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LLH: Chapter 07: Teaching!

Masahiko entered his room, thinking, “What an idiot!” While he face-palming himself.

In an attempt to convince Mito, Masahiko could only explain the situation saying with the lamest expression, “Well, your grandpa is genius.” But it was clear that Mito didn’t believe this.

“In other words, if she can’t believe this…” Masahiko murmured.

“Ahh, forget it, just sleep already…” The amount of ‘surprises’ Masahiko made and received during this whole wedding fiasco, made him didn’t get enough sleep for 2 days. And it was already afternoon when Masahiko tried to get some sleep again.

“Ahhh… so hungry… I forgot to have breakfast. No one reminded me to have lunch, and I also didn’t eat last night…. For god sake, I’m an old man, I forgot a lot of things!”

“God! So hungry…” Masahiko has just realized that he hasn’t eaten anything for the past 12 hours.

Outside his room, he asked two Senju clansmen for launch, and they replied that they only eat twice a day.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about this part; this is the warring states period. Generally, there’s no lunch… Eating three times a day is my habit from my previous life… What a stroke of luck…” Masahiko muttered.

Desperately, Masahiko could only ask Tobirama for help. After asking here and there, he found out that Tobirama was in the training ground.

Here in this era, the training ground is divided into four. The first is the largest, mainly used to train full-scale battle simulation or practice with high lethality.

The second is for individuals who already participate in the war.

The third is for war preparation. Generally, it’s for those who are around 12 years.

Sometimes they send them to the battle even earlier. Butsuma’s sons were no different, Hashirama has joined his first battle at the age of 8.

The fourth training ground is for children below the Genin level. They’re considered to be the future of the clan. This place, security is the highest. Even sometimes, the leaders of each branch family can be found here.

“The fourth training ground? Tobirama teaching children? Well, I’ll just visit it. When it comes to the training ground, if I recall, the Uchiha has the biggest one.” Masahiko thought.

“I remember they lost it once, during that battle, when the Senju has lost half of their manpower, and also where Madara younger brother was killed.”

“I was not there at the time. Well, I’ll make sure to be present at the ‘Death of Izuna Uchiha.’ It should happen shortly.”

“The Uchiha Clan has gone crazy chasing power. Even when the Senju proposed a ceasefire, their pride didn’t let them accept it. Even with the help of the Senju, the Hyuuga Clan got crushed by the Uchiha, this has happened after they tried to take that training ground from them.”

“The Warring States is full of hatred… I am afraid that the establishment of Konoha will take nearly 20 years…”

“Man getting younger has caused me a lot of troubles…” Masahiko looked to the sky with a sad look on his face.

Masahiko arrived at the fourth training ground.

Tobirama was there helping the kids with their training. The moment he saw Masahiko, he immediately stopped.

“Children, this is the senior of the Uzumaki Clan, Grandpa Masahiko, his Kunai throwing technique is much better than me, let him teach you about it.” Tobirama said.

“Well, that’s not true…” Masahiko replied.

“Quit it, Grandpa, you know you’re the best, please please do that thing from before…”

The elders on Tobirama’s side looked confused from the way he was talking, they never heard him talk this way!

Masahiko couldn’t no longer hold himself from the way Tobirama was praising him and said: “Okay, let me briefly demonstrate my Special Shuriken Throwing Technique.”

Masahiko came to the middle of the field and tried to pull out “The Cool Way Uchiha Itachi Tried To Teach His Little Brother Shuriken Throwing Technique Ninjutsu.” And usher in a bunch of shiny little eyes.

Just when he was about to be the coolest guy, he got interrupted by the snoring of his stomach.

“Not today.” Masahiko said with a sad face while looking at the sky at 45 degrees.

“Hey, Grandpa, I haven’t eaten for a whole day too, I will take you to the dining hall to have something to eat.”

“… But I still need to finish this training section with the kids here.”

“Oh, No! Go ahead, we will take it from here.” The two elders hurriedly said, fearing that the Senju next generation would be destroyed by Masahiko if he stays any longer.

 “Let’s go, grandfather, let’s eat and talk about that Ninjutsu from before, I have some things I want to ask you about.” Tobirama said while he took Masahiko away to the dining hall.


 At the dining hall

“Udatte udatte udatteku Kirameku ase ga koboreru no sa~~” Drinking and singing, Masahiko looked very happy.

(T/L: Masahiko was singing a line from the Naruto op 16.)

“Hey Tobirama, did you know that this old man didn’t eat a thing for two days?”

“Well, when you mention it…” Tobirama was speechless, looking at the empty plates in front of him. “This is a meal for four people…”

“Well, now I’m stuffed. Let’s go, we’ll practice Bukijutsu, I will teach you. Trust me, It will help you in the future.”

“Grandfather, can we learn something else? I want to develop a space Ninjutsu, I thought it will be beneficial to create a Kunai with a seal on it to teleport quickly to enemies.” Tobirama replied.

“Ahh, you mean the Flying Thunder God technique?” Masahiko leaned toward Tobirama’s ear and whispered with a smirk on his face.

“Flying Thunder God? What a great name!” Tobirama got more excited after hearing that from Masahiko.

“Erhhmmm… Of course, it is.” Masahiko awkwardly said. “It was you who named it. If you knew, I would have definitely got a copyright-strike from you.” Masahiko thought to himself.

“Your goal is to be able to teleport the same way I did in the fight against Madara, isn’t it? My technique has a long cooldown. But I believe you will manage to overcome that. Your technique will have a great advantage. There is no limit to using it.”

“Cool down?” Tobirama asked in confusion.

“It’s time you need to wait to reuse the technique again. I need to wait half a minute every time I use it, and I can’t really control that time.” Masahiko answered.

“But I can give you some advice…”

Of course, Masahiko has no talent for space techniques. But he has excellent knowledge of watching the Anime. With that knowledge, he can point some things for people and help them with their training.


“Thank you, grandfather; I will go back and study your teaching, maybe we should train again tomorrow.” Tobirama said after a period of training. Masahiko could see Tobirama’s enthusiasm in practice.

Masahiko has nothing to do now. He went to visit Mito. When Masahiko passed by the patriarch, both of them only nodded and didn’t say anything.

After that, Masahiko went to the first training ground. He didn’t find anyone there, so he started practicing his new Ninjutsu, the Rasenshuriken.

In the following week, Masahiko’s life has become repetitive. Eat, sleep, teaching Tobirama the Flying Thunder God, practicing Rasen-shuriken, and visiting Mito. This kept happening for several days.

After a few days, Masahiko managed to create a small spinning chakra shuriken on the palm of his hands. Although it was small, he smiled and felt satisfied with this development.

He understands that as long he can increase the chakra input, he can do a big one, just like Naruto in the Original. But this technique is not only dangerous for his opponent, but also for him. It will cause him significant damage to the arm cells.

Thus he decided that this technique can only be used as a killing move.

This time, Masahiko is more relaxed.

It’s already two weeks, Masahiko was planning to leave the Senju and go back to the Uzumaki clan.

Suddenly a series of words flashed in front of his eyes. “Witnessing and participating in a major event of the Naruto World: Developing and Entitling the Flying Thunder God.” Reward: (+) 5 witness points.

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