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L.L.H: Chapter 94: Alliance

The Uzumaki Station.

Masahiko is learning to play Shogi with his nephew.

“So Masaki, shortly after I left, you resigned from the elder position of Konoha, and the family didn’t send any replacement?”

Masaki put his pawn on the board and smiles, “Second Uncle, you lost again.”

Masahiko frowned; he has lost for ten consecutive times, which made open at his status bar. The Shogi Skill has appeared. But how matter he wanted to win at least once, but he didn’t add points in it. It’s too wasteful to spend witness points for something as trivial as this.

Looking at the grin smug on Masaki’s face, Masahiko couldn’t help but sigh.

“So, before joining the Tobirama’s army, Kenchiro didn’t ask for permission from the clan?”

Masaki smiled a little, then sighed.

“Uncle, do you think our clan should send people too?”

“Of course…” Masahiko’s words got cut short before finishing his sentence.

In his mind, Masahiko wants the Uzumaki clan to always keep in contact with Konoha and, if possible, have several clan members to live there, in order to avoid the disastrous fate that Uzumaki clan will face in the future. But thinking about it, maybe the crisis can be averted now, the clans ha Masahiko, Nanako, Yuriko, and Kenichiro. But if something happened to them, the clan will be destroyed anyway…

While smiling bitterly, Masaki said, “In fact it’s not only the patriarch and the elders’ opinion, even the villagers and the other tribes are somewhat dissatisfied with Konoha. At the beginning of Konoha’s establishment, beside Hashirama and Madara, there was also you, who have helped a lot behind the scene. After the Senju is re-elected as Hokage, they drove the Uchiha out of the picture. But doesn’t that mean that it’s our time to be in charge of the Hokage position? But no… the most possible candidates for the third generation now are the Tobirama’s disciples, Danzo Shimura and Hiruzen Sarutobi…”

Masahiko sighed with relief, “I know…”

“For this war, The Uzumaki clan doesn’t have to send many people; just ten is enough. It’s just to fulfill our obligation in this alliance.” Masahiko was also feeling helpless; he didn’t expect that there will some conflicts between the Uzumaki and Konoha.

Masaki was relieved. He thought that Masahiko will force the village to send as many shinobi as possible for this war. “Okay, uncle, I’ll tell them.”

Masaki looked at Masahiko’s face, “Come on, uncle, cheer up. After a few days, I will turn 66 years old, I want to do something big, I’m not really sure that I will reach 70…”

Masahiko was quiet for a while, looking at Masaki’s old face, “Nothing makes me happy about this…”

“Well, if that’s your wish, then do it… do you have any ideas?”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure that I want to play another round now…”

“You are picking on me on this game, aren’t you?” Masahiko tries to melt the gloomy situation, then he added a few points to the Shogi Skill, it was really unbearable for him.


After two hours of playing, Masaki’s face turned black, “Uncle, you’ve lied, don’t you? You’ve played this game before, right?”

Masahiko smiled, “Come on, last match, the deciding game!” Masahiko won ten consecutive games during these two hours.

“No more playing, no more, it’s getting late.”

“Don’t you dare…”

Masahiko is about to block Masaki way out when suddenly someone knocked on the door, then walked in; it was Tobirama that has been busy all day.

Masahiko rejoiced, and forgot about his nephew, “Is there any news?”

Shaking his head, “Second Grandpa, we need to wait for a while, I’ve sent a scout there to investigate. Let’s deal with Sunagakure first, if they’re actually fighting with Iwagakure, the two brothers probably might be there too.”

Masahiko then says, “Wait again, huh?!”

This was half a month later. The Sunagakure messenger returned back angrily two days ago, they have finally realized that they have been played. It seems that the war against Sunagakure is about to start.

The war situation in Amegakure got also reported. Iwagakure’s troops are fighting on two fronts against Kumogakure and Kirigakure’s Shinobis, the situation is chaotic and bloody there.

“Are they really ganging up on Iwagakure?” Masahiko felt puzzled, always feeling that something was wrong.

Masahiko is confused about what he should do now.

A couple of days later, a messenger from Kumogakure arrived at Konoha to invite Tobirama to come to Kumogakure and signed an alliance agreement. “Signing alliance treaty?” Masahiko whispered deep inside, he was actually thrilled, “At last, the story has finally returned to the right track! And it has been advanced a lot. Gold and Silver Brothers, here I come!”

In the meantime, Tobirama was hesitating, “Second Grandpa, how about the situation with Sunagakure? And should we go to Kumogakure to sign the agreement? Are they planning something behind our backs?”

“Are the clans of Konoha still refusing to send their shinobi to participate in this war?”
Masahiko frowned.

“No, I already convinced them, they promise to send some elites to join our ranks…”

“Convinced?” Masahiko smirked; it should be a threat…

“Isn’t that what we want? And as for the leading shinobi, I think Nara Shikaryu is a great candidate.”

Tobirama sighed, “Nara Shikaryu will lead the army, and the Uchiha will not join the battle. The three of us will not go. In terms of S-Class shinobi, we are clearly at a disadvantage. I’m not really relieved…”

“The three of us? Of, Kenichiro, he doesn’t have to go with us… Only two of us will be enough. This time if it goes well, we will only have to fight the Gold and Silver Brothers.” Masahiko knows that at the alliance treaty signing the Gold and Silver Brothers will ambush Tobirama.

Looking at Masahiko, Tobirama hesitated first, then ended up agreeing. Tobirama also wanted to bring his six disciples, but Masahiko refused. It’s because the time of the treaty is 4 years earlier than the original story. They will be less useful than the original.

After a little preparation and simple arrangement, Masahiko and Tobirama send the shinobi troop to the west.

Masahiko smiled at Tobirama, “This time you can rest assured, Yuriko is here, she has basically learned all of my techniques except for the dust release. Even Kenichiro couldn’t win against her…” Masahiko felt very proud of his disciples.

Tobirama nodded, “Second Grandpa, I’m not really worried about Sunagakure. But Kumogakure’s condition still weights my mind. Their recent movements are… unusual.”

Masahiko shook his head, “There’s nothing to worry about, the two of us will handle any problem together.”

“Okay, let’s pack up. We should depart early.”

Before going, Masahiko explained the situation to his nephew and asked him to take the elder position for a while, only to keep an eye on Izumi and the Hyuga Patriarch. He estimated that nothing will happen, but if he’s wrong, Konoha will be in a huge mess.

Masahiko then embarked on a journey to Kumogakure again, but this time he crossed the borders showing his true identity and not alone.

Both of them moved very fast and arrived at Kumogakure in two days.

The second Raikage and B greeted them at the entrance of the village. The guy looked fine, if it wasn’t for the punch print on his chest, you wouldn’t tell he was recently injured.

Masahiko sighed, “What a tough bastard…”

“Welcome to our village Second Hokage and Uzumaki Masahiko!” The Second Raikage greeted them warmly.

Masahiko also smiled, thinking, “You wouldn’t be this happy to see me if you know that I’m here to witness your death…”

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