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L.L.H: Chapter 62: The Land of Iron

“Ahh, the northern landscape, thousand miles of ice, and a thousand more of snow…”

“The Land of Fire doesn’t have snowy landscapes, right? Tobirama? Hashirama?”

“Yes, grandpa.” Said Tobirama, “We better hurry, or else we’ll be late…”

“Yes we should, you guys are so boring…” Masahiko sighed.

Masahiko, Tobirama, and Hashirama were heading to the Land of Iron. The first five Kage meeting was going to be held in the Land of Iron.

There’s still a long way to go, and there’s nothing but white snow before them.

The Land of Iron is an exceptional nation. A long time ago, this country and the other shinobi nations agreed to have a truce, and they become a neutral nation. This country’s military force is not shinobi, but it’s samurai. They have their own culture, authority, and military strength.

This is the last sanctuary for the samurai after the shinobi became widespread. After Hashirama proposed the five Kage summit, the other four Kage agreed to hold the meeting in the Land of Iron.
Hashirama attended this meeting as Konoha’s Kage and Tobirama as his guard. As for Masahiko, he came to the Land of Iron with another purpose…

After arriving in the Land of Iron, no one come to greet them. This is because currently, the Land of Iron is in chaos. The warlords are divided, and the prince only agreed to hold the five Kage summit for the sake of neutrality. If the Kage expects a warm welcome or greeting, then it’s just a farfetched dream.

After the prince sent Hashirama and Tobirama to their room where the summit will take place, then he left them alone.

In this meeting, the Five Kage will be allowed to have only one guard, and Masahiko wasn’t good at keeping his mouth shut. And the Kazekage who have seen Masahiko before will definitely be there… And the rest will be awkward. Even if this Kage summit could yield him witness points, he didn’t want to risk the truce between Suna and Konoha.

Walking around, Masahiko kept looking at the samurais here wearing heavy armor, while he was only wearing a single shirt with the Uzumaki symbol on the back, which seemed slightly awkward.

After roughly one-quarter of an hour, Masahiko finally found his destination; a blacksmith shop.

“Hello sir, what weapon do you need?”

Masahiko entered the shop and got quickly greeted by a young guy.

Masahiko looked around for a while. The walls of the shop were covered with swords of various sizes, Tanto, Katana, Nodachi, Naginata…

“Interesante! There are a lot of types… But I’m looking for your best weapon.” Masahiko was acting like a first-class customer.
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The shot assistant immediately took one of the swords from the wall and said, “This is the best Katana in our store, it will only cost you 10,552.”

“Look, this blade…”

“Oh!” Masahiko interrupted him and picked up the blade, then he infused it with the wind attribute. The moment the Chakra started flowing, the edge got shattered.

The assistant’s face got suddenly stiff, he felt stunned by what happened, “It’s not exactly suitable for ninjutsu, but…”

“Here’s your 10,552 Ryo.” Masahiko handed the man some money. Thanks to Hashirama gambling addiction, he’s now a rich man, “Now give me your best weapon.”

“It’s that one….”

Masahiko shook his head, “Such a big weapon shop and doesn’t even have a decent weapon?”

The guy clenched his teeth, then he walked to the back room. After a while, he came out holding a sword in his hands.

“You are a ninja, right? This blade is imbued with chakra conductive material. It’s suitable for you. I’ll sell it for 1.5 million Ryo. But don’t tell anyone that you’ve bought from our store.”

“Sure enough, so there are really some chakra weapons!” Masahiko cheerfully said, after all, this was the purpose of his trip.

Not a long time ago, he noticed that one of his Special Shurikens was missing. After thinking where it might be, he estimated that it maybe was lost in the Land of Wind. He tried to use reverse summon it, but couldn’t due to the long distance. He assumed that the shuriken was taken by the monk and either sealed or destroyed. And for that reason, he came to the Land of Iron.

Masahiko came to see if he could get his hand on a Chakra Blade.

“Why can’t I tell the others?” Masahiko thought about this then asked.

The assistant hesitated for a moment, then he explained, “Sir Ninja, you probably don’t know about the status quo in our country right now. Since the appearance of chakra conductive metal, the samurais got divided into two factions. The first pleaded to stay faithful to their original swordsmanship, and the other is trying to integrate the use of Chakra in their swordsmanship…”

Masahiko nodded, “So this city is held by the traditional faction? Yet you still dared to sell a conductive chakra weapon?”

The guy smiled, “The boss managed to get his hand on this chakra metal, then he secretly forged three blades out of it. The other two got sold, and the one in your hands is the last one.”

Masahiko was disappointed because the guy didn’t look like he was lying, and his plan to buy the raw chakra metal has failed.

“Well, I do want this sword.” Masahiko took the money from his pocket and handed it over. He was thinking maybe he can extract the raw material from this blade by using his forging skill.

After that, Masahiko visit several other blacksmith shops, but he can’t find what he was looking for, Masahiko sighed on the thought that he maybe has come to the wrong place.

“I remember that Mifune has used chakra swordsmanship. After a few years, the modern faction should emerge victoriously. When that time comes, I will build 108-special Shurikens…”

The plan failed, and Masahiko returned to the Five Kage Metting location.

“I remember that the five Kage meeting didn’t take too long in the anime, maybe like 5 minutes…?” Masahiko stood there for a while, counting the minutes…

Two hours had passed since he came, including the time when he was searching for the Chakra Blades… He was hoping that maybe Hashirama will be the first to get out.

No until the evening, the door finally opened, and the five Kage and their guards come out one after another, they seem very happy.

The only one with a gloomy face is Tobirama. It seems that Hashirama has shown them his funny side there…

Except for Hashirama and Tobirama, Masahiko could only recognize two of the attendees. One of them was the First Kazekage, who looked at him, but didn’t seem like he cared much. It sounds like he couldn’t recognize Masahiko; after all, there’s a big difference between 20 and 53.

The other one is the future Second Tsuchikage, Muu, he’s currently the First Tsuchikage’s guard.

“I remember him, his name is Muu. His body is covered by bandages from the start? I thought he got burned by Second Mizukage’s streaming water technique! Is he hurt or something? Maybe he lied, and he actually got burned by a cooking accident?” Masahiko thought secretly.

“Second Grandpa, let’s go…” Hashirama walked toward Masahiko and said full with excitement, “The summit was very successful, and we manage to successfully form an alliance!”

“Big brother, please keep your composure, the Hokage’s status is a lost cause now…” Tobirama was scolding Hashirama, but the one who got all of the cold stares was Masahiko!

At that moment, Masahiko put his most innocent face.

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