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L.L.H: Chapter 67: It’s Not My Fault!

Upon hearing the news of Madara leaving the village, Masahiko sighed, putting down his third book.

Although he had a hunch that this might happens, he still felt sad about it.

From the very first beginning of Konoha’s construction, Masahiko actually tried his best to prevent the Battle of the Valley of the End from happening. He suggested that Hashirama shouldn’t allow Tobirama to take part in the elder’s assembly or anything and left the establishment of the Ninja Academy to Tobirama’s hand. This has prevented Tobirama from taking the initiative to push the Uchiha on the opposite side of Konoha’s other clans.

At the time, although the relationship between the Uchiha and the other tribes didn’t get better, at least there were no more conflicts.

But precisely because of the Ninja Academy’s first graduates that incite a conflict between the Uchiha and the other clan.

Besides the fact that the two books that Masahiko has written weren’t that reliable, these books actually helped to show a different side of the others, but consequently, Madara got a weird image in the village…

But because of these very two books, Madara lost and almost killed both Muu and Onoki. The collateral damage of the battle made the relationship between the Uchiha and the villagers became more distant.

“So all the time that I’ve worked so hard to change the story, was a waste, the plot changed back… AUGH! Fine! It’s not like Madara is my best friend!” Masahiko tried to affirm himself that what happens to Madara has nothing to do with him, and he already Worked Hard to help him… Probably…

“Second grandpa…” Hashirama picked up Masahiko’s book, “Is this your third book? The Truth of the Uchiha, Madara has once told me, but I didn’t understand at that time…”

“It seems that you had expected that Madara will leave the village…” Hashirama smiled slightly.

Masahiko nodded, “In Konoha, It’s clear that the other tribes don’t get along with the Uchiha. But nonetheless, you are a great leader Hashirama, and a good friend, even if you leave your position to Madara won’t be the next Hokage. Tobirama is your successor, and when the time comes, I’m afraid that… »
Hashirama let out a sigh, “Madara said the same thing… But Madara has left, and none of the other Uchiha’s clansmen decided to follow him, this is proof that they still think Konoha as their home. I will not let anyone cause them harm, even if it’s Tobirama!”

Masahiko sighed and thought, “I’m afraid that even you can’t change this…”

Masahiko asked, “Did Madara told you why he left?” Although he knew everything, Masahiko hoped that something has changed, he hoped for an answer that might change the future.

Unexpectedly Hashirama said, “He said…” He actually gave him an answer, Masahiko felt overjoyed, thinking that his efforts were practical, but felt surprised when Hashirama scratched his head and continued, “But I didn’t understand what he meant…”

“What did he said?” Masahiko asked eagerly.

He said the only god once separated the Yin and Yang poles for the sake of stability, but the two acted together, creating the existence itself. He said he found a way to realize his dream. But I didn’t understand what he meant?!” Hashirama replied.

Masahiko was disappointed; it was clearly a passage from the Stone Tablet. But when he heard the word that Madara chose, Masahiko couldn’t help but laugh, looking at Hashirama.

“It’s mean that the power of the six paths got divided into two poles of Yin and Yang, you are the Yang, and he’s Yin. And when your two powers unite it will change the world. See? How can this be different from my second book? This is what I meant by injecting his power in you…”

Hashirama got irritated, he felt that Masahiko is making a fool of him, “Second Grandpa! Is this the right time to joke?”

Masahiko just smiled, “What done is done. Now you need to think about the solution.” At that moment, Masahiko felt optimistic.

Although he failed to prevent the battle of the Valley of the End from happening, he managed to change the original plot.

In the original story, no one could intervene in the Valley of the End battle. But Masahiko can! All that he needs to do now is to change the outcome of the battle.

“If that’s the case… I feel sorry for you, Madara…” At the end of the Valley of the End fight, Masahiko will have to choose between Hashirama and Madara. And Masahiko will, without a doubt, choose Hashirama.

After Hashirama left, Masahiko opened his status bar.

Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 21 years old (-)
Endurance: 1045(+) Physique: 903(+) Technique: 4963(+10) (Interchangeable)
Three-Body-Technique : LV10 (100000) Max Level
Throwing-Technique : LV10 (100000) Max Level
Dust Release (Jinton) : LV7 (1836579/3000000) (+)
Water Attribute : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Lightning Attribute : LV5 (200007/400000) (+)
Sealing Technique : LV8 (1003328/5000000) (+)
Yang-Attribute : LV6 (400000/600000) (+)
Yin-Attribute : LV6 (510000/600000) (+)
Special Skill: Mind’s Eye of Kagura
Mining :LV6 (10030/20000) (+)
Black-Smithing : LV8 (40059/60000) (+)
Gambling : Max Level
Rank : S+
Witness Points : 130 Points
“I still have 130 witness points. This is not enough to raise all five attributes to LV5… Then it’s for the Yin and Yang attributes.” Masahiko muttered to himself.

“The last time I spar with Hashirama, I could sense that he was stronger than before. In contrast, Madara must have grown strong too.”

Therefore, if Masahiko wanted to change the outcome of the Valley of the end battle, first, he needed to get stronger.

Masahiko slightly hesitated, then he added 60 points to the Yang Attribute and added 49 points to the Yin attribute.

Yang-Attribute : LV8 (1000000/5000000) (+) (combinable with Yin)
Yin-Attribute : LV8 (1000000/5000000) (+) (combinable with Yang)

“Huh…” Masahiko took a long breath, then let it out, and felt like something inside his body is shifting and changing, a feel of rapid progress. But the combination of the Yin and Yang attributes what surprised him even more.

Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 21 years old (-)
Endurance: 1502(+) Physique: 1398(+) Technique: 6782(+10) (Interchangeable)
Three-Body-Technique : LV10 (100000) Max Level
Throwing-Technique : LV10 (100000) Max Level
Dust Release (Jinton) : LV7 (1836579/3000000) (+)
Water Attribute : LV2 (10000/20000) (+)
Lightning Attribute : LV5 (200007/400000) (+)
Sealing Technique : LV8 (1003328/5000000) (+)
Yang-Attribute : LV8 (1000000/5000000) (+) *can be combined with the Yin attribute.
Yin-Attribute : LV8 (1000000/5000000) (+) *can be combined with the Yang attribute.
Special Skill: Mind’s Eye of Kagura
Mining :LV6 (10030/20000) (+)
Black-Smithing : LV8 (40059/60000) (+)
Gambling : Max Level
Rank : SS-
Witness Points : 21 pts

“SS-! I have finally reached the level of those two beasts, but I’m afraid that even now I’m still far from them, Hashirama and Madara should be ranked SS+…”

Masahiko thought about it, like what if he uses the Senjutsu and the Eight Gates at the same time he should be able to be equivalent to them for a short time. This kind of strength should be enough in the upcoming battle.

“Even if it’s for a short period, it should be enough… And there’s also the new combination of the Yin and Yang attributes, that I don’t know what kind of surprises it will turn out to be!”

However, when Masahiko tried to fuse the yin-yang energy and combine them, he actually failed. This was actually the first time this situation has occurred since he learned about the system.

“So even the system cannot manipulate the order of the Yin and Yang in this world? Or do I lack something else? Hmmm, what else can I do…?” Masahiko murmured and lost in his thought.

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