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L.L.H: Chapter 97: Sneak Attack

Sitting on the ground, Masahiko closed his Sage Mode, the Sixth Gate, and even released his transformation technique.

“I really didn’t expect the Gold and Silver Horn Brothers to be that strong. Except for the Seventh Gate, I went all out…”

In his perception, he could still sense Tobirama fighting the Raikage. The Raikage was hurt, and there weren’t that many survivors left from Kumogakure, but Tobirama’s Chakra was about to end, and he could only rely on the Flying Thunder God Technique to work around.

Masahiko sighed, then stood up, “This battle is about to cost me my life old body can’t handle it anymore… If it’s necessary, I will open the Seventh Gate and finish this. I won’t let you die today, Tobirama.”

Masahiko then quickly rushed toward Tobirama.

When Masahiko arrived, he was pleasantly surprised to find that Tobirama has used the Flying Thunder God Technique to attach an explosive tag on Raikage’s body.

He once again used the Flying Thunder God to make some distance, then finally sealed, “Multiplying Explosive Tag!”

Masahiko smiled; it seems that he won’t need to interfere…

However, the Second Raikage also smiled, upon seeing that Masahiko got alerted, then he suddenly was shocked.

“Tobirama, watch out!” Masahiko shouted.

Suddenly a man wrapped in bandages came out of the void, “Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique!”

“Damn, stealth ability? Muu!” As Masahiko was shocked, Tobirama used his Flying Thunder God and disappeared, then flashed again in front of Masahiko, which made the latter slightly relieved.

Tobirama slowly turned to Masahiko, then put a smile on his face that quickly faded away and fall to his knees. Masahiko quickly held him, and at the lower side of his right chest, he saw a gaping hole that exposed his lungs, which looked damaged.

“No! He wasn’t fast enough!” Masahiko bit his finger, “Kuchiyose no Jutsu!”

“Katsuyu-Sama! I don’t have time to explain! Help me treat Tobirama!”

The slug didn’t say anything and quickly attached itself to Tobirama’s body.

“Uzumaki Masahiko, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I didn’t expect that your Dust Release will be so powerful…” Mu slowly said.

Masahiko waved his hand, “Shut up! I don’t have time to talk with you! Katsuyu-Sama, how is he?”

“The situation is not very good, the wound is too deep.”

Masahiko remained silent for a moment, then he turned around and stared coldly at Mu, “You will wish that you’ve never seen me again.”

“Uzumaki Masahiko! What kind of power did you use? It seems that the Gold and Silver Brothers have already died by your hand. In order to kill you and the Hokage, our village suffered heavy losses. You should be proud that you are the only individual that can bear such a threat to us!” The second Raikage slowly said while blood was leaking out of his broken teeth.

Masahiko stared coldly at him this time, “Proud?”

“Eight Gates: The Gate of Wonder, KAI!”

The overwhelming blue steam burst out, and a crackling sound could be heard from Masahiko’s body. Apparently, this continuous battle was putting a lot of pressure on his body.

“Sage Mode – KAI!”

“Be careful, this old man is about to unleash his final shot!”

“Senjutsu – Jinton – Atomic Dismantling!”

Too quick to be avoided, the Second Raikage looked at the Kumogakure’s ninjas behind him, then with a severe expression, he once again took that strange posture, the dust release flew at him, and at the moment of the impact, it twisted, then immediately recovered.

Overwhelmed with panic, the Raikage shouted, “WHAT! The Heavenly Transfer Technique isn’t working!”

Failed to be stopped, the blinding light quickly reached the face of Raikage and his fellows behind him, “How can this…”

“Heavenly Transfer Technique?” Masahiko murmured, “Is there such a way to use it… This is abnormal.”

A series of words then appear in front of Masahiko, “Witness and Completely Change the Story of Naruto – The Death of the Second Raikage. Witness points obtained, +5(*10).”

“Big brother!” B shouted.

“He still has such power?” Masahiko looked at him, “Where is that mummy I’m gonna bury him with my hands.” Muu went invisible again.

Masahiko looked around, but he couldn’t detect Muu’s Chakra with his perception ability.

“I won’t let you run away…” Masahiko rose to the sky.

“Senjutsu – Jinton – Atomic Dismantling!”
“Senjutsu – Jinton – Atomic Dismantling!”
“Senjutsu – Jinton – Atomic Dismantling!”

With six shots in a row, Masahiko completely reshaped the ground around the battlefield.

“Is he still alive?” Masahiko didn’t receive any notice from the system.

“The Third Raikage also ran away?”

Masahiko frowned and quickly landed, feeling that Tobirama’s Chakra becoming weaker and weaker…

Standing next to Tobirama, who was lying on the ground, Masahiko lifted the sage mode and the eight gates and sat on the ground.

“Katsuyu-Sama, is there really no way to save him?” Masahiko felt frustrated and started to blame himself for bringing him to the battlefield.

“I… Don’t know… If he was in the Shikkotsu Forest, my main body would have been able to save him. I’m afraid that in this current situation, it won’t work.”

Masahiko jumped out of his place, “Why didn’t you say that earlier?!”

“Seventh Gate – Gate of Wonder – KAI!” Masahiko opened the seventh gate again, but the sharp pain he was feeling in his body made him frown.

“Katsuyu-Sama, please stick his body, I’ll take will take you both to the Shikkotsu Forest!”


Masahiko then squat lower and lower, with every muscle in his body contracted, he clenched his teeth, then he launched himself with incredible strength to the Shikkatsu Forest, while the sight in his eyes sharper than ever…

After a few minutes, Masahiko could feel the power in his body wearing down. But he frowned, and didn’t close the Seventh Gate, then looked at his property bar.

Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 67 (-)
When Masahiko opened it, his age increased from 66 to 67.

“So opening the seventh gate for a long time does drain your vitality… And that loss of vitality reflects on my attribute as quick aging, which makes me get older faster?”

Masahiko then looked at his witness points; before the battle, he already acquires more than 100 points. Now, after killing the Gold and Silver Brothers and the Second Raikage, he has more than 230 points. He hurriedly used the points to reduce his age.

In this way, Masahiko maintained the state of the Seventh Gate opened and carried Tobirama and Katsuyu on his back, flying from Kumogakure all the way to the Shikkatsu forest. Passing the Land of Hot Water, the Land of Fire, and finally reach the location on the northwest of the Land of Fire.

Less than half an hour, Masahiko looked very old and weak, and he has exhausted all of his witness points. Fortunately, he could still sense that Tobirama’s Chakra hasn’t yet dissipated.

“We finally arrived.” Masahiko kicked Rashomon gate open and walked into the Shikkatsu Forest.

The Slug Sage Katsuyu was already waiting for their arrival at the entrance, and before he could even say a word, it quickly took Tobirama inside.


After a moment, Katsuyu said, “Don’t worry, I will do my best. You need treatment too, rest first…” The slug said.


Masahiko stood there firmly, while the bones in his body could be heard, making cracking sounds, “I’m okay, focus on…”

Halfway through, Masahiko suddenly smiled, “Haha… ha…”

He laughed twice, then faint out and fell on the ground.

Katsuyu looked confused; obviously she didn’t know why Masahiko was laughing.

Before he fainted out, series of words flashed in his mind, “Witness and Completely Change the Story of Naruto World: The Death of Tobirama Senju. Witness Points Obtained +30(*10).”

Masahiko’s last thought was, “Completely change… Tobirama won’t die!”

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