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L.L.H: Chapter 90: Commissioning

“It’s another good day…” Masahiko sighed, opened the window, and it was sunny, “Eh, it seems like a sight from yesterday.”

“Land of Lightning… Is that mean that there are only thunder and no rain?” Masahiko muttered. He has been in this country for a few days, he always hears the rumbling sound of thunder, but not even a drop of rain ever falls here.

“Well, got to pack things up, No one will ever call me Namikaze Minato when I return next… Wait, why is this guy here? How did you found my hotel?”

“Namikaze Minato, come with me.” It was the same tone, the same phrase, and the same person, but Masahiko’s answer was different this time.

“No, I won’t go!” Masahiko turned around, then walked away. He’s now debt-free!

B frowned, “My brother is looking for you!”

Masahiko snorted, “You’re brother, your uncle, I don’t care!”

“We terminated the employment contract yesterday, and I’m in no debt to you, what do you want from me?”

At that moment, B actually squeezed out a smiley face, then took some money out of his pocket, and handed it to Masahiko.

Masahiko looked at it, took it, and nodded; there was actually five million Ryo, which made him thought to himself, “So they’ve actually bought my avaricious act? And they’re trying now to bribe me, but I’ve already decided…”

B pushed the matter even more, and said, “I have a mission that is very suitable for you, it will only take ten to fifteen days. And these five million Ryo will be the task’s reward.”

“A mission that suits me? Five million? It must be an S-level mission …” Masahiko frowned. He didn’t lack money, but he got curious now.

Noticing how Masahiko got tempted, B said, “Come with me and let my brother give you a brief look into the details of the task.”

Masahiko then followed him to the Raikage building and saw the second Raikage there behind his desk.

This time the moment the Second Raikage met him, he immediately said, “Namikaze Minato, how good are you at blacksmithing?”

Masahiko frowned, and said secretly, “So he needs my help to forge something? But…” He quickly responded with a smile, “My Blacksmithing ability is LV8.”

This time the Second Raikage was the one who’s frowning; obviously he was trying to understand what an Lv8 Blacksmithing is.

After a moment of awkward silence, B coughed twice.

The second Raikage then came back to his sense, he looked at Masahiko and started to feel that this is a mistake, he’s obviously unreliable, and he shouldn’t give such a task to him…

Masahiko scratched his head, “Look if you don’t have anything to say, then I have to leave, the caravan will leave soon.”

The second Raikage then took a deep breath and finally made up his mind, “There’s a mission for you, and it’s related to blacksmithing.”

“You have seen the inside of our Blacksmith house before; don’t you feel that there aren’t enough workers there?”

Masahiko nodded, “Didn’t they get transferred to make some sort of cannons?” Masahiko was also curious about this because he didn’t remember there’s ever any cannons in Kumogakure…

The Second Raikage got stunned for a moment. And he cursed the Golden-Silver horn brother secretly in his heart. This is a confidential matter; they shouldn’t let anyone know about this, especially an outsider.

He sighed and then said, “It’s a special weapon called Chakra Diffusion Cannon. The task is for you to infiltrate into the blacksmith team and then steal the schematic of the weapon, or even steal a finished product.”

Masahiko smile slyly, “Interesting, the lord Raikage of the Kumogakure has entrusted me with a mission to steal Kumogakure’s secret weapon. Sorry, I’m busy, goodbye!”

“Wait a minute!” The second Raikage raised his eyebrows; apparently, Masahiko’s way of talking was too far.

“B! Give him a detailed introduction!” The Second Raikage obviously doesn’t want to talk with Masahiko anymore.

Later, B briefed him into the details of this mission and the Kinkaku Force’s current situation in Kumogakure.

“So what kind of artillery are they making? And is it related to the materials that we have escorted before? How strong is this artillery will be?” Masahiko asked, and while frowning, he thought, “If I didn’t interfere, the materials delivered by the caravan would have definitely been intercepted by B. I accidentally made a serious mistake here…”

There was a moment of brief silence, then B said, “I don’t really know about the specific power of this cannon, but it is said that it’s as strong as Bijuudama. Oh, you may not know what a Bijuudama is…”

Masahiko didn’t listen to a single word B has said after that. The power of Bijuudama is something he has already known and experienced firsthand…

“Hey Kumogakure, tell me, how come there’s such a forbidden technology like that going on in here? Ow, I forgot, it’s because of my stupidity…” Masahiko’s heart was troubled; this kind of power is not really a problem for him. But it will be a different story if there are five of that…

“Why do I always end up in such situations…” Masahiko sighed, then looked at B, who was still explaining how big the ratio of a Bijuudama, and asked:

“Why did you entrust me with such responsibility?”

The second Raikage, who was watching all of this time, said, “You have all rights to ask this question. There’s not many shinobi who can do blacksmithing, and you’ve already worked with them before. It will be easy for you to gain their trust.”

Masahiko frowned, “I’ve been going in and out of this building for these past two days, won’t they get suspicious?”

“You don’t have to worry about this.” B said, “The Golden-silver horn brothers have been out of the village for quite a long time!”

Masahiko froze, then his face turned pale.

“So I’ve suffered all of this for nothing, they were out the whole time. No wonder I didn’t meet them yet… if I could just use my Mind’s Eye of Kagura technique.” Masahiko didn’t use his Mind’s Eye of Kagura from the moment he stepped into the Kumogakure village. He wasn’t sure if they had any defensive enchantments against perceptual ninjas.

“So I was seeking an adventure and went to the Kumogakure, I didn’t gain much, helped some guys build a freaking cannon in Naruto’s world, and now I need to solve it… Perfect, just perfect.” Masahiko felt nothing went well from the moment he left Konoha, and start to think that maybe he’s more suitable for paperwork like old Naruto…

“Okay, I will take this mission,” Masahiko promised and got ready to quickly solve this cannon matter, and maybe when Masahiko goes back to Konoha, he will help to arrange an alliance with them.

The Second Raikage nodded, “That’s it then! I will arrange the preparations.”

Masahiko just nodded, then remembered something. “Wait! I need to talk with someone from the caravan first!”

The Raikage frowned, “The caravan boss…? He’s also involved with Golden-Silver Horn Brothers.”

Masahiko shook his head, “No, not him. I just need to say goodbye to one person.”

The second Raikage didn’t refuse. Masahiko then rushed to Chusuke’s place, just in time when he was about to leave.

“Big brother?’ Chusuke got surprised, “I was about to go to find you!”

Masahiko smiled, “I suddenly received a task. You should go back first. Half a month, or a month at max, I promise I will come to your village to find you.”

Chusuke got stunned, “Oh, okay then, Big Brother!”

He merely said a few words, then the Broker left.

“For now, let’s focus on this dark forbidden technology of Naruto world…”

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