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L.L.H: Chapter 68: The Hokage Rock

Madara’s departure didn’t affect the daily life of the Konoha civilian in general. Everything goes just as it is. The time flies as usual. The only difference is now how smaller the Uchiha’s rights has become in Konoha.

Although one of the Uchiha’s elder has already taken Madara’s position in the council, which is Uchiha Izumi, it didn’t make any notable change. Even when Madara sat in that council, he couldn’t out-voice the other elders.

Time flies, five years already passed in Konoha, and the village have already been officially established for four years.

Masahiko took a stroll around Konoha, and he could still see some decorations left from the previous celebration.

Since Madara’s departure, Masahiko has put the importance of getting stronger first on his agenda. Over the past six months, he has been trying hard to get stronger. He’s training hard, he’s also trying to adapt with his power. He also working on finding a way to merge the Yin and Yang attributes…

But until now, there was no significant progress happening. Just for the New Year’s Day, Masahiko decided to stop, and go out to relax.

However, Masahiko couldn’t help but think about the reason behind the failure of the Yin and Yang attribute fusion. Just when he was deep in his thought, the sound of a banging woke him up. He looked to the source of the sound, to find a guy working hard there on the cliffside behind the Hokage building.

“Is that the sculptor of the Hokage Rock?” Masahiko muttered to himself. He already knew that this idea had been around since the establishment of the village. Of course, Hashirama’s originally wanted to carve Madara’s face as the actual Hokage and change the villagers’ impression on him.

In the end, he became the Hokage, Hashirama didn’t want to mention this matter again fearing that it will cause any misunderstanding. However, now that Madara is gone, the Hokage Rock construction finally began.

Masahiko subconsciously was jumping like a kid under the Hokage Rock.

“This is the icon of Konoha, the famous Hokage Rock. I can already see Hashirama’s face take form…”

The shinobi who was carving the Hokage Rock, suddenly, saw Masahiko below him, then quickly ran down toward him.

“Elder!” He said.

Masahiko glanced at the Hokage Rock again, then nodded, complimenting his work, “You’ve done a great job. The face is carved well…”

The Sculptor smiled, “You are too generous elder. In fact, this is not too difficult. As long as you can find a good ratio of the face, you can do it. Lord Hokage’s face is about 6:4, 3.5% of the entire length…”

The Sculptor was still explaining the process in detail, but Masahiko didn’t pay any attention at all. His mind was focusing on his first sentence, “The good ratio, huh…”

“Is the Yin and Yang attributes also requires a good ratio to be combined?” Masahiko muttered.

He managed before to merge two different bloodline limits directly; thus, he didn’t think about this idea before.

The moment he thought about, Masahiko completely ignore the Sculptor, then he tried to combine the Yin and Yang in his body once again.

After trying multiple times, he finally found the most stable ratio for the Yin and Yang attributes, which is 2: 8.

Masahiko wanted to be happy, but the pain in his body prevented him from showing that, he looked bitter, as part of his Chakra mingled in his body. Fortunately, he only used a small amount; otherwise, he would have fainted out…

Masahiko’s vision was unstable for some time. After a while, he started to feel fine again and looked at the Sculptor who was still explaining, and with a wry smile, he said, “Oh Bro, I can only feel sorry for you…”


Chakra gathering, then release!

So as the Sculptor was explaining his work to Masahiko, the former started hiccupping, then he opened his mouth with bizarre expression. A small black dot appeared, then… Got bigger!

Masahiko was in the middle of the village, and couldn’t just shoot it anywhere, so he targeted the Hokage Rock.

The hardly carved and sculpted Hokage Rock got… Burned! It’s roasted and damaged!

“Elders! You…”

“Sorry, I didn’t know what was happening… It seems that I have created a Bijuu-Dama (Tailed Beast Bomb).”

After half an hour…

At Hokage Building.

Hashirama looked at Masahiko and the Sculptor, he felt a little headache, then he let out a sigh.
Hashirama was feeling a headache looking at Masahiko.

“Second Grandpa, so you are saying that you accidentally blasted the Hokage Rock?”

Masahiko then replied, “I didn’t know what just happened. It seemed like I’ve transformed into a tailed beast, and formed a Bijuudama…”

Obviously, no one believed him, but Masahiko doesn’t know how to explain it any better.

Then Masahiko took the initiative to came up with a solution, “Don’t worry, isn’t it only the Hokage Rock? I, the Second Grandfather, will personally carve it for you!”

“Elder Masahiko, you don’t have to do that. I will do it again!” At first, the Sculptor didn’t say anything. After all, one was the Hokage, and the other was a great elder. But when he saw how Masahiko offered to sculpt it by himself, he couldn’t hold on to such an idea.

For him, it would be an excellent achievement for a Sculptor to make the Hokage Rock with the face of the very First Hokage. He doesn’t want to give up on such a fantastic opportunity.

Masahiko also thought the same, and said, “Let’s do it together then, after all, two people will do it faster…”

So, for a while, Masahiko joined the carving of the Hokage Rock.

In the beginning, of course, there was a lot of confusion, mistakes, and out of order things. This is Masahiko’s first time carving anyway. And Somehow, the Sculptor’s job didn’t get lighter but become heavier.

However, one day later, Masahiko already became a master of sculpting, which made the Sculptor actually feel amazed.

The reason is, of course, because Masahiko used a little of his witness points to boost his skill.
Sculpting : LV6 (10000/20000)

Although he still has 20 witness points, he didn’t put much in Sculpting, because he didn’t need to become The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor to carve Hashirama’s face on a rock.
(T/N: The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: A Popular Korean Novel, if you don’t know it, shame on you xD)

A month later, Masahiko, who finished sculpturing the Hokage Rock, stood under it excitedly.

“Here in the future, we will carve the face of Tobirama, Hiruzen, Tsunade, Kakashi, and Naruto…” Masahiko unconsciously said.

“What? You can’t carve Tobirama’s face… He’s just Hashirama’s bodyguard.”

“Second Grandpa! I heard that you finished working on the Hokage Rock?” Masahiko suddenly heard a familiar voice. It was Tobirama.

“Yes, I did! Ask your brother to come and see!” Masahiko turned around, smiling at Tobirama, to find that the Sculptor was already gone, “It seems that the Sculptor already left first to inform your big brother.” Masahiko said.

“Second grandpa… Didn’t you make my brother’s face a little bit too serious?” Tobirama looked at the sculpting and then back to Masahiko. But before Masahiko could say anything, Tobirama said, “But this is just right.”

“I think so too. If the future generation knew that the first Hokage had such a funny face, I’m afraid… They would lose faith in Konoha.”

After a while, Hashirama joined the scene and looked very pleased with the work. It seems he actually a serious guy deep inside…

Masahiko has finally finished the job, and now he had time to work on merging the Yin and Yang.

“I didn’t really become a tailed beast… I’m not a Jinchuriki, after all.” Masahiko tried again in an open space. And the result was the same; he spewed the Bijuudama from his mouth. “Dang it! I’ve become a Bijuu!”

He then added the 2: 8 Yin and Yang chakra to his Rasenshuriken. And its color changed to black and purple, the destructive power improved a lot, but the chakra consumption didn’t increase that much.

“This way, besides the Dust-release, I have now another killer move! Although the power is not as high, it will save more Chakra…”

“But sure enough, I… Can shot a Bijuudama out of my mouth…”

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