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L.L.H: Chapter 61: The Five Major Villages

Two years, Konoha.

Masahiko walked on Konoha’s streets, which were gradually getting noisy.

In just one year, Konoha had drastic changes. A large number of civilians moved in, driving a rapid economic development to the village.

In response to the villager’s needs, a lot of buildings got constructed. More and more public buildings were built. A Hospital, public park, various snack stores have been established one by one. However, Masahiko was looking more forward to the famous Ichiraku Ramen, patiently day by day. But until now, there’s no sign for the ramen store. But another famous meatball shop got already opened, which Masahiko has visited a few times, but the food was below average.

What should not be built got built, and what should be built is not. Masahiko looked at a building in front of him, with his mouth twitching, and eyes widened. “Konoha Casino, huh?”

“Big, Biiig, Biiiiiiiiig!” A female’s voice emitted out of the Casino, if he didn’t what is actually happening, he would have thought that she was referring to Sun Wu Kong’s donkey…

Since the establishment of the Konoha Casino, our beloved first Hokage rarely stayed in his office, sometimes he would ask Tobirama to fill his position, or even just put a wooden clone there…
(T/N: Naruto did you hear that xD)

For that reason, Nara Patriarch and Masahiko made a plan. Now and then, Masahiko will disguise himself and then go to gamble against Hashirama and beat him, in an attempt to make him quit. But persistent as he is, he will always have money to spend and go back to the casino.

As for why Masahiko always wins against Hashirama, It’s because he spent 10 witness points in one of his attributes.

Gambling : LV10 (100000) (Max Level)

“If I were in my past life, I could be the god of gamblers!” Masahiko murmured, “But I couldn’t save Hashirama yet!”

Masahiko didn’t give up, so today he took another disguise, put a new hat, new shirt, and went to the casino again.

“Oh…” Masahiko bumped with somebody.

Even though Masahiko had enormous endurance and physical strength, somehow, he was the one who ended up on the ground. Masahiko then raised his head in confusion.

“You…” When he looked up, he saw Madara, whom he hadn’t see for a while.

Madara also looked at him, frowned, then said, “I’m sorry I accidentally bumped into you. Are you a new resident here in Konoha? You have great physical strength.”

Masahiko was shocked, Madara actually apologized? It’s a weird thing to behold. Masahiko was about to change to his original appearance and mock Madara, but the latter didn’t wait for Masahiko and rushed in.

“Hashirama! How could you use my money to gamble again?”

Masahiko reluctantly sighed, now he knows the economic source of Hashirama gambling addiction.

As the patriarch of the great Uchiha clan, Madara is perhaps the richest person in Konoha right now. As for Hashirama… the Senju seems to be wary with his expenses.

“However, the richest guy should be me now!” Masahiko murmured this remembering the amount of cash he manages to snatched from Hashirama.

“Oh, wait a minute! So the money I won from Hashirama is actually Madara’s money! This can’t get any better!”

Inside of the gambling house, Hashirama, the First Hokage, as no different for other gamblers, he didn’t have a special treatment when faced with creditors.

One creditor hasn’t finished the deal yet, and another came to take his money.

Hashirama looked sad, and murmured silently in his heart, “Who can I borrow some money from next? Grandpa? The Uzumaki should be rich…”

Then Tobirama came to take Hashirama out from the gambling house.

“Tobirama, you have to believe in your big brother’s gambling skill. I just had bad luck these days. Whenever I was winning money, a new face will come and beat me, taking it all of himself…”

“Big brother, shut up!” Tobirama shouted while Hashirama looked helpless. “Give up already, your money has been taken by Grandpa! You got fooled!”

Masahiko’s face changed, “Nara Patriarch! That loud mouthful bastard…”

Hashirama got shocked, and he looked like he has finally realized something.

“Huh? That is to say, that old man has my money?” Now Madara is the shocked one!

It seems that this is the end of Masahiko’s scamming career…

“Big brother! You really need to stop this gambling, there’s an emergency!”

Suddenly Hashirama’s expression became serious. “What? An Intelligence report?”
He then looked around and said, “Madara, Tobirama, lets head back and discuss this matter at once!”

Tobirama then sighed, and turned to the corner, “Grandpa, you come too!”

Masahiko changed back to his usual form with an innocent expression on his face, then followed the three of them.

“Second Grandpa…” Hashirama didn’t finish his sentence yet, at that moment, Masahiko thought that he was gonna ask him for the money back, “Teach me how to roll the dice…”

Masahiko couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Old man! I hope the money will be expended for your funeral!” Madara looked full of hatred; still, he couldn’t ask Masahiko to give him back his money.

After half an hour.

The Hokage office.

Hashirama sat in the middle. The four elders had already arrived, Tobirama didn’t sit with them, he stood by to report the situation.

“Big brother, we just received the information from our intelligence shinobi. Early this year, Sunagakure was established in the Land of Wind. Their leader claimed the title of Kazekage. In the Land of Water, Kirigakure was also established, and their leader claimed to be the Mizukage. Kumogakure established in the Land of Lightning; their leader claimed to be the Raikage. And the last is the Iwagakure of the Land of Earth, their leader claimed the title of Tsuchikage.”

“Now, this information seems to be widely spread across the nation, and people begin to refer to us as the Five Major Shinobi Villages, and the leaders are called the Five Kage. Besides, some small country is planning to establish their hidden villages too, because now every country seems to try to implement the system of one country, one village.”

“They want to be compared with us?” Madara said, “How could they dare to equate us in this… five great villages?”

“Madara!” Hashirama interrupted him. “This is a good thing! Our dream will come true, with the establishment of four other great villages… A World without war, where everyone is united under one village.”

“Hokage-Sama…” Said Nara Patriarch, “We must be cautious dealing with the establishment of the other four great villages… If we are not carefully dealing with this situation, we might evolve from a war between clans to a war between villages!”

“Let them come!” Madara said again, Masahiko, what a warmonger he thought while covering his forehead.

“Madara!” Hashirama glanced at him again, then he turned at the Nara Patriarch, “I will send people to contact the Four Kage and hold a Five Kage meeting. What do you think?”




Expect for Madara, the other three elders agreed at the same time.

Masahiko then thought for a while, and said, “Hashirama, the other Kage must be interested in the 8 watchdogs in front of our gate, and it won’t be convening for us to keep them this way forever…”

“Second grandpa, what do you mean?” Hashirama asked.

“I mean, the other four countries might be willing to pay for the tailed beast, we can sell them, and it could solve the economic problem of our village,” Masahiko explained.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate.” Tenjin said, “The threat of the tailed beasts is too great. If it’s sold to the other villages…” Tenjin shook his head. The Hyuga was responsible for watching the containment of the tailed beasts. And they understand how dangerous the tailed beasts are.

Nara Patriarch shook his head in response, he looked at Hashirama and said, “Don’t worry about it… The distribution of the tailed beasts can balance the strength gap between the other four villages, and it will most likely prevent conflict from arising.”

“It’s settled then. Tobirama, send some to contact the other villages immediately!” Hashirama made his mind.
Tobirama nodded, thus the elders’ meeting was over…

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