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L.L.H :Chapter 63: Attacked on the Way Home

“The northern landscape, thousand miles of ice and thousand more of snow…”

“Second Grandpa didn’t you already say this when we came here in the morning.”

“Geez, man, can’t you see that I’m in tranquil here? Just don’t talk to me, I don’t believe how your brother stared at me after you two came out.” Masahiko got a little antsy.

Second Grandpa, Shuush, The Ichibi… The Ichibi…” Hashirama whispered while winking at Masahiko.

Masahiko’s expression changed, then stopped speaking.

Tobirama then said, “Second Grandpa, you’ve stolen Shukaku from the Land of Wind? Why didn’t you tell us before? The Kazekage used this to press us hard at the meeting. We barely managed to cool things down. And we ended up promising to give them back the Ichibi unconditionally.” Tobirama then sighed, “We felt ashamed!”

Masahiko tried to elude, “It’s your big brother’s fault, he tricked me into going to the Land of Wind. Did you expect me to just go back empty-handed and shame myself as an Elder…?”

Tobirama stared coldly at Masahiko, he didn’t expect him to fight back.

After arguing for a while, Tobirama couldn’t help but feel like it was two people work to trick Masahiko into going to the Land of Wind. But Tobirama didn’t want to make a hasty judgment.

Masahiko then looked left and right, “Is it good for us to have a quarrel here? What if the other Kage finds out?”

Hashirama then said, “It’s okay, Grandpa, the other Kage already left a while ago, and the summit is already ended up successfully.” After they finished arguing, the two brothers speeded up, leaving Masahiko behind.

“Wait for me! You two dare to leave an old man like this?”

They run all the way from the Land of Iron tundra, passing the three wolf mountain, to the lush scenery of the Land of Fire forest.

Masahiko was out of breath; it seems that in terms of physical strength and endurance, he’s still inferior to both of them, especially Hashirama.

“You damn two monsters, actually don’t wait for me…” Masahiko couldn’t even see them from where he stopped. The moment he was about to use the Mind’s eye of Kaguya, he suddenly heard a roar coming from the front.

Masahiko quickly caught up to them to find that the ground in front of Hashirama was scorched black, which should be the traces of an explosion seal, but this attack obviously useless in front of Hashirama.

As for Tobirama, he already engaged with the attacker. Using his Raijin no Kin, he stroke the attacker’s arm; however, he couldn’t cut it off.

The attacker is eight feet tall big man, a rare sight in Naruto world. His face is covered with a black mask.

“Stealing Kakashi’s style! I won’t forgive you! Oh nope, he’s just Kakuzu…”

Kakuzu, who noticed Masahiko on the side, stared at him coldly.

“Konohagakure The First Hokage, Senju Hashirama’s head, 120,000,000 Ryo. Senju Tobirama, his little brother, 60,000,000 Ryo. The Uzumaki clan’s elder, Uzumaki Masahiko, 20,000,000 Ryo. I will take all of your heads!”

The three of them were speechless, and the atmosphere became so cold. Where is this courage coming from?

After a while, Masahiko broke the silence, “What the hell?! My head isn’t worth spending more money?”

“Although you’re the least valuable, to make it quick, I’ll start with you, old man!” Kakuzu didn’t answer his question and started immediately to do hand signs.

Hashirama was prepared to block his attack, but he suddenly stopped when he recognized the seals that Kakuzu has used.

“Doton-Hiding in the Rock Technique!”

Kakuzu quickly assimilated with the ground and run away.

Masahiko’s mouth was wide opened. He couldn’t believe what he just saw and looked at Tobirama on the side, “Is he actually escaping…?”

Scratching his head in confusion Hashirama said, “Hahaha… Probably…”

“Second Grandpa, let’s chase him!” Tobirama shout.

“No. Forget it, let’s go back first.” Hashirama sighed and stopped Tobirama.

Suddenly Masahiko saw a series of words in front of him, “Witness and Participate in a Side Story of Naruto World: Kakuzu Assassination Attempt On The First Hokage. Reward: 2 witness points.”

Masahiko sighed and shook his head. Kakuzu is the immortal ninja that once has tried to take Hashirama live but failed. But in the future, he will play a bigger role.

He will do anything for money, a money supremacist.
In the future, during his battle with Kakashi and the other, his assassination attempt and immortality will be revealed. At that time, it’s indeed made a lot of people curious. However, a lot of people will think of it like a joke. If he has actually fought and survived in a battle against Hashirama, then how did he ended up making that stupid mistake of getting killed by those who he considered “kids.”

However, according to Masahiko, Kakuzu current strength is almost on par with Tobirama, who will become the future Hokage. If Masahiko and Tobirama weren’t here today, Kakuzu would have ended up fighting with Hashirama like in the Original.

“Well, fortunately, his immortality isn’t perfect. He can live for centuries and even learn all of the five releases, but his strength has a limit. However, no one knows what he would be capable of if he gets his hands on a stronger heart…” Masahiko sighed, then smiled, “Still, my cheat power is stronger.”

After such an episode, the three didn’t argue anymore. But Hashirama seemed a little bit depressed.

Masahiko could guess that the reason behind Hashirama’s bad is the assassination attempt on him from earlier. He already ended up the warring states era, there should be peace. However, someone is trying to kill him! Why would anyone put a price on his head?!

Masahiko also noticed something and tried to comfort him, saying, “He must have been sent by another village, I don’t know who, but sure it’s not from our own country.”

“Huh? Takigakure?” Hashirama become even more depressed. Seeing the two other people confused, he explained, “Before my wood clone saved a few people from that village during its construction…”

“When I caught the seven tails, the seven-tails was running amok near the village. Some people were almost killed, but I saved them…” Hashirama said. Masahiko then asked, “Uh, didn’t you consider for a second that the Seven-Tails actually belongs to them?”

Masahiko said helplessly.

“Takigakure is relatively the strongest among the smaller villages, it’s estimated that they also have their own intelligence division. So when you took Chomei and decided to sell it to the four great villages, they heard about it and couldn’t help but feel like killing you…”

Hashirama scratched his head, revealing an embarrassed expression, “Then this assassination attempt makes it even with what I did for them… Well, fair enough…”

Masahiko sighed, he felt worried thinking that this will not end this quickly. Takigakure won’t give up, and he needed to be prepared for the future.

The three then returned to Konoha. Hashirama was ready to deliver the good news to his council.

However, Konoha seemed as if it was dealing with a crisis, with the ninjas and the civilians alike in a hurry, and running down the streets.

They quickly rushed to the Hokage building, to find Nara Patriarch there to greet them,” Hokage-Sama, you’re finally back! We encountered a lot of troubles after you’ve left!”

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