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L.L.H: Chapter 92: Superman Punch Technique

Inside the Raikage building, there was a long awkward silence.

Masahiko’s sentence “Chibi Rock Lee” emitted in B and the Raikage’s ears. Although none of them knew what Chibi means, or who’s even Rock Lee, it didn’t sound to them like it was a good word…

“You…” The Second Raikage slammed the table in front of him and was about to say something but Masahiko interrupted:

“You, me, him, I don’t care! I’m not in the mood to play with you two, goodbye!”

Masahiko blasted out the wall open on his side and then flew out.

“A flying Shinobi…? You bastard! You dare to sneak into my villager, I won’t let you leave!” The Second Raikage could quickly recover from his shock, then shouted.

“B, chase him!”

Masahiko’s heart moved at that moment, “You bastard?” Instantly Masahiko used a hand sign, and transforms his body to look like Naruto’s version of the mummy, the second Tsuchikage, Mu, yeah just Mu, and then performed a hand seal, “Dust Release – Atomic Dismantling (alt. name of Detachment of the Primitive World)!”

“It’s really you!” The Second Raikage shouted loudly. At the same time, the white ray came striking down the Raikage building and turning it into dust.

“Nothing? Did he manage to escape?” Masahiko frowned, then rushed to the ruins of the Raikage building, but the second Raikage was nowhere to be found.

Sensing that more and more Kumogakure’s ninjas were approaching the scene, Masahiko was no longer willing to say, and sighed, “Now it’s more important for me to find the Broker and kill the Gold and Silver Horn Brothers…” He then quickly flew away.

“Big brother!” Seeing Masahiko leaving, B appeared from the side rubbles, then rushed to the ruins of the Raikage building.

“I’m fine! Bah!” The Second Raikage spit out the dust in his mouth.

B, you should be faster than him, chase him out, and drag him outside of our village… We can’t afford to fight him near our Village. I will join the fight later with more reinforcement!”

In midair, Masahiko was flying at a fast pace, and secretly cursing himself, “This entire trip was for nothing! How can I be this stupid? I should have noticed it when the caravan didn’t get attacked in that village… I hope Chusuke is fine.”

“Huh?” Masahiko frowned upon feeling the strong wind coming from behind and quickly landed on the ground.

After he fell to the ground, a strong man hit the field behind, leaving a massive cavity around him.

From his squatting position, the man stood tall again and stared at Masahiko.

Masahiko looked at him, then at the sky, and twitched his mouth, “Superhero landing, really?! And how the hell did he do that? I flew a hundred kilometers, and he managed to catch up to me with jumping?”

This mysterious man that chased Masahiko was B. Just when he left the Land of Thunder, B started chasing him.

“Shall I fly again?” Masahiko flew higher this time toward the borders of Yugakure.

“No, you won’t!” B shouted and jumped again toward Masahiko. Masahiko greeted him with his sole, kicking him right in the face. B fell, while Masahiko floated higher due to the recoil.

“Oh, now you have really done it, kid! Although, now that I’m flying even higher, you won’t be able to reach me… Still, I’m very upset now! Say, boy, have you ever heard of Superman Punch?”
“Hachimon! Seventh Gate of Life, KAI! Senjutsu-Sage Mode, KAI!”

Masahiko flew upward, then he flipped his body quickly, facing B below on the ground. Masahiko was crashing down to the ground faster and faster with each second, extending out his arm with a clenched fist.

B was watching this, but he didn’t budge at all, he was very confident in his physical abilities and Black Thunder, and he decided to challenge Masahiko heads on. He opened his Chakra Mode, making his entire body enveloped by lightning chakra, then aimed his palm at Masahiko.

Just before colliding, Masahiko whispered, “Earth Release: Earth Spear! Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique!”

His falling speed suddenly increased even more making the sheer momentum of his body terrifying.


After a loud roar, Masahiko stood aside, then closed both the Sage Mode and the Seventh Gate, rubbing his hands while looking at the bottomless hole in front of him, “With your insane hard skin you won’t die… But I’m afraid that even with my Earth Release LV I won’t be able to dig a way out to escape, maybe with dust release… You know what? Maybe he’s dead.”

Masahiko sighed and quickly flew away.

Ten minutes later, the second Raikage arrived accompanied by several elite Jonin. There he sees the humanoid-shaped hole.

“B!” The Raikage shouted down, then looked around, but he couldn’t find Masahiko anywhere. With a sigh of relief, the Shinobi began to dig in the ground.

Only half an hour later, they finally reached the deepest point in that pit where B was lying there, the scene was really miserable, his right arm was abnormally twisted, and there was a scar with the form of a fist on his chest.

The Second Raikage quickly checked on him, he was just in a coma, which made him feel a little bit relieved, B wasn’t in a life-threatening condition, and he will pass this through.

After being very quiet for a while, he couldn’t help but say, “Is the Second Tsuchikage actually this strong?”

“Second lord, what should we…” A shinobi asked.

The Raikage frowned, “You two, take B back to the village. Make sure he’s treated well! The rest, come with me, we will go find the Gold and Silver Horn Brothers, and that damned deceiving Tsuchikage!”

At that time, Masahiko was already flying over Yugakure. The once beautiful city got turned now into ruins, while some of the native ninjas were seen strolling around what’s left of the streets, preparing to rebuild a new hidden village here.

“Kagura Mind!”

Masahiko used the Mind’s Eye of the Kagura and scan the field, after a few moments, he frowned.

“I can’t sense Chusuke’s chakra, damn…”

Keeping his technique active, Masahiko swept the entire field. But still, he couldn’t find Chusuke’s chakra.

“Did you go to the Land of River?” Masahiko could only comfort himself.

Masahiko circled one more time around the place, just to check out, but the result remained the same, yet he sensed a familiar chakra.

“Nine tails chakra! The Golden and Silver Horn Brothers are here! I have finally found you, but what the heck is this insane amount of Chakra…”

“Their chakra is higher than mine, it seems… these two brothers’ strengths are really something; they are even stronger than their Edo-Tensei counterparts… I’m afraid that each of them alone is stronger than the Second Raiakge. Together with their Six Path’s Treasures Tools, their strength…”

“I will go search for Chusuke. If I don’t find him, I will kill you both here with my own hands…” Masahiko sighed, then flew toward the River Village.

Masahiko flew to the direction of the Land of River, then he floated over the border of Yugakure and tried to sense Chusuke’s chakra.

“Nothing… Maybe he has escaped to another country? If you’re really in Yugakure, I hope you didn’t act so recklessly in front of the Gold and Silver Horn Brothers…”

Masahiko thought about it, then smiled bitterly, “This kid is really such a reckless one…”

Masahiko looked up, then sighed, “It’s settled then… Gold and Silver Horn Brothers, death is coming for you!”

Suddenly Masahiko sensed a familiar chakra approaching.

“The Second Raikage? What is he doing here? And he even brought a lot of Shinobis!”

“How did he escape my Dust Release? This is out of my consideration…” Masahiko looked at his own status; he only has 70% of his chakra left. He needs to find a place to restore his chakra. Only with his full chakra, he can kill the three of them together.

Thinking of this, Masahiko froze for a moment, “Wait? Why do I have to fight alone? Why the heck do I need to fight these three beasts by myself? The Gold and Silver Horn Brothers declared war on Konoha, and if I go back and bring Tobirama with me, no matter how strong they are, we will always win.”

Masahiko twitched his mouth a little, scolding himself; even at such an old age, he still fantasies of being a lone hero that can save Tobirama’s life alone.

“Screw this lone hero shit! I have friends now! I will return to Konoha and bring back an army with me!”

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