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L.L.H: Chapter 96: Gold and Silver Horn Brothers

“What’s the meaning of this?” The Second Raikage whispered, with a look disdain, “Kinkaku, Ginkaku, stop playing with your two broken guns, this old guy has already moved his hands on it.”

“Really, A!” Old man, have you broken our new babies?” Ginkaku shouted.

Masahiko smiled and said, “As you can see, I didn’t do anything. But these babies were made by me. It won’t fire to its own father, don’t you think? If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try aiming the barrel to the Raikage!”

“Really?” Ginkaku asked while Kinkaku had already aimed the barrel at Raikage.

Masahiko smirked, then glanced at Tobirama, then the two of them fell back immediately.

“RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” No one understood, but the chakra blast cannon suddenly fired, and with a loud bang, the Raikage disappeared inside the explosion.

“Kinkaku, Ginkaku! You bastards!” The Second Raikage’s loud screaming and shouts emitted from inside the smoke.

“Aw hot damn! The gun now is easy to use, Kinkaku!” Ginkaku said, with a face full of excitement.

“Yeah! Wait?! That old fart is playing us!” Kinkaku’s expression suddenly changed and became furious, then he waved his hand back, “Kill him!”

Masahiko smiles and looked to Tobirama, “I’m gonna leave the Raikage to you, can you handle him?”

Tobirama nodded, “After this blast from that cannon, I guess I’ll be okay!”

“Then, I’m up to kill the Gold and Silver Horn Brothers for you!” Masahiko smiled viciously. “Sage Mode – Transform!”

“The Fifth Gate should be enough. I can only maintain the seventh gate for a limited amount of time…” Masahiko murmured, then he rushes forward, “Jinton – Atomic Dismantling Technique!”

“Doton–Earth Wall!”
“Suiton – Water Wall!”

Twenty ninjas on the opposite side used a multiple defensive Ninjutsu.

“It seems like you’ve never met a Dust Release user before…” Masahiko smirked, then squinted slightly, without stopping his attack.

Sure enough, all defensive techniques got wiped out from the scene in a second. A dazzling white light emitted, and the ground trembled, leaving opponents shrieking in fear.

“Hmm?!” Masahiko frowned, then looked upward above him. The two brothers leaped high above him, then attacked him from left to right.

“Doton – Rock Hardening Technique!” Masahiko hardened both of his arms, then used his fists to block Kinkaku’s Sword and Ginkaku’s Fan attack from both sides. Stopped in their track, Masahiko then used his overwhelming strength to send Kinkaku and Ginkaku flying ten of meters away. Upon hitting the ground, two long gullies got plowed.

Just when Masahiko was gonna take a step forward, he suddenly sensed a huge Chakra waving behind him and dodged it sideways. Unbeknownst to him, a strange thin light beam passed by him. Noticing how Masahiko managed to avoid his attack, the Raikage got stunned for a moment.

“Ranton?” Masahiko was also surprised. He immediately surged his Chakra forming a Rasengan in his hand, “BijuudamaRasengan!”

Masahiko hit the ground, making a distance between him and the Raikage, then turned around frowning.

“Tobirama!!” Glancing at the side, Masahiko finally saw Tobirama getting caught up in a fight with B and several shinobis. He was relieved that Tobirama is still okay.

“Ranton! (Starting a hand sign…)” The Second Raikage was about to unleash another attack, but Masahiko was faster than him, a Bijuudama got formed quickly, then he fired out of his mouth.

The second Raikage stopped his hand signs and then took on a strange posture. The Bijuudama came flying to him, but at the moment of impact, the Bijuudama somehow swirled then vanished.

“What the hell? Kamui?” Masahiko is surprised. “How did the second Raikage manage to use space ninjutsu? Was it not Kamui but something similar…? Is this how he escaped from my dust release before?”

“What the hell are you?” The Second Raikage has just seen Masahiko spit a Bijuudama from his mouth.

Masahiko’s face became serious, “Sixth Gate – Open!”

“Guess what I am!” Suddenly the ground under Masahiko’s foot cracked open as he flashed almost instantly in front of the Raikage, “Let’s see how you will defend against my Taijutsu!”

With one foot, he struck him right in the face and sent him flying.

“Tobirama! I’m sending the Raikage back to you!”

“Huh?!” Tobirama then turned around to see an unknown big object covered in lightning flying to him at high speed. He quickly used The Flying Thunder God, and the ninja who was besieging him got knocked off.

Masahiko was about to pursue the Raikage, but suddenly he got the sudden urge to vomit. “How can the movement speed of my own body makes me feel dizzy?”

“Vomit…” Blue plasma-like fluid came out from Masahiko’s mouth.

“Haha, old man, you’ve just touched my Golden Rope, Kokinjo!” Kinkaku said with a sinister smile.

Masahiko suddenly realized what’s happening, “I thought I was about to faint… It caught me off guard. He sealed my word!”

Masahiko quickly used a hand sign and managed to take back the word’s soul, which was midway flying toward Kinkaku and ate it back…

Ginkaku, who was about rush at him, stopped suddenly, “Kinkaku! The old fart ate the word’s soul!”

“Golden Canopy Rope!” Kinkaku shook his right hand, revealing doubts.

Masahiko smiled disdainfully, “When it comes to Fuinjutsu… I AM YOUR GOD!”

“Sage Mode: Jinton – Atomic Dismantling Technique!”


The brothers looked at each other, then they immediately put on their Tailed-Beast coats. Six tails appeared on each of them. Twelve tails in total were actually enough to block Masahiko’s Dust Release.

“Huh… the last struggle…” Masahiko chuckled. “Then let’s try again, Sage Mode: Jinton: The Atomic Dismantling Technique.”

But Masahiko got surprised again by the two brothers’ actions. The two cloaks suddenly merged together, and nine tails appeared, just like a perfect Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki.

After that, Ginkaku opened his mouth quickly and shoot a Bijuudama that collided with Masahiko’s dust release.

The two attacks got intertwined with each other, without making any sound, but everything that was in the center of that dazzling light that has emitted upon the impact got wiped out.

Even the battle on the other side stopped looking toward Masahiko’s side.

Before the impact, Masahiko put dozens of earth walls in front of him.

“Damn it, these two brothers still have some trick in their sleeves? No wonder they didn’t die with Tobirama.”

The light gradually faded, and everything became calm, Masahiko then shoved the last earth wall in front of him with his palm and looked to the distance.

The Gold and Silver Horn brothers were helping each other stand up, their tail cloak got damaged, but they were obviously uninjured.

“They managed to resist my strongest move?!” Masahiko sighed, “My chakra is not enough for two shots for each of them, but I think one last shoot is enough…”

“Kinkaku, the old man is too strong… let’s withdraw.” Ginkaku said.

Kinkaku was about to say something, but he got interrupted by Masahiko, who has already finished the hand signs and was about to release another Atomic Dismantling Jutsu. However, at the very final moment, he sighed, then flashed away, changing his place.

Suddenly a thunder release hit Masahiko’s initial foothold, “So there’s still two people left from their troop?” Masahiko thought that the blast from before was enough to clear them all.

“Ginkaku! Withdraw!” Kinkaku hurriedly said both of them were already almost run out of Chakra.

“Senjutsu – Rasenshuriken!” Masahiko gave up on the thought of saving Chakra and launched two Rasenshuriken. And after a massive explosion from both sides, everything became quiet again.

Looking at the two brothers who were running away from afar, Masahiko rushed quickly toward them, and with what has left from his Chakra, he shouted, “Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!”

Failed to do the same trick twice, the two brothers got trapped inside the crystal cube and disappeared with it.

“Witness and Completely Change the Story of Naruto World: The Death of Gold and Silver Horn Brothers. Witness Points Obtained +5(*10).”

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