras behind the door.

“Come in!” Masahiko took the initiative to speak before one of them could even knock on the door.

“Sensei!” His three disciples came in.

“We heard from auntie (Mito) that you are awake.” The three pupils said in unison.

Masahiko scratched his head a little, “Auntie? Yuriko, you can just call her big sister Mito.”

“But she’s at the same age as my mother…”

“No, I think it’s still better to call her big sister rather than auntie…”


Ending this debate on how to address Mito, the three disciples finally remembered why they came in here.

Masahiko repeatedly explained that his younger appearance is not the cause of draining his life force, but rather a special technique, but… They didn’t believe a word.

In the end, Masahiko couldn’t convince them and didn’t have any choice but to drive them to go out of his room, saying that he needed to rest.

After they left his room, Masahiko lolled back on his bed. Of course, he wasn’t gonna start training, he just needed to think about what he needed to do next.

“If they don’t believe it, the others won’t too.” Masahiko thought for a while, then suddenly clenched his fist and shouted, “That’s it!”
“Every day, by using body transformation technique, I will get older one year. I will keep doing this until my appearance is like 50 years old… Isn’t it a cliché thing for a person to shorten his life span after getting a burst of unbelievable power?”

“Then let’s make it 53 years old!”

“Live 5 years less with every use, this way, I will be able to use it three or four times more…”

Masahiko finally found a reasonable way to explain his change of appearance. And that shocked his three disciples when they found out that Masahiko was getting older in the next few days.

Masahiko didn’t rush to explain the change of his appearance but kept observing the training of his disciples.

To his relief, Nanako seemed more serious in her cultivation and gradually showing extraordinary talent in Fuinjutsu. Yuriko now has a better personality, not childish and timid anymore, more mature and composed.

As for Kenichiro, his effort and hard work really paid off, his development is getting faster and faster. Thus, the following dialogue often happens in the training ground.

“Kenichiro, come here! Let me see how strong you are.”

“Sensei…” Kenichiro wiped his sweat and rushed to Masahiko.

“Ah!” With a scream, Kenichiro flew back.

Masahiko couldn’t really comment on this, he trained Kenichiro roughly sometimes, hit him, kick him, or maybe throw him. But all of this is done so he can get stronger, so the next time he fights, he can stay at the battlefield longer.

Masahiko had a lot of doubts about Kenichiro even if he didn’t get his guidance, his talents shouldn’t be buried. However, in the Original, Kenichiro has never been mentioned. He was afraid something happened to him.

“Did he died early in the story before he could get stronger?”

This kind of routine has been happening for a week until Hashirama finally returned, followed by Sora, who looked embarrassed. Both of them went straight to the assembly hall.

“What? Brother, you’re letting the Kurama Clan walk from this?” The hall suddenly became noisy…

“I’m not surprised at all…” Masahiko, who also was sitting there, said calmly.

“Don’t worry about this, Sora…” Hashirama looked at Sora and tilt his head a little.

Senju Sora took the first two steps and walked to Masahiko, then kneeled and bowed his head, “Thank you for the sacrifice you made this time. If it wasn’t for you… Then maybe our clan would have perished there.”

Masahiko rolled his eye and think, “Oh, you need more than one apology kid. The sacrifice I’ve made was too big. I was planning to maintain my 48-year-old face forever, now I’m stuck with my 53-year-old appearance. My handsome face is gone…”

Instead, he said, “You’re welcome, you weren’t yourself.”

Upon hearing Masahiko’s words, Sora raised his head and looked at Hashirama, “Patriarch, I have made such a huge mistake. I’m willing to let go of my position as an elder, and I will rush to front lines in the future wars!”

Hashirama shook his head, “There won’t be more wars in the future will need you in the future. I did what I did with the Kurama Clan to show our intention to the other clans. After a while, I will visit each one of them and convince them to build together one peaceful village!”

“Brother, you still have this unrealistic fantasy?!” Tobirama said lightly.

“It’s not fantasy! I will convince them! Including the Uchiha. I will eventually talk things through with Madara. We share the same dream, after all.”

Tobirama’s expression suddenly changed.

He hesitated for a moment, then he shook his head, “Big brother, my sword hit Izumi hard… I’m afraid he will die from that wound.”

Hashirama: “…”

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