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L.L.H: Chapter 86: I’m The Legendary Ninja

Masahiko’s Katana trembled for a moment, which made his brows frowning. The thunder bursting out of B’s leg increased, which made his physical strength much powerful.

Masahiko didn’t try to fight back harder and pulled the broker back with him.

“Big brother… Thank you…” Chusuke thanked Masahiko while he was shaking from fear.

Masahiko sighed, “Boy, you’ve exposed my perfect disguise…”

B was also frowning, “A samurai?” He couldn’t believe that his attack got blocked by a mere warrior.

“Ah, haha… Yes… I’m just a humble samurai, do you believe it?”

“There’s no way you’re just a Samurai!” B then shouted, “Super Saiyan: Second Stage!” Opened instantly, Masahiko, at that moment, sighed helplessly.
(T/N: Masahiko is really unreliable narrator xD)

“Flying Lariat!”

Masahiko twitched his mouth, fearing that he will expose his disguise even more. He shook his head then, and waved his sword, and fused Raikiri with the blade of his Katana, making it emitting weird noises.

Initially, he could pierce the body of anyone using it, but facing the next Third Raikage, he could only use the impact to push him away.

“Sure enough, this guy’s body is very hard… I don’t think I can break his defense without using the Dust Release, or the Rasenshuriken combined with the Yin and Yang releases… However, if I use it, I will definitely be exposed this time, right?” Masahiko sighed, feeling confused. All that he did until this moment turned out to be a waste.

B frowned, he was about to smash his elbow down on Masahiko’s neck, but the moment the Kenkiri’s lightning hit his chest it dissipated, without leaving a trace on B’s body.
(T/N: Raikiri: Kenkiri: Ken is a sword.”

“Sure enough, you’re a Shinobi… Such a special lightning Ninjutsu should only belong to a famous person in the Shinobi World. Who are you, and why did you join them?”

Masahiko took a deep breath, then strangely, he smiled, “It’s not necessary anymore to pretend to be a samurai. I came here to learn the Lightning Chakra Mode, and as for the name… Since you’ve asked so nicely, I will tell you mercifully, I’m the legendary Shinobi… Namikaze Minato!”

For a moment, the field became so quiet; everybody was trying to remember who this Namikaze Minato is…

After a while, the old man rushed to speak, “Oh Lord Namikaze, please protect our caravan. When we reach Kumogakure, The two elders will definitely thank you generously!”

Masahiko felt a headache at that moment. It was all caused by the blond hair… This time, he got himself in big trouble, thinking, “Should I just kill them all?”

Masahiko looked around, and it seemed that everyone suddenly could feel his bloodlust.

“Big brother, Minato! You are so powerful!” The broker shouted, and Masahiko could only sigh helplessly.

“What a kind person I am…”

Unbeknownst to the other, B didn’t wait for him and instantly launched an attack. After blocking his attack Masahiko had a strange feeling.

In the air, Masahiko clenched his teeth, “This guy is so evil, he’s not giving me a break at all. I’m an old man for god sake…” Masahiko then landed on the ground smoothly. Fortunately, he subconsciously blocked B’s attack with his sword but ended up cracking two ribs.

Masahiko eyes twitched because of the sharp pain, rubbing his chest, he took a deep breath.

“Sneak attacking… Isn’t this too cheap for you?” Masahiko wanted to add a few words, but B rushed again. This time Masahiko was prepared.

“Doton: Earth Flow Spear!” The shout came from the side, the mustache guy from before used this Ninjutsu quickly on the battlefield, changing its shape, with rock spears emerging from the ground all around.

B didn’t need to evade it, he decided to crush it directly by the momentum he gained from his fast, but Masahiko needed to face two attacks at the same time.

At that moment, Scarface rushed to the front to block B’s charge.

“Masajuro! Although you’ve defiled the spirit of the samurai, I will help you, this is not the kind of the opponent that you should fight alone, let’s join our forces!”

Masahiko smiled bitterly, how many plots did you miss? And to hell with your samurai’s spirit, this is Naruto’s world.

Join our forces, he said…

The moment he stood in front of B’s way, the latter got extremely angry, and his lightning turned black. Scarface got directly bombarded, then flew toward Moustache’s direction, and the two disappeared out of the scene.

What a sad, dark scene…

“Wait, what? Dark…? Black?” Masahiko mumbled, “Black Lightning!”

As soon as he thought about it, Masahiko infused the Yin and Yang into the Lightning Release, transforming the color of the lightning flow in the blade of his long sword into black jade.

“Ha! I learned a new skill…”

Frowning at him, B felt that Masahiko’s Black Lightning was a little different from the one he uses, but he didn’t think much about it and kept charging toward him extending his four fingers.

Masahiko was cautious, the Third Raikage was known as the strongest Raikage. And he was also the strongest spear technique user, one simple mistake, and Masahiko would be missing some of his meat…

“Lord B!”

Just when both of them were about to clash again, B heard screams coming from behind. The little old man took this chance to catch the ten children that have come with him.

“You (Nice) shameless (Job) bastard (Dude)!) Masahiko muttered, then felt relieved, knowing that this fight probably won’t continue.

B fell back, then when the caravan guards and everyone escaped, he rushed toward the kids, he didn’t try to chase them, but still, he took an in-depth look at Masahiko, and shouted.

“Namikaze Minato! I will remember you!” After saying this, he turned and left with the kids.

Masahiko couldn’t help but cry, “He will definitely remember Namikaze Minato… This might cause me troubles in the future.”

Then the caravan boss came to Masahiko, but now he’s showing him more respect, “Lord Minato, would you please escort us for a while. After reaching Kumogakure, our two elders will definitely pay for your troubles.”

“Which two elders?” Masahiko asked, and thought to himself: “This whole situation shouldn’t be just a mere coincident…”

Sure enough, the old man answered, “The legends of Kumogakure, Lord Kinkaku and Ginkaku of the Gold and Silver Horn!”

Masahiko almost laughed, feeling that he had won the lottery.

The caravan just like before carried on its journey.

Well, it wasn’t exactly the same, there were some differences. Now the samurai and the Shinobi showed Masahiko more respect than before and the broker… he became noisier.

“Big brother Minato you are so strong!”

“Brother Minato, where are you from?”

“Big brother Minato, I also have the Lightning Release, can you teach me a Ninjutsu?”

Masahiko felt like the time has come for him to meet his nemesis… But by going with the name Namikaze Minato, he felt something will go wrong.

What was left of the distance was smooth sailing… Not only that no one has attacked them, but even the help that the old man talked about before also didn’t show up; thus, they didn’t stop again. In the evening, the caravan finally managed to reach Kumogakure.

“The First step is done!” Masahiko sighed, “The second one can be omitted… It seems that I’ve cheated my way through the level…”

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