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L.L.H: Chapter 85: Underestimate

Half an hour after Masahiko joined the caravan, they finally took off.

Masahiko looked around and frowned. By using his perceptual ability, he could sense there was one Jonin mustached guy, and eight suspected shinobi in the caravan, And several samurais with unknown strengths. Scarface said that this task might be rated as an S-Rank mission in Konoha.

“What the hell are we escorting?” Masahiko muttered to himself, he’s inquisitive.

He looked around and noticed that no one is paying attention to him. Masahiko then sneaked to the nearest carriage and wanted to open the drape covering it.

“Big brother! You’re here too!” Shouting this in his ear, frightened Masahiko.

Masahiko reluctantly turned around and the boy was there. Masahiko didn’t know when did he sneak behind him.

“Oh, boy! Congratulation to you…” Masahiko fake smiled at him.

The boy didn’t notice that fake smile across Masahiko’s face, and said: “I said I’m a man! My name is Chusuke. What is your name, big brother?”

Masahiko sighed, hiding his identity while traveling like this is really inconvenient. If he’s not careful, he might end up having a younger brother that he should look after…

“Okay, Chusuke-Boy… Broker?” Masahiko got shocked slightly, “Your name is strange… My name is Masajuro.”
(T/N: Chusuke name means broker or intermediary in Chinese.)

Chusuke got silent for a moment, wondering why Masahiko would make a comment on his name while the latter’s name is stranger.

During the trip, Masahiko had a small tail behind him all the time. Chusuke kept asking this and that; thus, Masahiko didn’t have the chance to peek into goods.

“So many words are indeed suitable for a broker…” Masahiko sighed.

“Big brother? What did you say?”


One day later, the caravan entered the range of the Land of Frost, Shimogakure, it’s rumored that the country is still infested by war and still belong to the Warring States Era.

The caravan’s merchants and guards were clearly vigilant. After he tested Masahiko’s strength, Scarface didn’t pay much attention to him anymore, but in these circumstances, he came over to him.

“Hey, new warrior! Let us put aside our problem. If someone attacked us, I will need you to protect the boss. I hope you can also protect the goods…”

Masahiko rolled his eyes thinking, “It’s you who have problems.”

But he still replied, “Relax, I know already, protect the goods, and help others kill others…”

Scarface was silent for a while; apparently, he didn’t like Masahiko’s attitude, but still, he understood what he meant, so he nodded and turned away.

On the side, the broker came again, “Big brother, are you that powerful? The captain even talks to you in person.”

Masahiko: “…”

Unexpectedly, two days passed quickly, the caravan was about to leave the territory of the Land of Frost and immediately enter the Land of Lightning, but there wasn’t any disturbance on the way.

In the past two days, there have been several groups of Shinobi from Shimogakure, who have been watching the caravan far away. But none of them have tried to attack, or even approach the caravan as if they avoided them tacitly.

Masahiko didn’t understand and didn’t want to try and figure it out. No one could threaten him anyway. And he just needed to follow the caravan into the Cloud Village.

Two hours later, the caravan officially stepped out of the borders and entered the Land of Lightning. Several towering cliffs appear in front of Masahiko, atop of the cliffs, the sky was filled with endless thunder that echoed into Masahiko’s ear.

“So, this is the Land of Lightning?” Masahiko murmured, “Finally I can see the world, I should have done this years ago…”

Masahiko and the others finally reached the territory of Kumogakure. The guards were obviously relieved. Scarface, well, his face was still as scary as always, and Chusuke breathed out a sigh of relief and said: “Big brother, I didn’t expect such a smooth…”

Masahiko sighed, “Not really…” He could notice that the closer they got to the land of lightning, the more nervous the caravan boss seemed, it looks that they were really delivering something dangerous…

“What is this? The amount of Chakra… It must be S-level ninja, this will be really troublesome.”

“Huh? Why does it seem like there are ten other people with him? Isn’t he already enough?” Masahiko frowned, and he could sense eleven Chakra reactions not far away, the strongest is dangerous enough, with the need to mention his underlings.

Sure enough, when the caravan traveled one more kilometer further, they finally met the people that Masahiko sensed a while ago. The ten looked like children, who he estimated that they didn’t graduate from the Ninja Academy yet, headed by a nine-foot-tall man, in his early twenties, with a dark complexion, but not really vicious.

The moment Masahiko saw that person’s face, his face got pale, “I underestimated the situation, his more than just a bit troublesome…”

The caravan guards were on alert, and Scarface was about to speak when the boss stopped him.

The little old man shook his head bitterly, and said, “Lord B, I didn’t expect you to come here in person…”

“So he was B, or should I call him the next A?” Masahiko murmured.

From the very first generation of Raikages in Kumogakure, the village has always had the AB combination. A is the Raikage, and the man who is chosen to be his right hand will be called B.

Killer B is the one that Masahiko was familiar with from the anime, but he’s not born yet.

The Second B didn’t answer, but turned to the children behind him, and said lightly, “I will fight now, and the rest of you will watch and learn!”

After saying that, he turned again to the caravan.

Scarface looked dignified, he quickly stepped forward and made a backward gesture, then one of the guards came to his side, it was the mustached guy that Masahiko identified before as a Jonin. Then Scarface waved his hand again, and again, and again…

Masahiko finally reacted, “Huh? Me?”

Scarface turned his head frowning, “You said, protect the goods, and help others kill others. This man is not an ordinary opponent. I’m afraid the others can’t handle him. We three will join our forces together!”

Masahiko scratched his head, sighed, then took the 500,000 Ryo out of his pocket and shoved it to the caravan boss. “Here, I don’t want the money…”

The little old boss paid a part of the money in advance because he knew that they will be attacked by such a dangerous opponent. Of course, he knew that it was in order to prevent bailing the task, but Masahiko didn’t expect that…

“Big brother! How can you do this?” The broker shouted before the old man could even speak.

“The new generation really can’t be trusted! Let’s go,” Scarface shouted.

Masahiko sighed, “Dead men walking…” Sure enough in the next second, B flashed, and the two got bombarded away.

The little old man got stunned, “Lord B, why are you doing this?”

B didn’t speak and continued walking toward them, showing his determination.

The old man says, “Everyone, attack him! We will get help soon!”

“Ah…” The other guards looked at each other and didn’t move, but the broker instantly shouted and rushed in.

B looked at him as if he was a little ant crawling on the ground, then rushed to crush him.

Suddenly, Masahiko’s long sword and B’s right leg clashed on each other, emitting a loud roar.

The lightning’s shockwave made Chusuke stunned.

Masahiko’s face was bitter, “Why the hell did it end like this? I just wanted to enter Kumogakure. If I don’t use my Ninjutsu, I’m afraid this guy will kill me…”

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