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L.L.H: Chapter 60: Catch Them All

After stealing the whole altar from the Land of Wind, Masahiko felt that the harvest was full.

He then found a hidden place to rest for the night, Masahiko then staged in “Masahiko’s Day by Day Form” the next morning
(T/N: Masahiko’s Day by Day Form = Old looking Masahiko)

“Crap! I, Where Am I? How the hell I’m gonna go back now.” Masahiko was completely lost at this point, he could only keep on flying to the east. The

“What a lovely sight…”

After a few days flying here and there, Masahiko finally found a familiar land. He already thought to take a break, take a bath, change clothes, then go straight to Konoha.

“In the anime, Naruto could travel from Konoha to the Sand in a matter of a few days. But me? I’ve been walking and flying for half a month…” Masahiko scratched his head and thought, “This is really shameful…”

Near Konoha.

“One, two… seven?!” Masahiko felt an enormous chakra of seven tailed beasts. “So expect for Madara, who is after the Kyuubi, I’m the last one?”

“Hashirama, you’re so dead to me…”

“Elder! You are back! The Hokage is waiting for you!” The Hyuga clan guard greets him.

Masahiko nodded, “I know, I’m going to him right now!”

Hokage office.
“Second Grandpa! You’re finally back! It usually takes only a week to go to the Land of wind, you have gone for so long, I was so worried.”Hashirama took the initiative to talk first.

Masahiko’s face turned gloomy, “What can I do? I also feel terrible… What do you want me to say, I got lost?”

Masahiko’s expression then got positive, “Well, this Grandpa has worked hard for you this time, Hashirama. You better be expecting an expenses report later.”

“Whatever you want, the most important thing is, have you caught it in the end?” Hashirama asked.

“Dude, it’s me you’re talking about, of course, I did!” Masahiko took out the sealing scroll, “Hey, I see that you have already caught the other Bijuu. How did you do it so fast?”

“Well…” Hashirama then answered, “I caught them using wood clones, the last one got caught two days ago.”

“Is that so…?” Masahiko scratched his head and felt like something was wrong.

Noticing that, Hashirama quickly interrupted Masahiko, “Let’s get out of the village to seal the last one!”

Masahiko then abandoned his thoughts and followed Hashirama.

Behind his back, Hashirama suddenly posed a gesture of victory, while Tobirama smirked evilly. If Masahiko saw that, he would have known that Hashirama has joined his force with Tobirama to catch these Bijuu.

After they come to an open area, with more than ten miles away from Konohagakure. Masahiko took out the sealing scroll and unseal it.

The altar of the wind shrine appeared in front of them. Hashirama was ready to seal the Ichibi just to find out that it wasn’t him but an altar.

“Isn’t this, the altar of the Land of Wind…” Asked Hashirama, who wiped the sweat on his forehead, “Second Grandpa, did you attack the folks there?”

“Details aren’t important! Masahiko smiled, “It’s here, and that’s the important thing.”

Masahiko entered the altar, then after half a minute, he walked out carrying the artifact seal.

“Fuinjutsu-Unseal!” Time froze there. Obviously, Masahiko wanted to lift the seal, but… nothing happened.

“I don’t have the formula of this seal…” Masahiko scratched his head, wondering how he could unseal it.
“Second Grandpa?” Hashirama got worried, “This artifact…”

“Ah…” Masahiko smiled awkwardly and said, “There’s a seal integrated on this artifact that I’ve stolen from the old monk… Uh, I mean borrowed!”

Hashirama felt speechless,” I thought, that you’re the one who captured the Ichibi!”

“Don’t pay attention to these trivial matters!” Masahiko then turned and whispered, “How the hell I’m gonna unseal this thing…”

Having a hard time always open your system!

Fuinjutsu: LV 6 (420328/600000) (+)
Witness points: 180 points

“I’m a rich man now if level 6 doesn’t work, then just level it up! If 7 still doesn’t work, then level it up again, and if 8 doesn’t work, then… It will be LV9!”

Then Masahiko put 58 witness points to Fuinjutsu.
Fuinjutsu : LV 8 (1000328/5000000)

“You motherless piece… Five million? Are you trying to rub me?” After he earned these 180 points, Masahiko thought that life will be easier from now on. He wanted to become an overpowered Dark Souls’ Boss with full attributes before the Fourth War… But now it seems…

“Second Grandpa? Shukaku?” On the side, Hashirama noticed how Masahiko was dazing and interrupted his painful monologue.

“Ah nothing, its okay, Fuinjutsu-Unseal!” Masahiko tried to unseal it again, but with time, with his 8LVL marvelous sealing technique. Even if he didn’t know the specific method of unsealing it, he succeeded.

Then a colossal Tanuki appeared in front of them, with all of his body covered with cursed marks.
(T/N: Tanuki: a raccoon-like animal.)

“Damn you, old monk!” Upon his release, Shukaku let out a loud shout.

Masahiko immediately covered his ears.

After screaming out loud, Shukaku finally noticed Masahiko and Hashirama. He lowered his head to see them clearer, “Are you the one who freed me? As a way to show my gratitude, I will eat you both!”

Masahiko’s expression got so serious that he turned to Hashirama and said, “Hashirama silence that fat Tanuki!”

Hashirama took his stance and then unleash a barrage of Ninjutsu.

“Mokuton-Nativity of a World of Trees!”

“Mokuton-Wood Golem!”

“Hokage Style Elder Jutsu-Tenth Edict on Enlightenment!”

The giant wood golem, who had the word “Seal” written on his palm, pressed it on Shukaku’s forehead, making an end to his screaming.

“Hashirama is getting stronger every time.” Masahiko whispered, “He and Madara are in their thirties, how is their strength still improving?”

Hashirama then dragged Shukaku with a wooden technique to Konoha’s main gate. This time, all of the eight Bijuu were all together.

“What a wonderful view,” Masahiko smiled, suddenly his face got stiff, “Hashirama, could you swap the position of the eight tails and the five tails?”

Although Hashirama didn’t understand, he did it anyway.

“Well, this is much better.” Masahiko murmured, “The left side of Konoha’s gate is the 1-3-5-7 tails, and the right side is 2-4-6-8 tails. This is an eyegasm for an OCD!”

(T/N: Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that affects people of all ages and walks of life, and occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.)

Hashirama: “…”

“Okay, Second Grandpa, Erm, I’ll go back first, there’s still some work to be done. And we also have to wait for Madara to come back.”

“Wait, what are you gonna do with these tailed beasts?” Masahiko asked.

“Not sure. Just catch them first and think later.” Hashirama said, then turned and walked away.

“Why do I feel like I’ve forgotten something important…” Masahiko kept thinking, but nothing has come out.

“Ah forget it, I really need a rest first, it’s been a while since I went home.” Masahiko looked at the artifact in his hands, and shook it, “At least this time, I didn’t go back empty-handed…”

In the distance, the wind altar was crying…

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