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L.L.H: Chapter 91: Chibi Rock Lee!

Half a month later.

“Master Minato! Thanks to you, the development of the Chakra Diffusion Cannon is faster than expected!”

“Good, carry on…” Masahiko nodded, then sighed.

Half a month ago, after receiving the order from the second Raikage, Masahiko easily blended into the crafting team. He didn’t really have a hard time mingling in, but the second Raikage had several cronies there. Obviously, he can’t just trust an outsider; he needed more “insurance.”

The guards here are parts of the Gold and Silver Horn goons. At first, they were very wary of Masahiko, but later after they knew that Masahiko was part of the caravan escort team and the one who managed to protect the caravan from B, they trusted him more.

During these two weeks, Masahiko successfully gained the trust of the blacksmiths with his superb forging and crafting skills. Now, everyone in the workshop is addressing him as “Master Minato.”

“So, with my help, the chakra diffusion cannon will be ready earlier than expected?” Masahiko snickered.

In these days, with his help, the pace of the research and improvement has rapidly increased, but every time they tried to cast or forge the parts, troubles always follow, and these part ends up being scrapped. Now the materials are getting more limited, and they had only enough for eight to seven cannons.

“The last one, I will give it to you… But I will also leave a little parting gift…” Masahiko mumbled.

Masahiko secretly added a special seal on the cannon, The Spirit Seal.

This new skill Masahiko has only acquired after his seal propriety reached LV8, and he first used it in this place.

This seal works the same way as one of the Six Paths Treasure Tools (Shickiseiken), which is currently in the hand of the Gold and Silver Horn Brother, and it activates by words.

Therefore, Masahiko didn’t really care about the Six Path Sacred Treasures, because with the current level of his spirit sealing mastery, he can “hack” his way to get the abilities of the Six Path Sacred Treasures.

“After this, I will be able to open a home artifact store in Konoha, selling Counterfeit Six Paths Sacred Treasures… I hope Hagoromo won’t sue me for copyright infringement…”

This sealing word that Masahiko has added to the chakra blast cannon was very basic, it activates with just a simple trap-word.

As for the trap-word…

He didn’t know why, but whenever he saw the Chakra Diffusion Cannon, Masahiko though of a classic scene from a movie he saw in his previous life, Clash of Titans.

So at the right moment, Masahiko only needs to scream…”RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!”

When Masahiko was still giggling in the back, he suddenly heard a huge rumbling sound in the distance, then someone said, “Success! Success!”

A blacksmith rushed over to Masahiko and says, “Master Minato! It’s successful!”

Masahiko sighed and smile a little, “It’s successful indeed!”

But deep inside, he thought, “When I unleash the spirit seal, you will not be as happy as now…”

In the distance, where the chakra blast cannon projectile exploded, a vast crater got created there. The trees in miles’ radius were destroyed, and the smoke was rising.

Masahiko pulled his head back in awe, “It is really a forbidden technology. This explosive power, I think it’s on par with five or six-tails’ Bijuudama.”

“Master Minato, all this success is because of your hard work. We will speak on your behalf with the two Elders!” The two elites who were responsible for testing the cannon praised Masahiko.

Masahiko just smiled, this was the only kind of flattery that didn’t make him feel proud, and since his work was finished, he turned away and left… The two Elite Jonin then turned around and said to the rest of the blacksmiths, “And for rest of you, the two elders will surely remember all of your work. We will find a way to find more materials to build more cannons. And it’s estimated that in one or two years, we will reach for you again!”

The blacksmiths all rejoiced and responded excitedly.

Masahiko frowned, “They’re getting more materials? It seems that I have to take care of the Gold and Silver Horn Brothers quickly… Although this weapon needs two elites to work… the power is too strong…”

Rejecting the celebration feast that got held for the blacksmiths, Masahiko didn’t have any intention to blend with the blacksmiths anymore and walked away to the Raikage Building without even hiding his traces. He intended to let the Gold and Silver Horn Brother know about him, and the Raikage’s commission, after he decided to go back to Konoha.

The moment he stood in front of the Raikage building, he heard the Second Raikage shouting, “How dare they?!”

Masahiko scratched his head, not knowing who got on his nerve. When he said hello to the guard, he immediately went up to report.

A few seconds later, the Raikage could be heard saying, “Let him come up!”

Masahiko didn’t wait any further, he went straight upstairs, and there he saw the Second Raikage and B already waiting for him.

“I’m here to hand in the report of the mission.” Masahiko initially thought that the Raikage will ask him why he didn’t hide his traces, and use the transformation technique. He didn’t expect the Raikage to turn a blind eye about this.

“So the mission is over? Is there any final product?”

Masahiko rolled his eyes, “What do you think? Isn’t that obvious from the huge explosion?”

“Do you have the drawing of the weapon? Give it to me!”

Masahiko raised his hand and point to his head, “It’s all here, I will draw it for you. Do you have a CAD program?”

“What Cat? What does a cat have to do with this?” The Second Raikage was aggressive.

“Relax, I knew you wouldn’t have it. Just give me a pen and paper, I will draw it now. Don’t blame me if the lines aren’t straight.”

Masahiko began to draw, with a big smile. “Well, my professional skills and knowledge from my previous life haven’t been used for more than 80 years. This is the first time that I had to draw in this world… Hmmm… I think it would be better if I have more pens and a square ruler, and maybe a compass, and… ahh… Now how can I…” Of course, Masahiko was not prepared to give him the correct drawing.

While drawing, Masahiko remembered how the Raikage was shouting earlier, and asked him casually, “I just heard you yelling before, what’s up?”

The Second Raikage looked like he was about to speak, but B interrupted him, “Big brother…”

“It’s okay.” The Second Raikage said, “This can’t be hidden. Sooner or later, everyone will know that the war is about to break out!”

Masahiko looked up instantly in confusion, “War?”

“Those damned Gold and Silver Horn brothers secretly integrated into Tanigakure and suddenly attacked Yugakure. After they destroyed the Land of Hot Water, a new hidden village has been established there. Then they declared war on Konoha!”

“Besides that, Namikaze Minato, Kumogakure has decided to continue to hire you. You will fight with us against Konoha. After you finish your drawing, we will discuss the commission!”

Masahiko’s face changed, “The Land of Hot Water is destroyed? Chusuke… war with Konoha? Hire me?”

Masahiko smiled bitterly, “What did I do this time…”

“What’s wrong? Minato, just finish the drawing, and then we will discuss the rest…”

Masahiko sighed, then looked up. Facing the Second Raikage of Kumogakure, Masahiko smiled widely, until his front teeth were exposed, while showing the drawing to him,
“Taraaa! Chibi Rock Lee!”