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LLH: Chapter 06: The Witness Points

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 47 years old (-)

Ninjutsu: 69 (+)        Physique: 89 (+)       Chakra 1003 (+)

Three Bodies Technique: Lv.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)

Blade Throwing Technique: LV.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)

Earth Release: LV2 (16998/20000) (+)

Wind Release: LV3 (85522/100000) (+)

Fire Release: LV2 (14493/20000) (+)

Special Talent: Perception

Rank: Jonin (Ordinary)

Witness Point: 20

           Sure enough, that wasn’t an illusion. Masahiko looked at his status bar, and there were 20 witness points, he also noticed a (+) sign on a few attributes. Just like a game, those attributes can be increased.

           Witnessing and participating in this world, major events can… Oh, these two days, Masahiko got blown away several times with all kinds of good news. First, he found out that his age can decrease, and now there’s more to explore and practice.

           But why this damn system doesn’t provide a manual or some instructions. “48 years! 48 damn years I needed to wait!”

           But it’s not too late. Most of the events that have a major impact on Naruto-verse are not in the warring-states era.

After this, there will be the establishment of Konoha, the battle of Valley of the End, the first, second, third, and fourth shinobi war… He can see these things with his own eyes. As for the events he missed, “The birth of the Hashirama and Madara, maybe only these two?” He asked himself.

“Well, don’t think about it. Let’s figure out how useful this witness points are. If it’s like what I imagined, then I can get stronger.” Masahiko thought to himself. Then ‘tapped’ the (+) sign on one of his attributes.

Physique: 90 (+)

           Masahiko noticed a rush of power flowing into his body, and he could feel that his body is stronger. It seems that he can add points directly to the selected attribute.

Then what about the Ninjutsu? Can he increase it? He tried then taping the Earth Release’s (+) symbol. The properties of that attribute got directly enhanced to LV3 (26998/100000)(+).

“Is it actually increasing by 10000 points? This is ridiculous! But amazing!”

Masahiko thought about it for a while. Then he taped twice on the wind release and one time on the fire releases. This will transform both of them to the next level.

At this time, Masahiko noticed that this has caused another change to his status, which is his Ninjutsu. It got increased by 28 points, and now it became 97 points.

“So adding points to a related attribute will affect the other.” He thought.

“In this way, I think I’ll be able to…”, Masahiko quickly taped eleven times on the minus sign next to ‘Age.’

The ‘age’ column now changed to 36 years old. Because of that, the ‘Physique’ attributes increased, exceeding from 100 to 102 points.

At this age, his physique is at the peak. And as a result of reducing his age, his physical property got increased.

“But if I decrease my age lower, will my physical attribute decrease?” He left it for later.

Looking at the status bar, there are still 4 points remaining in the witness points. Thinking about it, he decided to add three more points to Ninjutsu and leave one Point in case something happens. By doing this, Masahiko’s status got improved…

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 36 years old (-)

Ninjutsu: 100 (+)      Physique: 102 (+)     Chakra: 1003 (+)

Three Bodies Technique: Lv.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)

Blade Throwing Technique: LV.10 (100000) (MAX LEVEL)

Earth Release: LV3 (27286/20000) (+)

Wind Release: LV4 (105864/100000) (+)

Fire Release: LV3 (24692/20000) (+)

Water Release: LV0 (0/10000) (+)

Lightning Release: LV0 (0/10000) (+)

Special Talent: Perception

Rank: Jonin (Elite)

Witness Point: 1

New Skills has appeared in his status bar, which is the water and lightning releases.

Masahiko smiled with satisfaction.

“Sure enough, reaching a new level will unlock new attributes. I originally have only three elemental Chakra nature, but now I have five. As for the special attributes like the yin and yang, I guess some special conditions are needed to be met.”

“Lightning and Water? Nah… Let’s ignore it for now, the wind release is already at level 4, It’s better if I go for the Assassin’s Mace. Otherwise, It will be more useful to increase my physique.” Masahiko murmured.

(T/N: Assassin’s Mace (Chinese: 杀手锏; pinyin: Shāshǒujiàn) is a Chinese term composed of the characters for “kill,” “hand,” and “mace.” This term has its roots in ancient Chinese folklore, which recounts how a hero wielding such a weapon managed to overcome a far more powerful adversary. “Shashou Jian” was a club with which the “assassin” incapacitated his enemy, suddenly and totally, instead of fighting him according to “the rules.”)

Born with the wind Chakra nature, Masahiko has already lived in this world for 48 years. Thus if he could develop one of Naruto’s signature moves, what would it be? Of course, it will be none other than the Rasengan.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. To develop it, Masahiko needed to train with the water balloon first, and in this era, finding one is not easy… This is what he thought when his wind release reached level 3.

With some trials and errors, he manages to somehow develop the Rasengan. The certain next step, of course, will be him trying to create the more advanced version, the Rasenshuriken.

Cutting leaves and waterfalls with it was easy, but to really wrap it up for practical use is still not viable to him.

But now, he was thinking, this status bar gave him unlimited potential. Like, if he wants to develop the Rasenshuriken, he estimates that level 4 wind transformation is necessary, without it even if he knows the steps and how to improve it; still, it would be challenging.

Because of this, he was not that excited when he received the lightning release. Because he knows that to develop Chidori and Raikiri, he will need at least to reach level 3 or 4 of lightning release. And he wasn’t really sure when will he achieve that.

In short, his new target is to develop the Rasenshuriken and participate in every major event in this world, especially the one with the Senju clan. If he can attend, then he can get witness points, and then he can reach his peak of life with it…

Thinking about it, Masahiko became tired and fell asleep.

The next morning, the sound of the knocks on the door waked Masahiko.

“Second grandfather, my father, demanded you to go to the hall to ask you something.”

“Alright, you can go ahead, I’ll prepare myself first.”

Masahiko washed his face and saw a familiar but strange face reflected on the water.

“Oh man, now I look 36 years old. How I’m gonna explain this to them?” Masahiko thought.

In confusion he looked around, he found a brush next to the basin, it seems that the previous guest was a lady.

“Ah, I know!” Masahiko drew some red mark just below his eyes using the brush and then smiled with satisfaction.

When he arrived at the hall, he found out that the Senju’s patriarch and the newlyweds have already arrived.

“Good morning, Masahiko-Dono, you…” Butsuma opened his mouth the moment he saw Masahiko’s face. His words got cut short because of his shock.

“Oh, this? I’ve finally finished practicing one of the Uzumaki’s secret techniques yesterday, The Reserve Seal, which can change my appearance, it lets me look younger.” Masahiko explained quickly.

“Well, congratulation.” Butsuma couldn’t say any more words, it’s quite unsettling to see someone change from an old man to a youngster overnight.

“Second grandfather, I apologies for my actions yesterday, I was nervous, I’m sorry about that. Me and father, thank you for what you have done in the past two days.” Hashirama said.

Masahiko looked at him, and he could notice that Hashirama has finally returned to his usual self as the God of Shinbois, no more shyness, and awkwardness from before.

“Okay, the matter has been settled. There’s nothing else that I want to say this morning. I only wanted for us to gather as a new family. So everyone can go back to tend to their own matters.” Butsuma said.

“To be woken up this early… I will go back and make up for this…” Masahiko thought.

As he was going back to his room, he walked the same corridor as Hashirama. When he was about to reach his room, he was stopped by Mito.

Mito looked at Hashirama and gave a sign for him to go first.

Hashirama nodded, then he left.

“Second Grandpa, I’m also practicing the Reserve Seal.” Mito opened.

“Okay, good for you then. If there’s nothing else, then I want to go back to sleep…” Masahiko yawned then smiled at Mito.

“But as far as I know, this technique can only be learned by women…” Mito said.

“Well, this is awkward…” Masahiko thought to himself while delivering one of the most awkward smiles in his entire life.

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