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L.L.H: Chapter 95: A New Name

“Quickly attack him. Kill him already!!”

Seeing how Tobirama and the Second Raikage were about to sign the peace agreement, Masahiko was doing his best to hide how anxious he was.

“Where are the gold and silver brothers? They should assassinate the Second Raikage at any moment.” Seeing the event almost wrapped up successfully, Masahiko couldn’t sense the Gold and Silver Brothers’ Chakra anywhere near them.

“Lord Hokage, with this, for the next war, we are officially allies!” Said the Second Raikage happily.

Tobirama took a quick glance at Masahiko, who was frowning.

“Lord Hokage?”

“Oh, of course, Lord Raikage,” Tobirama looked back at him, “Yes, from now on Konoha will aid Kumogakure in battle, our forces will advance in your territories then we will retreat after the war!”

“Where are they?” Masahiko clenched his teeth, then he used a hand sign with his right, and opened his Kagura’s eyes!

From a very far corner of the village, Masahiko could perceive a massive gathering of Chakras, which he estimated that they should be ninjas guarding the Chakra Diffusion Cannons. But Masahiko didn’t care about that.
“They’re not in the village? What the hell are they doing…?” Masahiko unconsciously whispered, and the Raikage, who was near to him, suddenly raised his head.

“Elder Uzumaki, did you just…”

Tobirama twitched his mouth; it seems that his Grandpa got them into trouble right away after forming the alliance.

Masahiko scratched his head, “Oh nothing, you know, perceptive shinobi sometimes are curious…” He said, then immediately tried to avert the conversation. “Hey, I heard that Kumogakure has two legendary shinobi, the Gold and Silver Brothers. Why aren’t they here?”

The second Raikage took a careful look at Masahiko. “Previously, the Tsuchikage sneaked into my village and made huge chaos. Now the Gold and Silver Brothers are leading Kumogakure’s army to attack Iwagakure.”

Masahiko froze for a moment; they’re really not here, so did they really agreed on forming an alliance this time?

Sure enough, in the next few hours, Masahiko and Tobirama had a great conversation with several people, then they spent an entire night there, where they ate and slept, and nothing ruined the harmony.

On the early morning of the next day, Masahiko and Tobirama took the road toward Konoha and leaving Kumogakure behind their back. None of them spoke a word all the way until they finally put a step out of the Land of Lightning territory, then Tobirama said, “Second Grandpa, you…”

Masahiko sighed, “You go back first. You are still needed in the Land of Sand… As for me, I will go to the Land of Rain to deal with the two brothers. I’m really having a bad feeling about this…”

After a moment of hesitation, Tobirama then said, “Then please be careful, Grandpa…”

“I will try to deal with them in secrecy. I don’t want to ruin our relationship with Kumogakure…”

Tobirama then nodded, “I think that’s the best too. You should also know that Takigakure, who didn’t get offered a Bijuu by my brother a few years ago, is now also planning to make a move. Those people are not weak. And the situation in our territory doesn’t withstand third line combat.”

“The situation is getting more complicated…” Masahiko sighed, “And I know that even the Uzumaki are in a complicated situation now.”

“Okay, I’m leaving!” Masahiko waved his hand and prepared to fly to the Land of Rain.

However, after crossed a few meters away, Masahiko landed again, then he shook his head, smiling at Tobirama, who looked puzzled, “No need to go, they are upfront…”

The moment he sensed that familiar chakra wave was approaching, Masahiko smirked, “Seal of Words and Spirit-KAI!”

“Tobirama! Let’s go!” Masahiko used his sensing ability, then they rushed over. The Gold and Silver Brothers were marching forward along with their famous Kinkaku Force.

Kinkaku didn’t pay much of attention to Masahiko and Tobirama rushing at them at top speed, but focused on the two ninjas responsible for the Cannons, “What’s wrong! Why are you not shooting at them?!”

“I don’t know, sir. The power is full, but it won’t fire…”

“Kinkaku, forget about this junk! They are coming!” Ginkaku interrupted.

Masahiko narrowed his eyes, and noticed the Six Paths’ Sacred Tools on them, then glanced at Tobirama, smiling, “Did you see the things their carrying? Just wait until this Grandpa returns to Konoha, I will make thousands of pirated copies from it and give it to everyone!”

“Kinkaku! The old man is going to steal our baby…”

“Ginkaku, don’t worry about him, he’s nothing but a man that will get buried soon if he doesn’t repair our new toy.”

Masahiko’s face was getting dark as he was about to use the seal, but suddenly he sensed a large number Shinobis approaching behind him.

“The Second Raikage, and B too, no… An army is here!” Masahiko smiled, looking at Tobirama, “It seems that this is the end of our alliance.”

Tobirama looked back and forth for a while, then his expression became more solemn, “Second Grandpa, we have to go all out this time. It will be best for us to wipe out all the elites of Kumogakure at once. Let’s make this the last time we will ever need to worry about them!”

Masahiko nodded and waited for the Raikage’s arrival. The Kinkaku and Ginkaku didn’t do anything too and stood tall beside that horrifying cannon.

Two minutes later, the Raikage and B arrived, followed by dozens of ninjas.

“Hmmm, there are fifty or sixty ninjas from different classes and four S-Class ninjas. The two of us can handle them, but the pressure too great…” Masahiko thought.

“Lord Raikage, what do you mean by this?”

The Second Raikage then waved his hand and looked at Masahiko, “Uzumaki Masahiko, Should I call you that? Or do you prefer, Namikaze Minato?”

“What? Who’s Namikaze Minato?” Tobirama felt confused, he clearly doesn’t know a thing about his Grandpa’s adventure in Kumogakure.

Masahiko smiled awkwardly and looked at the Raikage, “When did you find out?”

“Humph!” The second Raikage snorted coldly. “I felt that something was wrong about you from the start! Then you even dared to disguise as someone as the second Tsuchikage, I will simply put an end to your arrogance, and kill you all together with the Second Hokage!”

Masahiko’s face got pale, then kept quiet for a long time. “Tobirama, this Second Grandpa is getting confused, but I think talking this over won’t solve the problem…”

Tobirama was solely silence…

“You really are Namikaze Minato? Damn you!” In the distance, B suddenly shouted, then with black thunder wrapped around his body, he charged quickly toward Masahiko, “Lariat!”

Masahiko smiled, looking at this familiar technique, then he sighed, “Fifth Gate: The Gate of Limit: Open!” Then charge at him with his elbow.
Upon the impact, B got directly bombarded away, breaking a row of giant trees.

Masahiko smiled again, then looked at the Second Raikage, “Look, are you still convinced that I’m that guy, Namikaze Minato?”

B rushed back at the scene uninjured, then charged at Masahiko again.

“B! Come back here!” Upon hearing this order, B broke his charge, then snorted and backed away.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, needless to say, I know you’re a flying Shinobi, you can escape if you want, but the Hokage won’t leave this place alive today!”

Masahiko smiled and looked at Tobirama, “What do you think? Should I sell you to them and run away?” Tobirama smiled bitterly upon hearing this.

It was clear that the battle is inevitable, but somehow Masahiko was slightly distracted. He lost in his mind thinking, “After this battle, I will be known as a strong shinobi. But this might cause more conflict between the Uzumaki Clan and Konoha… Should I change my name?”

Thinking for a while, Masahiko punched his palm, “To hell with it, it might cause the Uzumaki Clan a lot of problems, but damn my name is too good to be changed!”

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