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LLH: Chapter 03: Ambush!

“While you carry the luggage, I will handle the horses, we’re gonna take a safe road to our target…” This was the last sentence that anyone has said since their departure from the Uzumaki clan residence.

Upon seeing this, Masahiko tried to break the ice and started singing the First Opening of the original show, Hero’s Come Back, but alas, the atmosphere got more embarrassing.

In the meantime, Tobirama somehow managed to interrupt him and shifts the topic, “Uncle, I believe you have managed to awake the special perception Ninjutsu of the Uzumaki family. I feel like you need to pay more attention to your surroundings from now on, the Senju has a lot of enemies, and we can’t afford to run into an ambush.”

“I’m Mito’s Second Grandfather, and it would be more appropriate for you to call me Second Grandfather as well rather than ‘Uncle.’ Or maybe we’re not good enough for you to pay us your respect?!” Masahiko decisively took advantage of the situation.

Tobirama’s lip twitched for a moment, then he replied: “N-Not at all… Second… Grandfather, please pay more attention to our surroundings.”

“I see that you’ve finally made your mind. Don’t worry about this old man, kid. If someone appears within a one-kilometer radius, I’ll let you know.” Masahiko replied.

“I’m not worried about you, old man,” Tobirama replied with a cold stare. No longer able to respond, Masahiko realized his mistake and thought, “Maybe I’ve pushed my luck too hard this time…”

Masahiko didn’t care much about this, after a few moments, he started singing again: “COME ON, everybody stands up!”

“Stand Up, the best time is today!”

“Move with blinding speed of hunter, don’t slow everyone down, YEAH!”

“Come On, Everybody Hands Up, our heroes will come back, count down the days, it’s 3-2-1 Make Some Noise…”

(T/N: Lyrics from the first op: Hero’s come back.)

Mito, who was sitting in the sedan, couldn’t help but say, “Second Grandpa, something’s different about you today, did something good happened?”

Masahiko replied, “Doesn’t the song tell it all? The heroes are coming, and I will be alive by the time it happens to make all kinds of noises…”

Everyone except Masahiko looked confused; they couldn’t understand what he was implying…

The group has once again entered an awkward atmosphere, without noticing, those weird noises Masahiko was doing has even made them speed up.

As time pass, they have already crossed half of the distance, and the team is now about to enter a valley.

“Tobirama, this is a suitable place for an ambush, if not, this place wouldn’t be called wild goose valley.”

“It’s a cruel thing for you to do, to bury an old man like me in such a scary place, don’t you think?” Couldn’t stand the quiet atmosphere Masahiko took the initiative to throw a dark joke.

Unfortunately, in this world, there’s no such thing as sarcasm, everyone is too serious, too dark just like DC: “In this case, you should be more careful Second Grandfather.” Tobirama replied with a serious tone that made Masahiko speechless…

“Let’s forget that you’ve ever said that… Anyway, this is really an ambush! However, I don’t understand why they waited until we passed through the valley to attack?!” Masahiko told Tobirama just when they were almost out of the valley.

Tobirama quickly stepped out of the sedan and yelled: “Prepare to fight!” He was sure that the enemies are weaker than his team.

“Wait, this Chakra…” Masahiko murmured, “You fight them, I’ll protect Mito, just be careful.” He said to Tobirama.

Tobirama nodded at him.

Everybody was on guard as they tread slowly out of the valley.

The moment they were outside, they saw seven people standing on the right side of the road. These people didn’t even bother hiding; two of them were in the front and five in the back.

Suddenly a familiar voice emitted from their side, “Long time no see, Tobirama.”

“Uchiha Izuna and… Madara!? Finally, I managed to see the two legendary progenitors of the Uchiha. The five Shinobis behind them should be at least at the peak of Jonin level, just as you expect from the Uchiha Clan.”

“This is bad, big brother is not here with us, and it would be hard to stop Madara.” Tobirama thought. Then he said, “Madara, you and your brother, shouldn’t both of you be celebrating the new year? What are you doing in this desolated place?”

“Of course, I came here to congratulate Hashirama for his marriage,” Madara replied.

Tobirama panicked, thinking if only Hashirama were here…

“Well, Thank you, I’m really grateful.” A familiar voice came from behind the sedan chair as a person appeared from the dark. Tobirama’s eyes suddenly widened, “Brother why are you here?” He looked really confused.

“Well, how can’t I come when my soon to be wife is here waiting for me.”

“Hashirama…” out of confusion, Tobirama kept saying his brother’s name, which made the former come closer and embrace his little brother whispering in his ear: “Just Shut Up.”

Hearing this “familiar tone,” his eyes suddenly became full of awe.

“Impossible, you should be there at the Senju residence preparing for the wedding, why are you here?” Izuna shouted as his eyes were wide open; he used the Sharingan to check Hashirama’s Chakra flow and verify whether he was the real thing or just a clone.

Madara also activated his Sharingan.

However, his Sharingan couldn’t find any flaws. However, to him, Hashirama was also an enemy and a friend for so many years, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off about him.

Without any hesitation, he performed a seal, “Fire Release: Fire Breath,” the fireball flew towards the Senju members and Masahiko.

‘Hashirama’ also performed a hand seal, “Wood Release: Wood Wall,” the wood began to sprout from the ground forming a wall.

The fire hit the wall. However, the flames got exhausted before breaking it, and the Senju and Mito were safe.

“Madara, thanks for the fireworks, hahaha.”

“Since the gift has been delivered, let’s go, Izuna.” Madara turned around as his eyes turned back normal.

“Yes, big brother.” Izuna followed him immediately.



The white smoke came out, and from it, Masahiko emerged saying: “They’re gone, they just left my perception.”

“It’s really you, big… Grandfather. How could you possibly do that?” Tobirama couldn’t help but ask.

“That was not a wood release, I just used an ‘earth release-mud wall,’ and then I used a transformation technique to change its shape to the wood.”

“This is a trick I’ve gained when I reached level 10. I can teach you if you want. Well, as long as we can get there safely, eh?” Masahiko replied.

Tobirama froze in silence; he simply didn’t understand a word…

“Since the crisis has been averted, let’s continue our journey.” After a while, Masahiko said that.

“Hmm?! Oh man, not this again! Why did they come back?!” Masahiko murmured.

Somehow those seven people were standing once aging in front of Masahiko and the others.

“Something just came to my thought. Hashirama, since you’re here, why don’t you try my new trick?” Madara spoke.

“Hey, Hashirama…”

“Hashirama, why are you ignoring me?! Come out of the sedan!”

For a moment, the situation got completely embarrassing, which made Masahiko say, “One more time, thank you for your gift, Madara.”

At that instant, Madara, the greatest ninja of the Uchiha clan, experienced the most embarrassing moment of his life.  In a cranky manner, he turned his head toward Masahiko, saying “It was you? Old man? Is it a Genjutsu? How could you fool my Sharingan?”

“Madara, how can you say this? Among all the opponents I’ve ever met, I admit that your Genjutsu is the strongest. No one is better than you in Genjutsu. It would not be exaggerating to call you the strongest, my techniques are nothing compared to you!” Masahiko was trying his best to talk his way out of this situation.

Feeling like he was being humiliated, Madara started to lose his patience. Suddenly, His hand began to perform a series of seals.

“The other way around then…” Masahiko thought.

Suddenly, Madara noticed a few Shurikens flying from a different direction toward him.

He couldn’t finish the hand seal and had to fall back. Looking up, he saw a few of those Shurikens changing their course to the point where he was currently standing, and the others aimed at his retreat path.

This made him with no choice but to block it with his gauntlet.

“Well, my Shurikens throwing skill is also at level 10,” Masahiko said.

“Madara, like the Transformation technique, even the most basic skill such as throwing Shurikens will grant you a unique ability when it reaches the max level. Just like before, I could change the shape of an Earth Release just by using the Transformation technique.”

“So, I’ll leave you to guess now… What kind of surprise is the Shuriken Throwing Technique hiding?”

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