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LLH: Chapter 05: The Wedding

The Senju Clan guards immediately saw them.

When they reached the gate, many people were there to greet them.

Among them was Tobirama and Hashirama’s Father, Butsuma Senju, who is also the patriarch of the Senju clan.

“Father, on the way here, we got attacked by the Uchiha Clan, three of our Jonin are injured. Thanks for the help of the Uzumaki clan elder, Masahiko, we could manage ourselves.” Tobirama immediately took the initiative to report the situation back to the Head of the clan without waiting for any questions.

Someone in the crowd suddenly exclaimed: “The Uchiha, how dare they!”

“Patriarch, please give us the word, and we will teach these damn Uchiha a lesson!”

“Head Clan…”

“Stop it!” the patriarch stopped the mumble “Today is Mito and Hashirama’s big day, it’s a day of celebration. As for the Uchiha, we’ll have all the time we need to deal with them later.”

“Is there anyone in here to treat these three’s injuries? And where’s Hashirama? Someone get him here quickly and let us already start the wedding ceremony!”

“Sorry for the rush, and the trouble that we’ve caused you and Mito. My son told me that you are Uzumaki Masahiko, right?… I can’t thank you enough for your hard work.”

“Senju clan patriarch, you don’t need to be so formal with me, you can call me Masahiko.” Standing in the presence of the Senju clan leader, Masahiko could easily feel that his Chakra is several times larger than his.

For that, Masahiko didn’t dare to make Butsuma call him grandfather too.

 “What an enormous amount of Chakra! Indeed, he’s the patriarch of Senju Clan after all. He’s way stronger than me, and even stronger the current Uzumaki patriarch. I’m afraid in this era, only Madara and Hashirama can be considered on the same level.” Masahiko thought to himself as he was being overwhelmed by the presence of the Butsuma.

It didn’t take long before two other figures appeared at the sport; they were the third elder of the Senju Clan and Hashirama.

Observing Hashirama for a while and noticing how he was turning his sight to look at Mito from time to time made Masahiko want to burst in laughs considering that he was the future God of Shinoibs.

“Hashirama is finally here, how are the preparations?” Butsuma asked.

“Everything is ready, Patriarch.” The Third Elder replied, which made the groom and the bride feel embarrassed…

“In this case, move everyone to the lobby,” Butsuma said.

“Cough…” Masahiko coughed a little.

This immediately cleared his intention, “Father, the Uzumaki Clan, is hoping that the wedding can proceed according to their traditional customs.”

That’s right, this is was the ‘Devil’s Deal’ that Tobirama had to agree on in exchange of Masahiko’s help on his new Ninjutsu.

This is worked well because there weren’t any members from the Uzumaki Clan except for Masahiko and Mito, who really knew at that moment what her Second Grandfather was planning to do.

“Yes, the bride is also hoping for an Uzumaki wedding-style.” Masahiko didn’t know why, but at that moment Mito smiled at him and nodded, she didn’t refuse, and she even took the initiative to help.

“Since Mito is also so demanding for this, we can’t refuse. Tobirama since you seems like you’re aware of the process, you’re in charge of everything, is that a problem?”

“Yes, father.”

The two parties walked into the hall, then Tobirama said: “S-So… Father and the Second Grandfather will be sitting in the main positions as the represents of the bride and the groom.”

“The two new couples will stand here.” He said that while he led both Hashirama and Mito to the center of the hall.

Thinking about the next sentence, Tobirama couldn’t help but twitch his mouth several times, in the complete silence that was controlling the hall.

Then he continued saying: “The main event of the wedding and I quote ‘The Couples First Meal’ an apple that the new couples will have to eat together!” then he hanged the apple between the two.

“Big brother, Mito-San, you can start eating it, but only with your m-mouth, you can’t use your hands.”

This was the talk of all the people who witnessed this wedding for years. In short, it ended up with Hashirama’s face completely red and Mito, who looked weirdly okay, chuckling while looking at him.

It was hard to hide the laughs of everyone, including Tobirama. After all, he didn’t have a chance to see his big brother in such a big pinch before. He finally understood why Masahiko asked him to do this in the first place…

“The second main event…”

“The exchange of Marriage vows between the new husband and wife!” Tobirama felt embarrassed just by thinking about what he was gonna say next.

“Uzumaki Mito, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have, to hold, love, and respect, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do parts you?”

At that moment, Mito couldn’t help but say: “Yes, I’m willing.”

After that, Tobirama used the same words to ask Hashirama, but before he could even finish the sentence, Hashirama rushed and replied, “Yes, I’m willing.” this time, everyone in the room burst in laughs.

Tobirama also smiled, then continued over: “Now for the third main event of the wedding, worshiping the ancestors!”

“The two of you turn around and worship the ancestors!”

The two got stunned for a moment, they looked at each other, then bowed to an open space.

“Now worship the Elders!”

The two turned and bowed to Masahiko and Butsuma.”

“Now w-worship each other!”

The two smiled, then bowed to each other.

“Now, into the bridal chamber!”

Tobirama whispered softly: “Big brother, these are all of the main events. It might be a bit too early, but take Mito-San and go now before he comes with any more ideas!”

This time, even Mito’s face was red, the two went into a lot already, they looked at each other, then turned around: “Father, Grandpa, elders, were going first.”

“Yes.” Butsuma opened the way.

When the two of them went in, it didn’t take the attendees long before they also left the hall.

The only people who remained were Masahiko, Butsuma, Tobirama, and the two other elders.

Butsuma kept quiet for a while then said: “Masahiko-Dono should be tired after today’s trip, the third elder here can help you to your room.”

“Yes, I’m a little bit tired,” Masahiko called it a day.

When the two went away, Butsuma’s face became suddenly darker: “What the hell is that?! is that how the Uzumaki celebrate their weddings?”

The elder said: “It’s estimated that this is Uzumaki Masahaki’s idea. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about him before, but this is unexpected even from him.”

Butsuma said: “Forget it, this is doesn’t affect the overall situation. They got married, and this is what we were looking for, a closer relationship to the Uzumaki Clan.”

The elder replied: “Yes, this way our Clan will get stronger, and we can put more pressure on the other parties, especially those damn Uchiha, we need to teach them a lesson.”

“I can’t completely count on the Uzumaki Clan. They have always been the soft side, they may not be willing to help us win this war. Well, Hashirama has just got married, let him rest for half a month, then we will send him with Tobirama and the others.” Butsuma said.

“That’s much better, his Mokuton Release will always have the upper hand against any enemy.”


The meeting there was still going on. Masahiko was in his room. This weird Chinese-Western-Modern wedding was his way to entertain himself in this boring life of his. Of course, he can’t say he didn’t enjoy it. After all, he made the future God of Shinobi’ Worship’ him.

After he finally had the chance to lay down on a comfortable bed after a very long day, Masahiko suddenly jumped from the bed, then he immediately sat up.

Because some kind of information has suddenly flashed in his mind, “Witnessing a Major Event in Naruto World: The wedding of Senju Hashirama and Uzumaki Mito. Reward: You’ve obtained 20 witness points!”

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